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R ead the Problem O mit the extra information P lan a way to solve the problem E fficiently carry out your plan S tudy the results

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ROPES Weekly Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ROPES Weekly Procedures How will I set up my weekly ROPES? This sheet will provide you a step by step guide to solving the weekly ROPES problem. You should keep this sheet in your notebook AT ALL TIMES for reference. R ead the Problem O mit the extra information

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Presentation Transcript

ROPES Weekly ProceduresHow will I set up my weekly ROPES?This sheet will provide you a step by step guide to solving the weekly ROPES problem. You should keep this sheet in your notebook AT ALL TIMES for reference.

Read the Problem

Omit the extra information

Plan a way to solve the problem

Efficiently carry out your plan

Study the results

  • R - O

The problem is written out or if you have been given a copy of the problem it is attached to your paper

  • Necessaryinformation is highlighted

(15 points)

  • Unnecessary information is crossed out

(15 points)



  • Write out your plan for solving the problem in

complete sentences, including in your plan the

problem solving strategy that you plan to use.

(30 points)


  • Show all steps (work) necessary to carry out your

plan (15 points)


  • Restate your answer in a complete sentence

(15 points)


(first and last written in upper right corner,

date, class period, entry #)

  • Neatly presented
  • Organized correctly
  • Spelling is correct
  • Grammatically correct

(10 points)


To summarize

R - OProblem included in original form

highlights (15)/crossouts (15) 30 pts

P - E Plan stated(30)/work shown(15) 45 pts

S Answer written in sentence 15 pts


followed/spelling/grammar 10 pts

Total points 100 pts

ropes example

Read - Omit

Marco wants to purchase a special skateboard for $480. He has $226 saved for the skateboard. He mows yards for eight months each year (April – November). His savings increased to $285 in April, $311 in May, and $337 in June. If this pattern continues, in what month will he have enough to purchase his skateboard?


To solve this problem, I will determine the pattern that is described. With the increase that I find that has occurred for April, May, and June, I will continue the table for the months thru November or I might have to continue to the following year beginning in April. Whenever I reach at least the needed amount of $480 that will be the month in which Marco can purchase the skateboard.


$311 May $337 June

-285 April -311 May

$ 26 difference $ 26 difference

The pattern of increase is $26 per month

$337 June $363 July $389 August

+ 26 amount of increase + 26 + 26

$363 July $389 August $415 September

$415 Sept. $441 Oct $467 Nov

+ 26+ 26+ 26

$441 October $467 Nov $493 April of next year

he can make purchase


Marco will have $493 in April of the following year, if the $26 per month increase continues. This is slightly more that the $480 that he actually needs to purchase the skateboard.