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Shared File Service

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Shared File Service. VM Forum January, 2012. SFS Topics. Targeted Usage Security Accessing CIFS Shares Availability & Protection Monitoring Pricing. Targeted Usage. Departmental File Servers Shared volumes between groups of servers Protocols: CIFS or NFS Not intended for:

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shared file service

Shared File Service

VM Forum

January, 2012

sfs topics
SFS Topics
  • Targeted Usage
  • Security
  • Accessing CIFS Shares
  • Availability & Protection
  • Monitoring
  • Pricing
targeted usage
Targeted Usage
  • Departmental File Servers
  • Shared volumes between groups of servers
  • Protocols: CIFS or NFS

Not intended for:

  • Large, transactional databases
  • Storage target for backups
    • Incremental syncing is ok
  • Virtual Machine disk files (e.g., vmdk, vhd files)
  • Encrypted volume container files
  • Data with a high rate-of-change (>20% of share capacity per day)
  • CIFS
    • A Cornell AD account is required to access a share
    • NTFS ACL permissions use Cornell AD users and groups
  • NFS
    • Shared exported to explicit server(s)
    • Servers sharing share should have common UID/GIDs
    • NFS v3 (for now)
  • Restricted to on-campus IP addresses (including VPN)
  • Encryption
    • None built into service
    • Can use file-level encryption tools (e.g., PGP Net Drive)
accessing cifs shares
Accessing CIFS Shares
  • CIFS Shares will be accessible through the Campus DFS Service


  • Additionally a custom CNAME is created for each Share to support older CIFS/SMB Clients


  • Recommend that departments utilize DFS to reference CIFS shares
  • Will not be able to use DNS names & share names of existing departmental fileservers
availability protection
Availability & Protection
  • RAID6 to protect against spindle failures
  • Dual controllers to protect against controller failure & to facilitate maintenance activities
  • Optional snapshots to protect against user / application failures
  • Optional 2-site Asynchronous Replication to protect against building failure
  • Off-site Data Copy to protect against campus site failure
optional snapshots
Optional Snapshots
  • Users can restore older copies of their files from these snapshots
  • No additional fee for snapshots, but share capacity is utilized for snapshots (reducing usable storage, typically by ~ 20%)
optional replication
Optional Replication
  • Available for additional cost (2x)
  • Data replicated asynchronously between primary and secondary data centers
  • Requires snapshots
  • Secondary copy promoted to read-write status upon request, or if primary building outage
  • RPO* is 4 hours
  • RTO* measured in minutes; Once failover is invoked, it actually takes seconds to complete

*RPO = Recovery Point Objective – how far back in time to recover from

*RTO = Restore Time Objective – how long it will take to perform the recovery

off site data copy
Off-site Data Copy
  • Off-site data copy is maintained
  • Protection against campus site failure
  • RPO: 1 day
  • RTO: likely measured in days
  • No additional cost
  • Periodic utilization check
  • Notifications sent via e-mail
  • Notification when Warning threshold crossed(default at 80% utilization)
  • Daily notifications whenever Critical threshold is exceeded(default at 95% utilization)
  • May not be in place day 1, but shortly thereafter
sizes monthly rates
Sizes & Monthly Rates
  • A $100 “configuration fee” (fee currently waived) may be assessed on configuration, or alteration of your share(s).
  • If optional snapshots are selected, some of the requested disk capacity is utilized for snapshot overhead (typically ~20%). Snapshots are the only way an end-user can restore a file from a “backup”.
  • If optional replication is desired, your data will be asynchronously replicated to 2 different buildings on the Ithaca Campus. Replication requires Snapshots.
  • Shares > 5TB may take longer to provision.
  • Departments will be able to trade in departmental fileservers for the Cash for Clunkers program. Up to 1TB per fileserver.