The early earth
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The early Earth PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The early Earth. Goals. To understand: (1) solar nebula theory for formation of Earth, (2) how this led to Earth ’ s stratification, and (3) methods used to understand Earth ’ s layering. Formation of Earth. Age of Earth. Early Earth. Hadean Eon and stratification. Early Earth.

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The early Earth

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The early earth

The early Earth



To understand: (1) solar nebula theory for formation of Earth, (2) how this led to Earth’s stratification, and (3) methods used to understand Earth’s layering.

Formation of earth

Formation of Earth

Age of earth

Age of Earth

Early earth

Early Earth

Hadean Eon and stratification

Early earth1

Early Earth

About 4,000-million years ago semi-permanent crust formed

Earth s layers

Earth’s layers

  • Core

    • Solid inner core

    • Liquid outer core

  • Mantle

    • The upper and lower mantle

    • The asthenosphere

Relative thickness of layers

Earth s layers1

Earth’s layers

The lithosphere

  • Rigid upper-most mantle

  • The crust: thin rind of light elements floating on top of Earth.

The early earth

Relative thickness of Earth’s layers

The early earth

So, how do we know what the mantle and core are made of?

The early earth

1. Composition of meteorites

Iron-nickel alloy

Magnesium-silicate rocks

The early earth

2. Inclusions of mantle in volcanic rocks

The mantle

The early earth

3. Fragments of uppermost mantle trapped in mountain belts

The mantle in Oman

The early earth

4. Behavior of sound waves from earthquakes & large explosions

Structure of fetus modeled from sound velocities

Structure of mantle modeled from sound velocities

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