Bren school group project financial managers meeting
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Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting. Bren Financial & Operations Team Members. Kim Fugate Financial & Operations Manager Bren 2516, x3540 Frank Soares Payroll/Travel Coordinator Bren 2522, x6114 Connie Fourqurean Purchasing Coordinator Bren 2522, x6114 Sage Davis

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Presentation Transcript
Bren school group project financial managers meeting

Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting

Bren financial operations team members
Bren Financial & Operations Team Members

Kim Fugate

Financial & Operations Manager

Bren 2516, x3540

Frank Soares

Payroll/Travel Coordinator

Bren 2522, x6114

Connie Fourqurean

Purchasing Coordinator

Bren 2522, x6114

Sage Davis

Building Manager

Bren 1016, Cell 805-448-0028


  • Each Group Project is provide a total budget of $1,500 (State funded).

    • $1,300 for supplies, materials, travel, etc.

    • $200 for Bren Printing (photocopying and printer quota)

  • Printing Funds

    • Group will decide on allocation of printer funds. e.g one designate assigned to print, or two designates. Funds will be allocated to each member’s personal printing account.

    • Contact Connie at [email protected] to request printing funds allocation and copier codes.

    • Printing and photocopying is: .05 cents/page.

    • Financial Manager must track copies within budget; overdraft by designate are routed to personal BARC accounts.

Funding cont d
Funding cont’d

  • Extramural Funding – Three Types

    • Paid Direct

      • Funds given directly to group project for use

      • Client pays for expenditures like travel

      • No contract required to receive funding

Funding cont d1
Funding cont’d

  • Gifts

    • Funds given to UCSB with general direction for use

    • No Deliverables

    • Generally unrestricted uses

    • No contract required to receive funding

    • DO NOT contact donors directly. Communication with donors is made by the Development Team – Jennifer Deacon

Funding cont d2
Funding cont’d

  • Contracts and Grants

    • Funds given to UCSB with specific stipulations

    • Deliverables – Progress reports and findings

    • Funding uses restricted by contract and university C & G rules

    • Official university signature and approval from the Office of Research required to accept funding

    • All C & G activities run through the Financial Team – Kim Fugate

    • Potential Indirect Cost

Funding cont d3
Funding cont’d

  • You are not authorized to sign anything or enter into any agreements on behalf of the University of California!

  • This includes Memos of Understanding, Confidentiality Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements


  • Purchase Orders

    • UCSB uses Purchase orders (PO’s) for the bulk of purchases

    • PO requests can be made using the online order form on the Bren Website


    • Orders are placed by the Financial Team. The requestor is notified when the item has arrived

    • PO’s can be given directly to the purchaser for use locally

    • UCSB Credit Card – a.k.a “FlexCard” can be an option.

Purchasing cont d
Purchasing cont’d

  • Reimbursements

    • Purchasing GP materials and then getting reimbursed is allowed but generally discouraged

    • Original receipts are required for all expense claims

    • Submit original receipts noting what the expense was for and what Project Code to charge.

    • Lost Discounts are not reimbursable

    • Reimbursements must be signed by the Financial Manager

      [email protected]


  • Allowable Expenses

    • Transportation

      • Airfare – economy only

      • Train/Bus/Taxi (no limo service)

      • Rental Car and Gas – Deny insurance coverage

      • Personal Car Mileage – Currently $0.555 per mile

    • Hotel

    • Food

      • Domestic – up to $64 for a 24 hour period, with original itemized receipt(s)

      • International – Per diem per State Dept website

    • Conference Registration

    • Parking

    • Names must appear on all receipts (including meal receipts)

Travel cont d
Travel cont’d

  • Non-allowable Expenses

    • Alcohol (state funds)

    • Personal Entertainment

    • Limos/Hotel Suites/First Class Airfare, upgrades non-refundable

    • Internet Package Deals

  • Travel Reimbursement Worksheets

    • Domestic

    • Foreign

  • Travel must take place prior to reimbursement

    Turnaround time for checks ~ 4-6 weeks

Travel cont d1
Travel cont’d

  • Travel Advances

    • 2 Weeks to process

    • Check sent to address indicated on form

    • Must submit travel voucher when trip is completed and no later than 30 days upon completion of travel

    • Travel Advance Worksheet

  • Booking as a group – Meals, Hotels, Flights

  • UC Travel Center

  • Direct Billing – Local Hotels

  • UCSB Transportation Services

    [email protected]


  • Provide meals at business meetings

    • Light refreshments and simple meals are allowable

      • Bagels and Coffee

      • Light Lunch

    • Only to be used for entertaining clients from off campus

    • Not for celebratory events

    • Check with Finance Team for donor funds!

Entertainment cont d
Entertainment cont’d

  • Documentation

    • Itemized Receipt

    • Names of attendees – everyone

    • Affiliation

    • Reason for business meeting

  • Use the form – Business Meeting/Entertainment Worksheet

  • Entertainment is always an out of pocket reimbursement


  • Hiring someone to work for your Group

    • Editing

    • Compiling Research

    • Surveys

  • Questions we have to ask

    • Are they legally allowed to work in the US?

    • Do they already work elsewhere on campus?

    • Do they have a SSN or ITIN?

    • Should they be a contract employee?

  • Talk to us before offering anyone a job!

Contracts for services
Contracts for Services

  • Personal Services Agreements

    • Business Services

      • Request for Services doc

      • At least 2 weeks in advance

      • Insurance requirements

      • Plan way in advance!

    • Letter Agreement

      • Small total cost

      • Done in Bren

  • Arms Length Policy = No Friends/Family/Co-workers

  • Must be eligible to work in US

Phone codes
Phone Codes

  • Authorization Code

    • Five digit code for calling off campus

    • Can be used from any UCSB phone

    • All costs for making calls charged to your GP code

    • Use for conference calls

    • Billed in arrears

Parking permits
Parking Permits

  • Four Kinds

    • Guest Parking - $8/day – Park in student/visitors lots. Closest Mesa Parking Structure (lot 18). Permits Picked up at Info Kiosk.

    • VIP Permits - $10/day – Park in any faculty/staff/student lot – Closest Bren Lot. Permits Picked up at Info Kiosk

    • Reserved Space - $30/day – Specific parking space reserved in any lot.

    • All parking permits must be requested through the Financial Team. [email protected]

Bren website
Bren Website

All forms and information can be found on the Bren website under the Financial Services tab at the top and then Administration.


  • The Group Project Financial Manager doesn’t have to do everything financial

  • Come See Us First