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Cscape 8 6
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Cscape 8.6. August 2008. Horner APG. New Workbench Features - New Model – XL6. New Workbench Feature – Tapi Support.

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Cscape 8.6

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Cscape 8 6

Cscape 8.6

August 2008

Horner APG

New workbench features new model xl6

New Workbench Features - New Model – XL6

New workbench feature tapi support

New Workbench Feature – Tapi Support

Tapi support allows seamless use of the standard Windows Telephony interface. No longer is it necessary to enter a ‘Modem initialisation String’ when using Cscape over a modem line – The modem is selected from a list of Windows installed modems and the modem is automatically configured by Windows.

New workbench feature connect disconnect feature

New Workbench Feature – Connect/Disconnect Feature

A new button will be available to connect and disconnect Cscape from the Target device. This will allow a much quicker means of releasing the serial port if it is required to run another package which uses the serial port.

In addition it will cause the dial and hang-up to occur when using the Tapi connection thus preventing the need for long duration connections to remote device via modem.

New look and feel separate subroutines blocks

New Look And Feel - Separate Subroutines Blocks

The logic module concept introduced in Cscape 8.5 is extended to allow specific subroutine blocks to be created which may be called either from the main organisational modules, or from each other.

New logic functions 1 second and 1ms timers

New Logic Functions - 1 Second and 1ms Timers

  • F/w Update Required

New logic functions 32 bit timer accumulators

New Logic Functions - 32 Bit Timer Accumulators

  • F/w Update Required

New look and feel cbreeze feature integration timer object

New Look And Feel - CBreeze Feature Integration - Timer Object

A new timer graphics object will read a timer accumulator (or any other register) and display it formatted directly as a timer (For example 632 suitably formatted would appear as 01:03.2

  • F/w Update Required

New workbench features datawatch improvements

New Workbench Features - Datawatch Improvements

In previous releases of Cscape there was a problem in the data watch window when a register appeared more the once in the list. If one of the instances was deleted all other instances stop updating. This is corrected..

The default format for bit variable in the watch window is now Boolean.

Modbus tcp on xl series ethernet modules

‘Modbus TCP’ protocol is available in the Open logic block for communicating over Modbus TCP on the ethernet module installed in an XL series unit device on MJ1.

Modbus TCP on XL Series Ethernet Modules

  • F/w Update Required

Envision support

Envision Support

  • New Envision EV models

    Allows creating screens for PC use including larger 1280x1024 screen and a wide screen selection.

    Move Project to Envision(Export to Envision)

  • Automatically releases PC communication ports and starts Envision with the current Cscape project.

Move protocol settings between ports

Move Protocol Settings Between Ports

Previously there was no means to transfer the protocol configuration of one port to another port, other than by deleting the original configuration and manually re-entering the information.

Now Cscape allows transferring the configurations with a single click.

Compound project file

Compound Project File

Previous releases of Cscape have supported ‘Project Files’ where the information for how the component .Csp files of project fitted together was stored.

Several users made the assumption that all the information for the project was stored in that single file. It was foreseen that users might archive this single file and in the future when attempting to reload the file would find that the file was worthless without the component .csp files.

The new project file format will contain the .csp files and so contain all the information required to archive and transfer an entire project.

Major bug fixes enhancements

Major Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Pause ‘n’ Load Fixed.

  • Exported programs for OCS4/5/651 for Compact Flash are now readable by the OCS.

  • Insertion and Removal of USB/Serial converters is detected and handled dynamically.

  • Upload of program with multiple languages retrieves the language information.

  • Goto dialog with errors don’t produce multiple error boxes.

  • Extended Register Support for Rx and Tx Communication Blocks.

  • Removable Media File Copy Supported.

  • Workspace Window set up preserved for subsequent file loads.

  • Missing protocol file no longer causes a Cscape Crash.

  • Serial Operations suppressed if no device is detected on the currently selected communication interface.

  • Modbus Protocol backward compatibility issue fixed.

  • Ladder find on multiple module programs works correctly.

  • Error search on multiple module programs works correctly.

  • F/w Update Required

Companion firmware release v12 4

Companion Firmware Release (v12.4)

  • XLe/XLt New Features/Bug Fixes

    • Ladder Scan Fix

    • Enhanced Modbus Support (Extended Addressing)

    • Modbus TCP for Ethernet (Master and Slave)

    • Memory Backup/Restore

  • XL6/NX/QX New Features/Bug Fixes

    • EnvisionFX support (NX/QX)

    • Ethernet IP (I/O Connection) support for Allen Bradley

    • Memory Backup/Restore

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