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Why to Use a Foot Ease Lotion Applicator

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Why to Use a Foot Ease Lotion Applicator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you want to treat dry, rough, hard or cracked skin or simply reduce painful calluses on your feet that are difficult to reach? Then you must get the FootEase Applicator. It will aid you in treating those areas. The applicator has a callus pad behind the latex free hypoallergenic sponge that is replaceable. Place an order for the applicator and and ask about the replacement sponges and callus pads.

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Are you a diabetes patient or suffering from arthritis, obesity, back problem, chronic pain, injury and other health issues that restrict your mobility? Then, it must be very hard for you to take care of your dry, cracked, hard, rough and fissures foot skin that can later lead you to skin infections, infected ulcerations and as the end of the line even for amputations also. Yes, you are reading right “even amputation”. Who might think that such minor mistakes can lead us for these big threats, but it’s already proved.

But, as like every problem has a solution, this one also has a life saving and easy solution and that is a foot ease lotion applicator. Now, you must be thinking how can a foot ease lotion applicator help you? Then, read further to know.


A healthy foot needs proper cleaning and maintenance. Daily inspect and care is also necessary to prevent foot problems. People who have difficulty accessing their lower body parts need help from another person to clean and maintain their feet. Otherwise their feet will end up suffering from severe dry skin problems and many infections which can lead to serious health complications. If the dry skin cracks start to bleed, it will lead to infection which can be serious problem to anyone who is suffering from chronic disease such as diabetes or old age, illness and lower immune system. In future, if proper care wouldn’t be taken, then it can lead to ulcerations and amputation.

Specialized in healthcare products, we offer foot ease lotion applicator that will help people help with obesity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic back pain, stroke, injury and other health issues that limit their reach to feet. It can be used by individuals of limited agility to apply lotion and or to treat callus on their feet. The long and flexible handle of this product allows you to spread cream on the main surfaces of the foot, from top and sides to bottom and heel portion. It also has telescopic feature that will adjust to your height. This awesome piece of machinery also has a free hypoallergenic sponge that can be replaced as needed. These sponges are super hygienic and easily washable. This machine uses exact amount of pressure and rotation to apply the lotion properly all over your feet.


To order foot ease lotion applicator, please dial our number (904) 536-6787 today. At Foot Ease Applicator, we offer beast quality foot health care products including foot ease lotion applicator, foot ease socks, replacement sponges, barefoot botanica Cracked Heel Repair Crème and many more for our customers. Contact us today to purchase.



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