Multimedia presentations
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Multimedia Presentations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multimedia Presentations. Tips for success!. First things First. When is it appropriate to use PPT?. Questions to Consider:. Are there visual elements I would like to show? What is the BEST method to teach this topic? Will a PPT help students understand the content?.

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Multimedia Presentations

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Multimedia presentations

Multimedia Presentations

Tips for success!

First things first

First things First

When is it appropriate to use PPT?

Questions to consider

Questions to Consider:

  • Are there visual elements I would like to show?

  • What is the BEST method to teach this topic?

  • Will a PPT help students understand the content?

If a ppt is the best route

If a PPT is the Best Route…

Follow good PPT Practices!

Text fonts

Text Fonts


  • Avoid italics

  • Do not use too much boldface

  • Avoidusingtoomanyfonts

  • Use solid rather than outline fonts

  • Use Arial instead of Times New Roman

  • Use drop shadow to emphasize letters

Text lines

Text Lines

  • Keep text short and simple

    • (36 words, 6 lines, 6 words per line)

  • Put plenty of space between lines of text

  • Use flush left for easy reading

  • Avoid full justification: align text on left



  • Avoid

  • Using

  • Too

  • Many

  • Bullet

  • Points

  • In

  • A

  • Row



  • Use 3-5 bullets per slide

  • Use one line of text per bullet

    Consider using clipart for bullets

  • Consider using progressive disclosure

    • of points (build)

    • with the current point highlighted



  • Never introduce the first or title slide with a transition

  • Avoid too many different types

  • Use to create appropriate effect….

  • “View/Slide Sorter/Transitions/Builds”

Next point

Next Point

Wipe Left to Right

Previous point

Previous Point

Wipe Right to Left

Show detail

Show Detail


Show general

Show General


Smooth transition

Smooth Transition


New topic

New Topic

Fade to Black/Blinds



  • Limit to providing highlights or emphasis

  • Consider sliding text bullets

  • Use to show change, movement or progress

  • Use to show dynamic concepts or objects in motion

  • “Insert/Picture/Clipart or From File”

  • “Slide Show/Custom Animations”



  • Use to create a mood

  • Use to accentuate points

  • Use for sound effects

  • Use to create a sense of unity

  • Connect to certain images or bullets

  • Develop “Custom Animations”



  • Keep colors simple and limited to 3 to 4 per presentation

  • Use solid colors rather than patterns or shading

  • Use consistent colors throughout the presentation

  • “Format/Slide Color Scheme or Background”



Use solid colors rather than patterns or shading



Use consistent colors throughout the presentation

Color selection

Color Selection

Use contrasting colors

Light on Dark

Dark on Light



Avoid Red/Green Color Combinations

(Color Blind)

Clipart graphics


  • Use when appropriate to the message:

    • to capture attention and clarify points,

    • to explain,

    • to describe,

    • to show relationships

  • Be consistent in the type of image used (e.g., color, line, drawings, photos)

  • Use Microsoft Clipart Online if you get stuck!

Slide masters

Slide Masters

  • Use when you want each title or slide to show similar

    • font,

    • borders,

    • Graphics

  • “View/Masters/Slide or Title Master”

Pro tips

Pro Tips

  • Use Shift B or W

  • Shift B=Black Screen

  • Shift W=White Screen

    • Keeps the focus on YOU!

You can be successful

You CAN Be Successful!

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