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Go4 Purpose Built Bunker Barges. Summary. Introducing a Purpose Built Bunker Barge System Using a modular approach to Internationally approved, industry standard, high quality Bunker Barges

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Go4 purpose built bunker barges l.jpg

Go4Purpose Built Bunker Barges

Summary l.jpg

  • Introducing a Purpose Built Bunker Barge System

  • Using a modular approach to Internationally approved, industry standard, high quality Bunker Barges

  • All components and procedures are built to international standards and Certified by internationally recognized entities

    • Bureau VERITAS, Singapore Marine Port Authority (MPA), IMO and SOLAS have been involved in the development of the whole concept

  • Contractual ownership from signature to virgin voyage

Partnership l.jpg

  • Shenfei – Chinese Shipyard

    • Purpose built Bunker vessel

    • Bureau VERITAS approved

    • High Quality ISO certified Ship yard, inspected by Maersk

  • CBI Engineering

    • Highly skilled Professionals

    • Established Bunker Know How

    • 25 year Bunker Business Track Record

  • Maersk Broker

    • Internationally renowned broker

Shenfei cbi maersk co operation l.jpg
Shenfei/CBI/Maersk co-operation

  • Developing the Concept

    • New design

    • Twin Skeg propulsion

    • Bow & Stern Thrusters

    • QA & Safety Manuals

  • Go4 – Brand name

  • Marketing

  • Sales

Vision and mission l.jpg
Vision and Mission

  • Our VISION is to be the preferred partner for all bunker barge operators

  • Our MISSION is to be the first choice global supplier of Intelligent Bunker Barges, by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality assurance, safety and environmental awareness, provided by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals

Product overview l.jpg
Product overview

  • 6,200 DWT Design platform (Other sizes available)

    • Purpose Build Bunker Barge

      • Not a retrofitted product tanker

    • Bureau VERITAS approved

      • Double Hull

      • Low Speed Maneuverability (<6 knots)

  • Choice of Bunker Equipment Modules

    • Optimized Cargo and Pumping System

    • Build to supply In-line blended ISO8217 Marine Fuel Oil

Platform specifications l.jpg
Platform Specifications

  • 6,200 dwt Purpose built Bunker Barge

  • Classification: Bureau VERITAS

  • LOA: 102.70 meters

  • Length b.p.: 95.00 meters

  • Width Mld: 17.80 meters

  • Depth Mld: 8.80 meters

  • Design Draft: 6.00 meters

  • Scantling Draft: 6.50 meters

  • Service Speed: 11.7 knots

Quality initiatives l.jpg
Quality Initiatives

  • Bureau VERITAS

    • Ship platform Approval, Demands and Procedures

  • Singapore

    • MPA Bunker Barge certification test program

    • MPA Blending and Metering verification

  • IMO

    • SOLAS

  • MFM Marine Fuel Management

Why go4 bunker barges l.jpg
Why Go4 Bunker Barges

Go4 delivers an Intelligent Bunkering Solution that ensures your customers’ satisfaction and gives you a rapid return on your investment

Bunker operation comparison of normal vs go4 delivery pattern l.jpg
Bunker OperationComparison of “Normal” vs. Go4 delivery pattern

Normal DeliveryPattern

Go4 DeliveryPattern

Oil Terminal


Pre blended

Oil Terminal

Bunker Barge 1


Customer A ship

IFO 30





Bunker Barge 2


Customer B ship




Bunker Barge 3


Customer C ship



Oil Terminal


Pre blended




Blending Module

In-line Blending Module

In-line Blending Module











Delivery patterns l.jpg
Delivery Patterns

  • Traditional Bunker Barges hold one type of IFO only

    • Load IFO xxx into Barge tank storage at terminal

    • Sail from terminal to customers ship and back to terminal

      • Refill same or different IFO for New customers ship, or send a different Barge with different IFO for New customers ship

    • Sail from terminal to customers ship and back to terminal

    • …..

  • Many different IFO types = Many trips or Many Barges

  • Go4 Bunker Barges “hold many” types of IFO

    • Load HFO, MDO, MGA etc. into Barge tanks at terminal

    • Sail from terminal to (first) customers ship

    • Sail to Next Customers ship delivering same or different IFO

    • Sail to Next Customers ship delivering same or different IFO

    • Sail to Next …..

    • Sail to terminal and refill Base Stocks

  • Many different IFO types = ONE trip with ONE Barge

Traditional barge l.jpg
Traditional Barge

Go4 Barge Terminal

  • One Fuel Type per trip

  • Different fuel type, new round trip (or new barge)

  • Return to terminal for different fuel type

  • Complex logistics

  • Many 0-profit miles

  • Low flexibility - High Cost

  • Opex/MetricTonnesHigh

  • One Barge, ALL fuel types

  • Several customers/fuel types per round trip

  • Return to terminal when empty

  • Simplified logistics

  • Limited 0-profit miles

  • High flexibility - Low Cost

  • Opex/MetricTonnesLower

Cost savings l.jpg
Cost Savings

  • Higher Efficiency of Bunker Barge = Return on Investment

  • Massive Fuel Saving due to Less Mileage

  • Lower Harbor Cost and Mooring Charges due to fewer calls

  • Lower Product Cost due to own on-board/in-line blending

  • Lower Crew Cost per delivery

  • Time Saving due to higher efficiency

  • Less or no Damage Claims due to better maneuverability

  • Satisfied customers

    • Right product Quality assurance to ISO8217

    • Right Quantity Correct Volumetric metering

    • Fast On-Time Delivery Less time in port or in transit

Example calculation l.jpg
Example Calculation

  • Preconditions for comparison

    • Typical converted Product Tanker used as Bunker Barge

    • Standard pumping equipment, pipes and manifold

    • Normal weather and sea conditions

    • Transshipment to Oil terminal for fill/refill 1 Hour/trip

    • Transshipment between customers at sea 1 Hour/trip

    • Click to Open:

