Go4 purpose built bunker barges
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Go4 Purpose Built Bunker Barges. Summary. Introducing a Purpose Built Bunker Barge System Using a modular approach to Internationally approved, industry standard, high quality Bunker Barges

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Go4 Purpose Built Bunker Barges

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Go4Purpose Built Bunker Barges


  • Introducing a Purpose Built Bunker Barge System

  • Using a modular approach to Internationally approved, industry standard, high quality Bunker Barges

  • All components and procedures are built to international standards and Certified by internationally recognized entities

    • Bureau VERITAS, Singapore Marine Port Authority (MPA), IMO and SOLAS have been involved in the development of the whole concept

  • Contractual ownership from signature to virgin voyage


  • Shenfei – Chinese Shipyard

    • Purpose built Bunker vessel

    • Bureau VERITAS approved

    • High Quality ISO certified Ship yard, inspected by Maersk

  • CBI Engineering

    • Highly skilled Professionals

    • Established Bunker Know How

    • 25 year Bunker Business Track Record

  • Maersk Broker

    • Internationally renowned broker

Shenfei/CBI/Maersk co-operation

  • Developing the Concept

    • New design

    • Twin Skeg propulsion

    • Bow & Stern Thrusters

    • QA & Safety Manuals

  • Go4 – Brand name

  • Marketing

  • Sales

Vision and Mission

  • Our VISION is to be the preferred partner for all bunker barge operators

  • Our MISSION is to be the first choice global supplier of Intelligent Bunker Barges, by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality assurance, safety and environmental awareness, provided by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals

Product overview

  • 6,200 DWT Design platform (Other sizes available)

    • Purpose Build Bunker Barge

      • Not a retrofitted product tanker

    • Bureau VERITAS approved

      • Double Hull

      • Low Speed Maneuverability (<6 knots)

  • Choice of Bunker Equipment Modules

    • Optimized Cargo and Pumping System

    • Build to supply In-line blended ISO8217 Marine Fuel Oil

Platform Specifications

  • 6,200 dwt Purpose built Bunker Barge

  • Classification: Bureau VERITAS

  • LOA: 102.70 meters

  • Length b.p.: 95.00 meters

  • Width Mld: 17.80 meters

  • Depth Mld: 8.80 meters

  • Design Draft: 6.00 meters

  • Scantling Draft: 6.50 meters

  • Service Speed: 11.7 knots

Quality Initiatives

  • Bureau VERITAS

    • Ship platform Approval, Demands and Procedures

  • Singapore

    • MPA Bunker Barge certification test program

    • MPA Blending and Metering verification

  • IMO

    • SOLAS

  • MFM Marine Fuel Management

Why Go4 Bunker Barges

Go4 delivers an Intelligent Bunkering Solution that ensures your customers’ satisfaction and gives you a rapid return on your investment

Bunker OperationComparison of “Normal” vs. Go4 delivery pattern

Normal DeliveryPattern

Go4 DeliveryPattern

Oil Terminal


Pre blended

Oil Terminal

Bunker Barge 1


Customer A ship

IFO 30





Bunker Barge 2


Customer B ship




Bunker Barge 3


Customer C ship



Oil Terminal


Pre blended




Blending Module

In-line Blending Module

In-line Blending Module











Delivery Patterns

  • Traditional Bunker Barges hold one type of IFO only

    • Load IFO xxx into Barge tank storage at terminal

    • Sail from terminal to customers ship and back to terminal

      • Refill same or different IFO for New customers ship, or send a different Barge with different IFO for New customers ship

    • Sail from terminal to customers ship and back to terminal

    • …..

  • Many different IFO types = Many trips or Many Barges

  • Go4 Bunker Barges “hold many” types of IFO

    • Load HFO, MDO, MGA etc. into Barge tanks at terminal

    • Sail from terminal to (first) customers ship

    • Sail to Next Customers ship delivering same or different IFO

    • Sail to Next Customers ship delivering same or different IFO

    • Sail to Next …..

    • Sail to terminal and refill Base Stocks

  • Many different IFO types = ONE trip with ONE Barge

Traditional Barge

Go4 Barge Terminal

  • One Fuel Type per trip

  • Different fuel type, new round trip (or new barge)

  • Return to terminal for different fuel type

  • Complex logistics

  • Many 0-profit miles

  • Low flexibility - High Cost

  • Opex/MetricTonnesHigh

  • One Barge, ALL fuel types

  • Several customers/fuel types per round trip

  • Return to terminal when empty

  • Simplified logistics

  • Limited 0-profit miles

  • High flexibility - Low Cost

  • Opex/MetricTonnesLower

Cost Savings

  • Higher Efficiency of Bunker Barge = Return on Investment

  • Massive Fuel Saving due to Less Mileage

  • Lower Harbor Cost and Mooring Charges due to fewer calls

  • Lower Product Cost due to own on-board/in-line blending

  • Lower Crew Cost per delivery

  • Time Saving due to higher efficiency

  • Less or no Damage Claims due to better maneuverability

  • Satisfied customers

    • Right productQuality assurance to ISO8217

    • Right QuantityCorrect Volumetric metering

    • Fast On-Time DeliveryLess time in port or in transit

Example Calculation

  • Preconditions for comparison

    • Typical converted Product Tanker used as Bunker Barge

    • Standard pumping equipment, pipes and manifold

    • Normal weather and sea conditions

    • Transshipment to Oil terminal for fill/refill 1 Hour/trip

    • Transshipment between customers at sea 1 Hour/trip

    • Click to Open:

      Go4 - Cost savings and Blending Calculator.xls

High Quality Ship Platform

  • High Quality ISO Certified Yard

    • Professional Management

    • Skilled and Experienced Staff

    • Quality Machinery for Plasma Cutting and Welding

    • Proven High Quality Track Record

    • Building to European Standards

  • 5 Year Warranty Paint Program

    • SA 2.5 Compliant

    • Immediate Shop Primer/Epoxy Coating

High Quality Equipment

  • Makers List

    • High Quality suppliers

    • 60% of equipment are of International origin

    • Quality of equipment (checked References)

    • Spare part availability assurance

  • Sturdy Hose- and Service Crane

    • Hose Protectors and Couplings

    • Able to reach customers manifold

    • Hydraulics that can withstand bad weather/rolling

Safe and Smooth Mooring

  • Low Speed Maneuverability (<6 Knots)

    • 1 Hyundai Himsen Main Engine

    • 1 Streamlined High Lift Flap Rudder

    • 1 Controllable Pitch Propeller

    • 1 Electric Bow Thruster (300 kW)

  • 6 Yokohama Fenders 2.5 x 5.5 – (3 on each side)

    • Safety issue for fast and smooth mooring

    • Follows IMO Safety Recommendations

High Bunkering Performance

  • Tank Segregation for different Marine Fuel Oil qualities

  • Cargo System with Simultaneous Loading/Discharge of Multiple Products

  • Pumping Capacity with Actual Throughput

    • 750 M3/Hour 95% efficiency @ 500 cSt at ship manifold

    • Pipes, Valves, Filters, Pumps, By-Pass System

  • Boiler Room

    • Efficient and economic Operation

    • Burner Suitable for Diesel, HFO and Emulsified Oil Products

High Quality Delivery

  • In Line/On Board Customer Specific Blending

    • Meet ISO8217 standards

    • Ensures exact viscosity match

    • Quality Assurance

  • In-Line Metering

    • Ensures exact volumetric measurement of delivery

    • Quantity Assurance for Customer

    • Delivery NOTE printout

We are with you all the way

  • At Transfer of Ownership

    • 10 day Training Program by Go4 Experienced Staff

      • On board at final location

      • Crew confidence in operating ship

      • Fast implementation in day-to-day operation

    • QA & Safety Manual, Describing

      • Operational Procedures

      • How to meet ISO8217 Product Quality

      • Safe Operation


  • MPA Singapore – Test setup

  • Blending and Metering examples

  • SA 2.5 description

  • Marpol 73/78 Annex I definition

  • Crude to Marine Oil refining

Appendix A

MPA (Singapore) Test

  • MPA testing In-line blending for SS600 Code of Practice

  • MPA approval of CBI for two trial projects in Singapore

  • MPA provides funding support for R&D and proof-of-concept for companies to commercialize maritime technologies

  • MPA wants to ensure that smart ideas and clever inventions progress from the laboratory to the workplace

Appendix B

Blending & Metering

In-Line Blending

On-Line Metering

Appendix C

SA 2.5 Description

  • Swedish Standard for Sand Blasting of Steel

    • Near White Metal

    • Mill Scale

    • Rust and foreign particles are removed

    • Only traces remain in the form of spots or stripes

    • The cleaned surface show varying shades of grey

Appendix D

MARPOL 73/78 Annex I

  • Protocol of 1973 & 1978 International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships

    • Annex I - Oil

  • Dictates the maximum Sulphur content

  • As of October 2009 – 99.14% of the world's tonnage is covered by Annexes I and II

Appendix E

Crude to Marine Fuel Oil

  • RFO is a byproduct for utilities and Bunker use

    • Different qualities

      • Heavy

      • Light

      • Straight Run

      • Cutter Stock

      • Cracked/Cooked

Appendix F

Marine Fuel Oil

  • RFO is often referred to as HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)

  • HFO is available in many qualities (some don’t mix)

    • Typical 500-700 cSt (Centistokes = Viscosity) at 50oC

  • HFO is mixed i.e. with MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) to create IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) in accordance with ISO8217 standards

    • IFO180, IFO380, IFO500 Etc.

  • IFO is also known as Bunker Fuel

  • Bunker Fuel is supplied to large vessels in Bunker Barges

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