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What s hot emerging concepts research
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What’s Hot – Emerging Concepts Research. Emerging Brands. “I lost all my vegan powers at Burger Lounge... It was worth it.” . “Freebird blows the doors off of Chipotle.”. “Yes, I'm lovin' LYFE…” . “Can it get any better? Is this really fast food?” .

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What’s Hot – Emerging Concepts Research

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What s hot emerging concepts research

What’s Hot – Emerging Concepts Research

Emerging brands

Emerging Brands

What s hot emerging concepts research

“I lost all my vegan powers at Burger Lounge... It was worth it.”

“Freebird blows the doors off of Chipotle.”

“Yes, I'm lovin' LYFE…”

“Can it get any better? Is this really fast food?”

“Is Hopdoddy’s heaven? Only one difference, the lines are shorter at the Pearly Gates.”

“What's Piada? It's like...an Italian Chipotle….”


“A custom designed pizza for $7.50. What more can you ask for?”

“'PJs = Perfect Java. I love it.  I really do.”

“Bikini’s is Hooters without the hype.”

“All sandwiches shall hereby be measured against the Mendocino Farms model.”

“Awesome combinations of foods sandwiched between fresh golden crisped waffles.”

“Everything ever said about Original Soupman is true…and it is worth every dollar to wait in line down the block for his soup.”

Emerging brand customer sentiment

Emerging Brand Customer Sentiment


  • Are evangelistic about emerging brands – they use social media heavily because they want to spread the word about their ‘discovery’

  • Have researched emerging brands in advance and have high expectations upon initial visit

  • Compare the emerging brands to established ones, both within and outside of the segment (i.e., comparisons of pizza to Chipotle)

  • Perceive the food as better, fresher than established brands

  • Perceive themselves as trailblazers/early adopters/trendsetters

  • Consider long lines part of the experience and mystique of certain emerging brands

  • Seem to enjoy the bragging rights garnered from waiting in line and feel that the food quality justifies the wait.  People are more likely drawn in rather than dissuaded by lines out the door

Foursquare check ins

Foursquare Check-ins

  • Mexican brands are concentrated in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Northern CA

  • In the Northeast, Burgers and Fresh concepts lead, followed by Pizza

  • Southern CA leaders include, Café concepts and Fresh brands

  • American and Bar & Grill brands are more prevalent in the Midwest and Southeast, as well as Colorado and Arizona

Foursquare total check ins per location top ten

Foursquare Total Check-ins per LocationTop Ten

  • With a large following and cult status, Shake Shack dominates check-ins

  • 4 Fresh concepts are in the top 10

4SQR Check-ins by Location

Foursquare total check ins per location emerging vs established brands

Foursquare Total Check-ins per Location Emerging vs. Established Brands

  • Emerging Burger, American, and Fresh brands are outperforming established brands

Foursquare repeat check ins emerging brands individually and by segment

Foursquare Repeat Check-insEmerging Brands – Individually and by Segment

  • Repeat check-ins give a sense of customer frequency and level of customer engagement with the brand

  • Café and Fresh concepts dominate the top 10 list

  • Fresh and Café segments have the most repeat visitors

Foursquare repeat check ins emerging vs established brands

Foursquare Repeat Check-insEmerging vs. Established Brands

  • All emerging categories outperform established brands except for Burger, Fresh and Other categories

Yelp star ratings top 10 brands by star rating

Yelp Star RatingsTop 10 Brands by Star Rating

  • Overall, emerging brands score well above the average 3 stars

  • Project Pie tops the charts at 4.45 stars

  • Across all categories, Pizza brands top the ranking

Yelp star ratings average stars and reviews per location

Yelp Star RatingsAverage Stars and Reviews per Location

  • 800 Degrees has the most reviews per location with rating of 3.76 across the brand

  • Ratings remain strong even as brands expand, indicating brands are resonating with customers and are executed consistently