      Go4 - Cost savings and Blending Calculator.xls

High quality ship platform l.jpg
High Quality Ship Platform

  • High Quality ISO Certified Yard

    • Professional Management

    • Skilled and Experienced Staff

    • Quality Machinery for Plasma Cutting and Welding

    • Proven High Quality Track Record

    • Building to European Standards

  • 5 Year Warranty Paint Program

    • SA 2.5 Compliant

    • Immediate Shop Primer/Epoxy Coating

High quality equipment l.jpg
High Quality Equipment

  • Makers List

    • High Quality suppliers

    • 60% of equipment are of International origin

    • Quality of equipment (checked References)

    • Spare part availability assurance

  • Sturdy Hose- and Service Crane

    • Hose Protectors and Couplings

    • Able to reach customers manifold

    • Hydraulics that can withstand bad weather/rolling

Safe and smooth mooring l.jpg
Safe and Smooth Mooring

  • Low Speed Maneuverability (<6 Knots)

    • 1 Hyundai Himsen Main Engine

    • 1 Streamlined High Lift Flap Rudder

    • 1 Controllable Pitch Propeller

    • 1 Electric Bow Thruster (300 kW)

  • 6 Yokohama Fenders 2.5 x 5.5 – (3 on each side)

    • Safety issue for fast and smooth mooring

    • Follows IMO Safety Recommendations

High bunkering performance l.jpg
High Bunkering Performance

  • Tank Segregation for different Marine Fuel Oil qualities

  • Cargo System with Simultaneous Loading/Discharge of Multiple Products

  • Pumping Capacity with Actual Throughput

    • 750 M3/Hour 95% efficiency @ 500 cSt at ship manifold

    • Pipes, Valves, Filters, Pumps, By-Pass System

  • Boiler Room

    • Efficient and economic Operation

    • Burner Suitable for Diesel, HFO and Emulsified Oil Products

High quality delivery l.jpg
High Quality Delivery

  • In Line/On Board Customer Specific Blending

    • Meet ISO8217 standards

    • Ensures exact viscosity match

    • Quality Assurance

  • In-Line Metering

    • Ensures exact volumetric measurement of delivery

    • Quantity Assurance for Customer

    • Delivery NOTE printout

We are with you all the way l.jpg
We are with you all the way

  • At Transfer of Ownership

    • 10 day Training Program by Go4 Experienced Staff

      • On board at final location

      • Crew confidence in operating ship

      • Fast implementation in day-to-day operation

    • QA & Safety Manual, Describing

      • Operational Procedures

      • How to meet ISO8217 Product Quality

      • Safe Operation

Appendixes l.jpg

  • MPA Singapore – Test setup

  • Blending and Metering examples

  • SA 2.5 description

  • Marpol 73/78 Annex I definition

  • Crude to Marine Oil refining

Mpa singapore test l.jpg

Appendix A

MPA (Singapore) Test

  • MPA testing In-line blending for SS600 Code of Practice

  • MPA approval of CBI for two trial projects in Singapore

  • MPA provides funding support for R&D and proof-of-concept for companies to commercialize maritime technologies

  • MPA wants to ensure that smart ideas and clever inventions progress from the laboratory to the workplace

Blending metering l.jpg

Appendix B

Blending & Metering

In-Line Blending

On-Line Metering

Sa 2 5 description l.jpg

Appendix C

SA 2.5 Description

  • Swedish Standard for Sand Blasting of Steel

    • Near White Metal

    • Mill Scale

    • Rust and foreign particles are removed

    • Only traces remain in the form of spots or stripes

    • The cleaned surface show varying shades of grey

Marpol 73 78 annex i l.jpg

Appendix D

MARPOL 73/78 Annex I

  • Protocol of 1973 & 1978 International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships

    • Annex I - Oil

  • Dictates the maximum Sulphur content

  • As of October 2009 – 99.14% of the world's tonnage is covered by Annexes I and II

Crude to marine fuel oil l.jpg

Appendix E

Crude to Marine Fuel Oil

  • RFO is a byproduct for utilities and Bunker use

    • Different qualities

      • Heavy

      • Light

      • Straight Run

      • Cutter Stock

      • Cracked/Cooked

Marine fuel oil l.jpg

Appendix F

Marine Fuel Oil

  • RFO is often referred to as HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)

  • HFO is available in many qualities (some don’t mix)

    • Typical 500-700 cSt (Centistokes = Viscosity) at 50oC

  • HFO is mixed i.e. with MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) to create IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) in accordance with ISO8217 standards

    • IFO180, IFO380, IFO500 Etc.

  • IFO is also known as Bunker Fuel

  • Bunker Fuel is supplied to large vessels in Bunker Barges