virtual collaboration for g g professionals
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Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals

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Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2006 Joint Conference. Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals. Presented by: Yogi Schulz Sahar Al-Arami. May 17, 2006. Yogi Schulz Biography. Management Consultants. President of Corvelle Management Consultants Information technology related management consulting

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Presentation Transcript
virtual collaboration for g g professionals

2006 Joint Conference

Virtual Collaborationfor G&G Professionals

Presented by: Yogi Schulz

Sahar Al-Arami

May 17, 2006

yogi schulz biography
Yogi Schulz Biography

Management Consultants

  • President of Corvelle Management Consultants
  • Information technology related management consulting
  • Project management and systems development
  • Computing Canada & Calgary Herald columnist
  • PPDM Association board member
  • Industry presenter:
    • Project World - 4 years
    • CIPS Informatics - 7 years
    • PPDM Association - several years
sahar al arami biography
Sahar Al-Arami Biography
  • Awarded a 4-year scholarship by Nexen Inc. to study in Canada in 2002
  • Graduated with an Honors Diploma from the Computer Technology program at SAIT in 2004
  • Will be graduating in May 2006 with an Honors Bachelor of Information System Technology
  • Work experience:
    • Nexen Inc. as an intern since May 2005
    • Co-op student withYemen Hunt Oil Company in 2004
presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Presentation Objectives
  • Virtual collaboration defined
  • Business drivers for G&G virtual collaboration
  • Enabling technologies for virtual collaboration
  • Example G&G virtual collaboration scenarios
  • Best practices for virtual collaboration
  • Conclusions & Recommendations
  • Questions & Discussion
presentation objectives
Presentation Objectives
  • Describe new possibilities in thecollaborative work environment
  • Demonstrate collaboration related components
  • Illustrate how G&G professionals can benefit from virtual collaboration
  • Outline best practices for establishing and operating a virtual collaboration environment
virtual collaboration defined





Virtual Collaboration Defined
vision for work in the future

Individual knowledge

Divisional focus

Barriers to access information

Face-to-face work


Team knowledge

Cross divisional work

Easy access to information

Virtual collaboration

Vision for Work in the Future



Improved performance

business drivers for g g virtual collaboration
Business Drivers for G&G Virtual Collaboration
  • More complex E&P assets
  • G&G talent is global and knowledge-based
  • Continuing demands for reduced cycle times
  • Availability of capable, cost-effective technology
enabling technologies for virtual collaboration
Enabling Technologies for Virtual Collaboration
  • Converged Networks
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Application and document sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Discussion boards
  • Collaborative management tools
example g g virtual collaboration scenarios
Example G&G Virtual Collaboration Scenarios
  • “Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation
  • Effective use of the Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators technique
thin bed reservoir reserves estimation
“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation
  • Scenario Description
    • A deepwater reservoir, characterized by thin beds, in the North Sea looks like it could be promising
    • The head office is not sure how to assess the net pay zone and estimate the reserves in place in the multiple thin beds of the reservoir
  • Objective of Scenario
    • Use the collective knowledge of the G&G Community to improve the reserves estimation process in an unusual situation, reducing the risk of:
      • developing a reservoir with inadequate reserves or
      • abandoning a project that is in fact economically viable
thin bed reservoir reserves estimation1
“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

G & G Community

G & G Community

Q & A

thin bed reservoir reserves estimation2
“Thin bed” Reservoir Reserves Estimation

“Thin bed” Reservoir

Reserves Estimation

A prospect that could have been marginal

is determined to be economically viable.

Geoffrey Moore

Core Analyst, Core Lab


effective use of the direct hydrocarbon indicators technique
Effective use of the Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators technique
  • Scenario description
    • DHI works well in some exploration areas but not others
    • The appropriate application of the DHI technique is important in assessing the proposed risk values during peer reviews
  • Objective of Scenario
    • Increase the knowledge of the G&G staff about:
      • characteristics of exploration projects where the DHI technique works well
      • appropriate use of DHI
direct hydrocarbon indicators
Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

G & G Community

G & G Community

G & G Community

Q & A

Q & A


direct hydrocarbon indicators1
Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

G & G Community

The G&G staffincrease their knowledge of DHI

and agree on a consistent

application of it.

Helpful Tools

best practices for virtual collaboration
Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration
  • Understand the kinds of interactions that occur internally and externally
  • Understand the differentcomponents of collaboration
  • Build a team-oriented environment
  • Focus on people, not technology
  • Provide the right tools and support
  • Sustain the change
  • There are numerous business driversfor G&G virtual collaboration
  • Various technologies enablevirtual collaboration for G&G professionals
  • Virtual collaboration is well suited to how work of G&G professionals as demonstrated by the scenarios in the presentation
  • To achieve the most value from virtual collaboration, apply best practices





questions discussion
Questions &Discussion

Can you help

us implementvirtual collaboration?


fill out




Virtual Collaboration for G&G Professionals

1800, 250 - 6th Ave. S.W.

Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3H7

Phone: (403) 249-5255

E-mail: [email protected]


Management Consultants

Information technology related management consulting

Project management and systems development

Computing Canada & Calgary Herald columnist

PPDM Association board member

bibliography 1
Bibliography - 1
  • CIO - A Travel Guide to Collaboration
  • Collaboration Loop
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborative tools - An independent guide to products and services
  • Collaborative Computing - White Papers, Web casts, and Case Studies
bibliography 2
Bibliography - 2
  • Future of Work
  • IBM Workplace Collaboration Service Tour
  • InnoVision Canada
  • Kolabora Online Collaboration Resources
  • Mapping Collaboration Technology Requirements to Human Social Requirements to Human Social Structure
bibliography 3
Bibliography - 3
  • National Defense Research Institute
  • The Subtle Power of Virtual Collaboration
new discovery
New Discovery
  • Scenario description
    • Our drilling team has just struck a huge offshore discovery that requires a fast track development project involving expertise from other divisions
  • Objective of Scenario
    • Illustrate how expertise and lessons learned in other divisions can be leveraged to reduce risk and ensure success of a new project
new discovery2
New Discovery

New discovery

developed collaborativelyto accelerate development.

collaboration benefits
Collaboration Benefits
  • Benefits for employers
  • Benefits for employees
  • Social and economic benefits
collaboration impediments
Collaboration Impediments
  • Cultural challenges
    • Win-lose mentality and mistrust
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Resistance to change
  • Technical challenges
    • Lack of security
    • Lack of well-designed computing infrastructures
    • Technical integration obstacles