Site Team Conference December 7, 2007

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Welcome. Region V AVID TeamBuzz JosephAndrea LichterKelly MogilefskyPatricia Page JollyJason TovaniKathy Earhart. What'sYOURShape?. . BOX. LogicalDetail-orientedPolicies

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Site Team Conference December 7, 2007

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2. Welcome Region V AVID Team Buzz Joseph Andrea Lichter Kelly Mogilefsky Patricia Page Jolly Jason Tovani Kathy Earhart

4. BOX Logical Detail-oriented Policies & Procedures Organized Focused “Follow the Plan”

5. TRIANGLE Power Logical Focused Quick Decisions “Follow the Plan” Delegator

6. CIRCLE Harmony Nurture Big Picture Intuitive Listening Ear

7. RECTANGLE Transition Unpredictable Curious Learn & Grow


10. What’s Your Shape? Identify your shape. Join shape-alike group. Skim the detailed shape description. Choose a group facilitator, recorder, and reporter. Group, brainstorm what others need to know about collaborating with you. Record ideas on poster paper. Circle the 3 ideas that your group will share out.

11. Back to Your Site Team Table Discussion (5 m) How will we use this new learning to improve our Site Team collaboration?

12. AVID Mission

13. Site Team Purposes Develops & works toward schoolwide goals which ensure equal access to knowledge & mainstream activities of the school Aware of and acts on assumptions & practices that enhance or inhibit equal access Promotes use of methodologies which enhance access to rigorous curriculum Involves students in discussions about effective learning situations

14. Purposes, cont. Focuses on changes in school organization which need to result in new concepts of teaching and learning change Ensures institutionalization of AVID as a schoolwide program Develops an interdisciplinary vertical learning community

15. Conference Agenda 8:00 to 8:25 a.m. Breakfast/Check-in 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon Welcome/Introduction Setting Conference Context Outcomes and Agenda “Data is Our Friend” Teamwork 12:00 to 12:55 p.m. Lunch 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Breakout Sessions 2:05 to 3:45 p.m. Snacks Teamwork, cont. Spread the Wealth activity Teamwork, cont. 3:45 to 4:00 p.m. Reflection/Evaluation Raffles/Closure

16. Conference Outcomes Assessing progress on Self-Study Continuum and AVID Site Plan Engaging in data-driven dialogue around access, equity & excellence Analyzing & applying shared knowledge & experience Strengthening site team Collaborating with AVID colleagues

17. Data Is Our Friend Dennis Johnston, Ph.D. Director of Research & Evaluation at the AVID Center in San Diego

18. Certification: Assurance of AVID Program Integrity

22. Site Team Teamwork

23. Teamwork Tools Participant Portfolio Left Pocket Agenda/Outcomes Breakout Session Descriptions Notetaking Paper Conference Evaluation Form What’s Your Shape Participant Portfolio Right Pocket How to be a Great Site Team Member & How to Incorporate AVID in Your Classroom Critical Questions for AVID Site Team Planning AVID Certification Self-Study Continuum

24. Teamwork Tools, cont. Team Envelope (1/team) 2006-07 CSS Summary (veteran sites) ’07-’08 AVID Site Plan (if submitted to region) NCR Site Plan Forms (update, add, develop) Data AVID Longitudinal Data or AVID Site Report/s (existing sites) Early Assessment Program (high schools only) Summer Institute 2008 Flyer “Spread the Wealth” Form

25. Teamwork Tools, cont. See the Region V AVID Website for links to useful data and other sites Site/Teacher Resources Useful Websites Site Team Conference ….. Teacher Resources AVID PowerPoints & PDFs Site Team Conference PowerPoint

26. Welcome Administrators Site Team Validating the need for a Site Team and how each member is an “essential piece” Reviewing Self-Study Continuum & Certification Status Reviewing Site Data Updating/ Developing AVID Site Plan Administrator Breakfast Featured Mike Neece, AVID Center Director of Systemic Initiatives Focused on college readiness and “culturally gifted schools” Discussed how to diagnose the phases of community that schools go through

27. Breakout Sessions 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Choices Explorer Pilot Program Chynoweth Room Lower Level Mansion Building Financial Aid Monterey Room Lower Level, Ballroom Building Building & Sustaining an AVID Site Team San Martin Room Lower Level, Ballroom Building Family Involvement in AVID Edenvale Room Lower Level Mansion Building

28. Breakout Session Sharing Session attended ___________ The session highlights were … I learned … Our site can use … To make this work for our site we would need to …

29. MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL Spreading the Wealth

30. Spread the Wealth Select one team member to stay beside your poster to share with and answer any questions from your Region V AVID colleagues. The rest of your team gets to visit other teams and bring back ideas.

31. Teamwork, cont. Share ideas gleaned from other teams. Finalize plan, plan changes. Submit copies to region.

32. Closing Reflection

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