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EFST - Faculty of Economic , Split

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EFST - Faculty of Economic , Split - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on WEmoveYOUth. EFST - Faculty of Economic , Split FESB - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Split , Croatia. Introduction.

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EFST-Faculty of Economic , Split

FESB - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval


University of Split,


  • I am glad that someone finally decided to ask the youth what do they think about unemployment in their country. We are also affected with this main problem for many countries. So why don’t include us?
  • Unemployment is doing lot of harm to the young people and the world to. Unemployed youth is getting more depressed, stressed, they are losing their self-esteem, they are not getting married, doesn’t want to raise a children in this kind of world whey they can’t afford them the essential things for living…

Every country in European Union has a high rate of unemployed youth, and they don’t know how to solve it. If they have been trying to solve it young people wouldn’t be so much interested in leaving their country and findingluck in some other part of the world.

  • That is such a shame because many of them are high educated people with college degree. Government has been investing in their knowledge thru the 8 or 9 years long elementary education, 4 years long high

school education and at the end 3+2 years long

college education.

  • After this kind of brain drain countries will

be needing to import some high education

experts, work force, because they made their

own youth to leave their country.


Young people should be allowed to find a decent job so they can move out from their parents home and be independent. They should be able to buy some place they can call home. Maybe one day start a family and have kids. Secure their life when they will be retire. But this isn’t possible in this kind of situation.

  • Unemployment is high, higher

than ever. And now finally

there is a competition where

young people are asked for


solution to youth unemployment
Solution to Youth Unemployment
  • The solution for unemployment is, obviously, to create new jobs. Usually that’s not easy because of many reasons, such as the overall economic environment.
  • Due to that, I’m going to try to bring up some of solutions for youth unemployment that would in my opinion help reduce youth unemployment.
  • Some of that solutions could be entrepreneurial incubators, better education system, stimulated internships, SSTOB – students start their own business, cash help, limited students work, lower tax rates and other charges for

a young employees, lower the number of people that

can attend college, bring a law by which firms are obligate to employ a certain percentage of young employees , web page for employer/employees…


entrepreneurial incubators: it allows young people to develop their jobs from their own idea. The government is providing them with a business space that has all of the necessary equipment ( phones, chairs, tables, computers… ) that they need to run a business. All they have to do is pay the government symbolic amount of money for using the space. They usually need to be out from entrepreneurial incubator in a period of one year.

  • better education system: ther is too much of theory in our classrooms and very little of practical work. Schools should be finding partners that will be willing to hire youth and educate them, give tham opprortunity for practical

work, students at the higher years of college should

be doing samll projects for local businessmen....


stimulated internships: they should be encouraging employer to employ young people. Goverment will be giving them a paycheck and paying other charges

while employers get a ‘’free worker’’

  • SSTOB – students start their own business: give a

students at the higher years of education , master\'s

degree program, symbolic amount of money so they

could start their own business.

For example, college or government could give

every single student for example 200,00 E to

start their own business project. Professors

should help them with any kind of problems

they have while they are trying to form their

company. Students can succeed in their business

and have their own firm.


cash help: Governance should offer young people that are jobless some kind of cash help to set up their own businesses. That cash help could be in shape of some kind of credit with extremely low interest, or without interest with few years of grace period.

  • limited students work:Many firms have become hungry for money so they are using,low paid, students and forcing them to work full time just like any other worker. They are using regular student business contracts to hire someone that doesn’t even go to college

just so that they could avoid

paying taxes and other charges

to the government. . Because of all this,

students work should be limited to max 3

hours per day.


bring a law by which firms are obligate to employ a certain percentage of young employees: I got this idea by the Dutch low, where firms are obligate to employ a certain percentage of persons with disabilities, we could apply this on youth too.

  • lower tax rates and other charges for a young employees: they should lower tax rates and other charges for a young employees up to 30 years old and introduce a long term contracts for the young employees that will force employers to hire them to the minimum of 48 months. First year the employer will be exempt of any governance charges, the governance will be paying health insurance and pension fund, while at the second year the employer will be obligate to pay the governance all types of charges that they

usually pay for any other


planned results and outcomes
Planned results and outcomes
  • This is a very interesting project, because the project theme is almost every day in the media and around us, so we don’t think that information on this project will be hard to find.
  • Because of that we think that maybe 40 or 50 working hours max would be enough. Also we won’t be needing to look around the young unemployed people because they are all around us. Sad but true. We are in contact with them every day, friends and colleges, and we usually discuss about this particular problem with them.
  • We hope we will finish our

project with in deadline.