Scandinavian values in odl can they be preserved
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Scandinavian Values in ODL- Can they be preserved?. Niels Henrik Helms, DEL. Hype Cycle. Leaving the Hype. Nothing much changed! - Wrong!! Schools will always be the same! - Wrong! The teacher knows better! - Wrong! The Scandinavian Approach is unique! - HMM, Might be right!. Scenarios.

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Scandinavian values in odl can they be preserved l.jpg

Scandinavian Values in ODL- Can they be preserved?

Niels Henrik Helms, DEL

Leaving the hype l.jpg
Leaving the Hype

  • Nothing much changed! - Wrong!!

  • Schools will always be the same! - Wrong!

  • The teacher knows better! - Wrong!

  • The Scandinavian Approach is unique! - HMM, Might be right!

Scenario 1 we continue as always l.jpg
Scenario 1 - We continue as always

  • Economy

  • Form Vs. Competencies

  • Customer Demands…

Scenario 3 global campus l.jpg
Scenario 3 - “Global Campus”

  • It happens!!

  • Currently, more than 350.000 unique students are enrolled in fully online degree granting programs, generating $1.75 billion in tuition revenues for institutions in 2001/2002.

  • The distance-learning market for fully online degree programs is growing at a rate of 40 percent annually

  • The relationship between formal qualifications and competencies?

  • BIG - is beautiful…

Scenario 2 introvert e learning l.jpg
Scenario 2 - “Introvert e-learning”

  • It happens right now!

  • An unholy alliance between students, schoolmanagement and central authorities

  • Better (and Cheaper) -

  • Resources?? (Learning Objects)

  • The Learner (Learning Subjects)

  • Competence-Gap??

Scenario 4 global flexible learning just for me l.jpg
Scenario 4 Global-Flexible-Learning just for Me

  • Transparency??

  • Static Learning Objects - Dynamic Knowledge and Learning

  • Clearing of Competencies

A bricolage of reasons l.jpg
A Bricolage of Reasons

  • Enhancement of Human Resources

  • Criticism of educational institutions and their failure to deliver what is required

  • No increase in public resources

  • New form of regulation (NPM)

  • More market orientated approach

  • Emphasis on standards and accountability

New rules l.jpg
New Rules

  • Speed

  • Access

  • ROI

  • Flexibility

Playing by the new rules l.jpg






Closed Institutions

Formal Qualifications


Playing by the new Rules

The question of change a metaphor l.jpg
The Question of Change - A Metaphor

Our Life

The Priest

Changes in the educational landscape l.jpg
Changes in the Educational Landscape

  • Learning just in Case

  • Learning just in Time

  • Learning just for Me…

Growing subjectivism l.jpg
Growing Subjectivism!

  • In the industrial society we tried to objectivise everything…

  • Now we go the other way round - You have to be unique - You have to tell your own story…

Open flexible distance learning l.jpg
Open Flexible Distance Learning

  • Open?

    • A Question of Access - not a Social Issue

  • Flexible - For Whom?

    • Learners

    • Providers

    • Companies

The vital questions are l.jpg
The Vital Questions are:

  • Does the teacher-learner separation enhance the possibilities for the learner both to learn and to complete the course?

  • Does the chosen technology enhance flexibility and collaborative learning?

  • Are the learning processes designed in the best possible way in relation to the learner’s needs and potentials?

We need something l.jpg
We need something

  • We have the bricks

  • We need scaffolding - The DNA of learning

  • We need the cement - The processes of learning

The scandinavian approach is unique hmm might be right l.jpg
The Scandinavian Approach is unique -HMM!! Might be right

  • Dialogue as a way to construct meaning and knowledge…

  • Storytelling…

  • The metamorphosis of standards to uniqueness

Odl without scandinavian values is l.jpg
ODL without Scandinavian Values is:

  • Loading not learning -

  • Informations without knowledge creation

  • Digging the gap between the web-literates and web-illiterates

  • Well - it’s hopeless

Odl with scandinavian values calls for l.jpg
ODL with Scandinavian Values calls for:

  • Openness to change

  • Developing core-business

  • Collaboration

  • Marketing

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