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Kevin Henkes. Kevin Henkes Greenwillow Books 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. Kevin Henkes Picture Books. Kevin Henkes Mouse Books. Kevin Henkes Novels. About The Author. Kevin Henkes was born in 1960 in Racine, Wisconsin.

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Kevin Henkes

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Kevin henkes

Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes

Greenwillow Books

1350 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, NY 10019

Kevin henkes

Kevin Henkes

Picture Books

Kevin henkes

Kevin Henkes

Mouse Books

Kevin henkes

Kevin Henkes


About the author

About The Author

  • Kevin Henkes was born in 1960 in Racine, Wisconsin.

  • Kevin Henkes illustrates all his books.

  • He loved to visit the local public library with his family.

  • Henkes started to write and illustrate his first picture book in high school.

  • He lives with his wife and children in Madison, Wisconsin.

Chrysanthemum 1991

She was a perfect baby, and her doting parents chose a name to match, Chrysanthemum. She is proud of her musical name until kindergarten, when she finds herself in a world of strange new names such as Sue, Bill, Max, Sam, and Joe. That wouldn't be so bad if the others--like Victoria--hadn't made a mean-spirited game of tormenting her, sending her home in tears to be comforted with cuddles and Parcheesi. The class learns that their popular music teacher not only has a whopper of a name herself--Delphinium--but also plans to name her expected baby by the prettiest name she has heard, Chrysanthemum. This charming mouse with her delicate little face seems just right for her name. (reading of the story)

Chrysanthemum (1991)

Book Summary

Chrysanthemum 19911

This book was inspired by a remembered feeling …

although the incident in the book is not the same one

that originally provoked the feeling.

This book is about family, and about starting something new and going out into the hard world. Kevin Henkes remembers going to kindergarten: “my grandfather had a beautiful rose garden, and he gave me the last roses of the season to bring to the kindergarten teacher the next day. I don't even remember how it happened, but an older kid took these flowers from me on the playground and I remember coming home, feeling awful. My father picked me up from school the next day; kids were streaming out of the school and my father wanted me to point out the kid. I remember seeing the kid and deciding not to tell that he was the one who did it. It was my first step into the world, making those hard decisions. But I also remember the feeling of coming home from school each day and feeling elated to be home. No matter what happened in school, you could walk through the back door and feel good."

Chrysanthemum (1991)

Julius a baby of the world 1990 book summary

Julius A Baby of the World (1990)Book Summary

  • At first, big sister Lilly thought it might be fun to have a new baby in the family. When baby Julius is born, his parents think he is just perfect. “Julius is the baby of the world” they chime as they kiss and admire him. But Lilly, Julius’s older sister, knows differently. “I am the Queen,” said Lilly and “I hate Julius”. Lilly thinks her new baby brother, Julius, is disgusting. Soon the jealousy is too much for her, and she proceeds with a rejection campaign that is hysterically funny. Lilly’s, selfish behavior is making her miserable. But, when Cousin Garland dares to criticize Julius at a family party, Lilly bullies her into loudly admiring Julius as the baby of the world. Lilly knows her baby brother is nothing but dreadful – until she claims him for her own.

Lily s purple plastic purse book review

Lily’s Purple Plastic PurseBook Review

  • Lilly loved going to school until the day she took her new glittery glasses and purple plastic purse to school. She was excited to share her new things with her friends. She did not listen to her teacher's warning to wait and she continued to interrupt the class. When her teacher took the things to keep for her until the end of the day, Lilly was furious. She drew a horrible picture of Mr. Slinger and put it into his book bag. Then she finds the note that Mr. Slinger has left for her and remorse sets in.

  • (reading of story)

Chester s way book review

Chester’s WayBook Review

  • Chester is a mouse child of strict habits. He has a set way for how he ties his shoes and what he has for breakfast, he knows exactly how things should be done. He will allow for no detour from his course of action. His friend, Wilson, shares Chester’s ideas and his set routines. These two young mice are completely satisfied with the way life is for them. Nothing happens to upset the two young mice until they get a new neighbor. Lilly is a whirlwind of energy and antics. An example is when Chester and Wilson cut their sandwiches into diagonal pieces and Lilly uses a cookie cutter to make stars and flowers out of hers. The two mice are appalled! Gradually, the three realize that they can be friends by embracing the differences among them until Victor arrives.

Wemberly worried book review

Wemberly Worried Book Review

  • The book Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes is a good book to read to children with anxiety about school. The book focuses on a little mouse who worries about everything. She worries about the tree in the front yard to the jungle gym at the park. She worries about her rabbit doll named Petal, and many other everyday occurrences. When Wemberly goes to school she is worried about everything too. She has a whole list of worries. What will school be like? Will she make friends? Will people laugh at her doll, Petal?The teacher introduces her to another student in her class. She makes friends with this little girl who has a doll named Jewel. She slowly forgets about most of her worries and is able to enjoy herself at school. At the end of the day, Wemberly is excited about returning to school the next day.


Get to know kevin henkes

What is the one book that has most influenced you throughout your life?One of the many books that influenced me was Is This You? by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Crockett Johnson. I loved it as a child. It is essentially a guide to making a book of one's own. Now, looking back as a published writer and illustrator, it seems interesting and logical that this book was a favorite of mine.

What are some of your favorite children's books by other authors?Other children's books I admire include:

Harry the Dirty Dog by George Zion, illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham

Ellen's Lion by Crockett Johnson

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Amos and Boris by William Steig

Milo's Hat Trick by John Agee

The George and Martha books by James Marshall

Who are some of your favorite authors for adults?Adult writers whose work I admire include Alice Munro, William Trevor, Cormac McCarthy and Richard Ford to name just a few.

An interview with Kevin Henkes as he discuss The Little White Rabbit

Get to know Kevin Henkes







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