Virtual collaboration for g g professionals
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Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2006 Joint Conference. Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals. Presented by:Yogi Schulz Sahar Al-Arami. May 17, 2006. Yogi Schulz Biography. Management Consultants. President of Corvelle Management Consultants Information technology related management consulting

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Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals

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Presentation Transcript

2006 Joint Conference

Virtual Collaborationfor G&G Professionals

Presented by:Yogi Schulz

Sahar Al-Arami

May 17, 2006

Yogi Schulz Biography

Management Consultants

  • President of Corvelle Management Consultants

  • Information technology related management consulting

  • Project management and systems development

  • Computing Canada & Calgary Herald columnist

  • PPDM Association board member

  • Industry presenter:

    • Project World - 4 years

    • CIPS Informatics - 7 years

    • PPDM Association - several years

Sahar Al-Arami Biography

  • Awarded a 4-year scholarship by Nexen Inc. to study in Canada in 2002

  • Graduated with an Honors Diploma from the Computer Technology program at SAIT in 2004

  • Will be graduating in May 2006 with an Honors Bachelor of Information System Technology

  • Work experience:

    • Nexen Inc. as an intern since May 2005

    • Co-op student withYemen Hunt Oil Company in 2004

Presentation Outline

  • Presentation Objectives

  • Virtual collaboration defined

  • Business drivers for G&G virtual collaboration

  • Enabling technologies for virtual collaboration

  • Example G&G virtual collaboration scenarios

  • Best practices for virtual collaboration

  • Conclusions & Recommendations

  • Questions & Discussion

Presentation Objectives

  • Describe new possibilities in thecollaborative work environment

  • Demonstrate collaboration related components

  • Illustrate how G&G professionals can benefit from virtual collaboration

  • Outline best practices for establishing and operating a virtual collaboration environment





Virtual Collaboration Defined


Individual knowledge

Divisional focus

Barriers to access information

Face-to-face work


Team knowledge

Cross divisional work

Easy access to information

Virtual collaboration

Vision for Work in the Future



Improved performance

Business Drivers for G&G Virtual Collaboration

  • More complex E&P assets

  • G&G talent is global and knowledge-based

  • Continuing demands for reduced cycle times

  • Availability of capable, cost-effective technology

Enabling Technologies for Virtual Collaboration

  • Converged Networks

  • Audio and video conferencing

  • Application and document sharing

  • Instant messaging

  • Discussion boards

  • Collaborative management tools

Example G&G Virtual Collaboration Scenarios

  • “Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

  • Effective use of the Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators technique

“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

  • Scenario Description

    • A deepwater reservoir, characterized by thin beds, in the North Sea looks like it could be promising

    • The head office is not sure how to assess the net pay zone and estimate the reserves in place in the multiple thin beds of the reservoir

  • Objective of Scenario

    • Use the collective knowledge of the G&G Community to improve the reserves estimation process in an unusual situation, reducing the risk of:

      • developing a reservoir with inadequate reserves or

      • abandoning a project that is in fact economically viable

“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

G & G Community

G & G Community

Q & A

“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

“Thin bed” Reservoir

Reserves Estimation

A prospect that could have been marginal

is determined to be economically viable.

Geoffrey Moore

Core Analyst, Core Lab


Effective use of the Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators technique

  • Scenario description

    • DHI works well in some exploration areas but not others

    • The appropriate application of the DHI technique is important in assessing the proposed risk values during peer reviews

  • Objective of Scenario

    • Increase the knowledge of the G&G staff about:

      • characteristics of exploration projects where the DHI technique works well

      • appropriate use of DHI

Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

G & G Community

G & G Community

G & G Community

Q & A

Q & A


Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

G & G Community

The G&G staffincrease their knowledge of DHI

and agree on a consistent

application of it.

Helpful Tools

Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration

  • Understand the kinds of interactions that occur internally and externally

  • Understand the differentcomponents of collaboration

  • Build a team-oriented environment

  • Focus on people, not technology

  • Provide the right tools and support

  • Sustain the change


  • There are numerous business driversfor G&G virtual collaboration

  • Various technologies enablevirtual collaboration for G&G professionals

  • Virtual collaboration is well suited to how work of G&G professionals as demonstrated by the scenarios in the presentation

  • To achieve the most value from virtual collaboration, apply best practices






Questions &Discussion

Can you help

us implementvirtual collaboration?


fill out



Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals

1800, 250 - 6th Ave. S.W.

Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3H7

Phone: (403) 249-5255

E-mail: [email protected]


Management Consultants

Information technology related management consulting

Project management and systems development

Computing Canada & Calgary Herald columnist

PPDM Association board member

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New Discovery

  • Scenario description

    • Our drilling team has just struck a huge offshore discovery that requires a fast track development project involving expertise from other divisions

  • Objective of Scenario

    • Illustrate how expertise and lessons learned in other divisions can be leveraged to reduce risk and ensure success of a new project

New Discovery

New Discovery

New discovery

developed collaborativelyto accelerate development.

Collaboration Benefits

  • Benefits for employers

  • Benefits for employees

  • Social and economic benefits

Collaboration Impediments

  • Cultural challenges

    • Win-lose mentality and mistrust

    • Intellectual property issues

    • Resistance to change

  • Technical challenges

    • Lack of security

    • Lack of well-designed computing infrastructures

    • Technical integration obstacles

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