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Silverback Learning Mileposts Leadership Training. Joy C. Rapp, Ed.D Silverback Learning Solutions 208.413-2020. Today’s Agenda. Mileposts™ Purpose/Features Tools/strategies for Administrators Leadership Strategies

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Silverback Learning Mileposts Leadership Training

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Silverback LearningMileposts Leadership Training

Joy C. Rapp, Ed.D

Silverback Learning Solutions


Today’s Agenda

Mileposts™ Purpose/Features

Tools/strategies for Administrators

Leadership Strategies

Planning for a successful Mileposts™ Initiative


Research and out own experience, proves that a successful Silverback Mileposts Initiative comes when Leadership takes an active role in the process, planning and follow through – and takes training to classroom level teachers. Training, expectations and time to learn and implement are key responsibilities of the leadership team.

Built byEducators forEducators

2013 Silverback Learning Solutions - Confidential

Milepost Program Purpose

  • 1. To keep “at risk”students from falling through cracks.

  • To create a need for accountability.

  • To set academic targets that close the learning gaps.

  • 4. To create an organized intervention and recording system.

mileposts Student Achievement Solution

Performance Data


  • Personalized Learning Plans

  • Learner Profiles

  • Intervention Management

  • Behavioral Management

  • State Assessments

  • District Assessments

  • SIS Integration



  • Open Content

  • Premium Content

  • Your Own Content


Student Behavior



Student Interventions

Curriculum Elements

Mileposts Program

Instructional Strategies



Student Placement

Family Support Indicators

Educational Content

Mileposts: Student Achievement Solution

Silverback Learning


408 E Parkcenter Blvd., Suite 300

Boise, Idaho 83706

(office) 855-258-2581

Data Drill Down

All Your Assessment Data


Differentiated Instruction

Progress Monitoring

15+ Million Resources

for Teaching & Learning Curated by Educator – Gooru Learning Partnership

mileposts 360o Accountability








mileposts Powers Up Any Classroom






Learning Resources/Content

Gooru Learning

mileposts Portal

  • Bring students and parents into the learning loop

  • Parents can view learning plans, assessment scores, and the latest intervention strategies & progress for every student in the family

  • Students can receive and study gooru assignments

  • Access securely from PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone*

* = gooru assignments capability optimized for tablet, laptop, or PC

Mileposts Demo

Tools for Administrators

Advanced Filters

List Manager

Student Search

Behavior Tool


End of Year Protocol

Administrative Power in Silverback Mileposts – Working for You

  • Know Class Loads and Identify At-Risk Students

  • Identify Areas for Professional Development and Curricular Improvements

  • Engage in Conversation about Data

  • Know ALL students

  • Determine if Interventions are Making a Difference

  • Manage and Monitor Behavior Incidents that Affect Student Learning

  • A Quick Reference to Each Student’s Plans, Programs, Interventions, Behaviors and Academic Assessments

  • Export Data Allows Comparative Performance Data for All Groups of Students

The Role of School Leaders

Creating a Culture of Success

Successful Initiative

Plan – short term and long term

Train as many staff as possible

Set Expectations

Initiate Conversations

Follow through regularly

Make Mileposts a part of ‘doing business’

Why Silverback Mileposts?

  • Purpose?

  • Vision?

Create a NEED

  • Tools to use to create a need for staff:

    • Graduation Rates

  • Assessment Reports

  • Attendance Reports

  • Behavior Incident Reports

  • D and F Lists

  • Conversations change Culture

    • Conversations around Tools to create the Need

      • When?

      • Who needs to be there?

      • What are the observations regarding data?

      • What can we do differently?

    • Strategies to continue conversations regularly?

    “Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.”

    M.J. Wheatley (2002)

    Action is the KEY!

    • What expectations will you set:

      • Yourself

      • Principals

      • Staff

    • How do you plan to follow up on expectations?

    • What is your follow up schedule?

    mileposts Strategies for Using Mileposts

    Dept/Grade Level Meetings

    Staff Meetings

    Data Days

    Referral Meetings


    Build Capacity in Teacher Leaders

    Develop experts in each school

    Encourage them to train and be trained

    Send leaders to Silverback Summit 2015

    June 29 – July 1, 2015 in Boise, ID

    Commit resources and time for continued PD and implementation of Mileposts

    June 29 – July 1, 2015

    *Leadership at each building sets the tone and expectations for staff utilization of Mileposts.

    Team Planning Time

    Thank You!

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    Joy C. Rapp, Ed.D.

    Silverback Learning Solutions


    mileposts Tremendous Results for Students

    “Mileposts helps everyone focus on the data and the next level of work instead of making excuses. We are most proud of closing the achievement gap for minority students and economically disadvantaged students.”

    Dr. Heather WilliamsSuperintendentGooding School District

    Accountability Agreement

    mileposts Tremendous Results for Students

    “During my career I have tried and used more data tools than I can recall. Mileposts is the best tool we could have implemented for our educators to use data to improve instruction and increase focus through individualized plans and supports.”

    Dr. Joseph Wise

    Chief Ed. Officer, Distinctive Schools

    & author of “Power of Teaching” series

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