Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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lectric sheepby philip k. dickpresenter: ariel chen / student no.590201431 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick Presenter: Ariel Chen / Student no.590201431. Presentation Outline. Introduction A. General Setting B. Summary C. Character List Major Character Analysis Reflection Conclusion. I. Introduction.

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Presentation Outline

  • Introduction

    A. General Setting

    B. Summary

    C. Character List

  • Major Character Analysis

  • Reflection

  • Conclusion

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I. Introduction

  • This is a Sci-Fi talking about Hi-Tec and belief.

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IntroductionA. General Setting

  • Time :After World War Terminus

  • Place:U.S.A.

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IntroductionB. Summary

  • After World War Terminus, a thick radioactive dust covered the world. Animals died and people emigrate to Mars one after another. Rick, an android killer, stayed in San Francisco to help police to kill those androids that were escaped from Mars. During the mission, he had once lost faith in himself and then he brought back his confident again.

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Rick Deckard


Wilbur Mercer

Bill Barbour

Dave Holden

Harry Bryant

8 Nexus-6-type Androids

Rachael Rosen

Eldon Rosen

John Isidore

Buster Friendly

IntroductionC. Character List

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II. Major Character Analysis

  • Rick Deckard—An android killer who work for the police in San Francisco. He was once confused about his belief during the mission of killing Nexus-6 type Androids. At the end of the story, he found out the truth.

  • Nexus-6-type Androids—The newest androids that are incredibly like human beings and even much more intelligent than human beings. And that’s the problem.

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III. Reflection

  • While developing Hi-Tech, we should think more about the result.

  • Persist our good belief.

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VI. Conclusion

  • Be careful with Hi-Tech development.

  • Trust ourself.

    “It is as dangerous for man to model himself upon his invention, the machine, as it would be for God to model Himself upon His invention.”