Avg. review stars













Yelp star ratings emerging vs established brands

Yelp Star Ratings Emerging vs. Established Brands

  • Emerging brands consistently score higher than established brands

  • On average, scores are about half a point higher

Yelp influential reviewers

Yelp Influential Reviewers

  • Café brands like SpecialtyCafé, Bruxie and Lazy Dog have captured the most influential reviewers’ attention

  • Mexican, Fresh and Burger brands were also well represented among influential reviewers

  • The total number of Friends and Usefulness of the reviewer are compared to determine the exposure of a given review

  • The size of the circle indicates how many people found the review helpful

Lazy Dog


Sentiment project pie common themes

Sentiment – Project PieCommon Themes


Thin crust which can also be ordered glutenfree or with garlicbutter at no extra charge

Building custom pizzas with delicious, freshtoppings and ingredients

Personalfoodthat is ready in minutes for a price ($12) that most find very reasonable

The ‘assembly-line’ similarity to Chipotle and Subway

Sentiment hopdoddy burger bar common themes

Sentiment – Hopdoddy Burger BarCommon Themes


Delicious, juicybeefburgers, fries and milkshakes – especially the PrimetimeBurger and the TruffleFries

A line that is ‘out the door’, but greatfood, beers and service that are worth the wait

A comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that make Hopdoddy a favorite in Austin and Dallas

Sentiment mendocino farms common themes

Sentiment – Mendocino FarmsCommon Themes


Yummy sandwiches made with fresh ingredients on a variety of delicious breads, including gluten free

The menu featuring chicken, pork belly, salads and vegan options, especially good for a fresh, amazinglunch

Greatfood and the friendly, awesomestaff make the lineworthwhile

Sentiment pizza rev common themes

Sentiment – Pizza RevCommon Themes


Great concept, awesome food at a good price, especially considering it is made to order

The combination of unlimited toppings, sturdy crust, cheese and great sauce that make delicious, personal pizza worth waiting in line for

Love for the fresh ingredients, gluten free dough and vegan options

The ‘assembly-line’ similarity to Chipotle and Subway

Sentiment pieology common themes

Sentiment – PieOlogyCommon Themes


Awesomecustom pizza that customers can create with ingredients they get to choose.

Toppings, sauce, crust and cheese that tastedelicious.

Choices such as glutenfreecrust, meat, chicken and pepperoni.

The ‘assembly-line’ similarity to Chipotle and Subway

Sentiment nicks common themes

Sentiment – NicksCommon Themes


Greathomemadefood, including delicioussandwiches, salads, frieddeviledeggs, asparagus, halibut, chicken, ribs and burgers

Friendly service, good lively atmosphere, great cocktails

Amazing place, especially for lunch, but also for dinner with a reservation

Sentiment bruxie common themes

Sentiment – BruxieCommon Themes


The amazing flavor of savory crispy waffle sandwiches – featuring options like fried chicken, burgers, gruyere cheese and smokedsalmon

Nutella and banana, as well as strawberry crème brûlèe dessert waffles

Lines that move quickly and are worth waiting on for the amazingflavors inside

Sentiment tender greens common themes

Sentiment – Tender GreensCommon Themes


Delicious, freshfood, including salads with greatdressing, veggies, grilledchicken, mashedpotatoes and soup

Healthyfood that tastesgood, available in a self-service, environmentally-conscious atmosphere for quickmeals

Sentiment cinebistro common themes

Sentiment – CineBistroCommon Themes

A comfortableand fun way to experience a movie in a theater while enjoying dinner, drinks and full service


Loving having a night out without kids (age 21+ after 6pm) in reserved, comfy seats

Sentiment burger lounge common themes

Sentiment – Burger LoungeCommon Themes

Delicious, burgers made from grass-fed beef in combination with a host of tasty organic ingredients


The flavor of the fries, onion rings, salads, turkey burgers and quinoa veggie burgers

Great friendly superior service

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