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Writing for Proficiency. Classroom policies and procedures. Classroom expectations. Follow all Clark County School District policies. Follow the dress code. Adhere to the cell phone and electronic device policy. Be on time for class and ready to learn.

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Writing for Proficiency

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Writing for proficiency

Writing for Proficiency

Classroom policies and procedures

Classroom expectations

Classroom expectations

  • Follow all Clark County School District policies.

  • Follow the dress code.

  • Adhere to the cell phone and electronic device policy.

  • Be on time for class and ready to learn.

  • Follow the classroom social contract.

  • Be polite.

  • Clean up after yourself.

A note about language

A note about language…

  • I expect my students to maintain civil discourse in my class. As such, I do not allow vulgarity (cussing) or negative remarks about race, gender, or sexual orientation in my classroom.

Seating chart

Seating chart

  • There will be a seating chart in Writing for Proficiency.

  • Once the seating chart is set, it is non-negotiable. If you need to sit close to the front of the class, please let me know before I make the seating chart.

  • I reserve the right to change the seating chart or individual seats to best benefit classroom instruction.

Books and materials

Books and materials

  • We do not have a textbook for Writing for Proficiency class.

  • You should have a binder or notebook for this class with ample paper to write with.

  • All final drafts must be done in blue or black ink only.

  • I will provide paper for final drafts of proficiency-style writing.

Start of class

Start of class

  • We will have a Quick Write (QW) on the board.

  • The QW is a daily question that should be answered in one paragraph (3-5 sentences).

  • The QW is stamped in class. Stamped QWs are worth one point. Unstamped QWs are half a point.

  • QWs are turned in at the end of the week.

Grading policy

Grading policy

Grading policy1

Grading policy

  • Quarter Grades will be determined by the following:

  • Tests and Essays 40%

  • Classwork/Homework 25%

  • Projects 25%

  • Quick Writes 10%

Make up work policy

Make-up work policy

  • Per CCSD policy, students who are absent have three days to request make-up work.

  • Upon receiving your make-up work, you have three days to complete it.

  • Tests must be made up after school within one week of your absence.

  • See me before or after school about make-up work.

Missing work policy

Missing work policy

  • I expect to receive your assignments when they are due.

  • Late class work or homework (i.e. work that you chose to not do and turn in on the day it was due) will lose 10% credit if received within five days of the original due date.

  • Late work received six or more days after the due date will lose 50% credit.

Missing work policy1

Missing work policy

  • All late/missing work and make-up work should have the following information on it: Your name; the name of the assignment; the original due date; the date you turned it in; my initials.

  • Late/missing and make-up work should be turned in to the basket.

  • Late/missing work will be graded at my convenience.

Graded assignments

Graded assignments

  • Graded assignments will be in the basket for your class. Baskets are located on the bookshelves.

  • Please check your grades against grades in ParentLink. If I have made an error, bring your graded paper to me immediately so I can correct it.

Extra credit

Extra credit

  • Extra credit opportunities are given to all students. I do not give extra credit to an individual just so you can raise your grade.

  • ALL missing work must be turned in before you do an extra credit assignment.

Electronic devices in class

Electronic devices in class

  • Please do not play on your phone, text, or listen to music during class. Earbuds/headphones should be put away.

  • You may use your phone to take photos of information on the board, lesson plans, etc.

  • It would behoove you to have a dictionary app on your phone.

Writing proficiency info

Writing Proficiency info

  • The NHSPE in writing has two components: Expository and Persuasive/Argument.

  • The proficiency is scored as follows: Each essay has two readers who score it on a scale of 0-6.

  • Scores from both essays are combined and divided by two to come up with the overall score.

  • The passing score on the NHSPE writing exam is 7.

  • The writing proficiency is October 22.

Contact information

Contact information

  • E-mail: smrowe@interact.ccsd.net

  • Class website: my.CCSD.net/sylviarowe

  • Twitter: @English11Honors

  • Message: 702-799-4080 ext. 4000

  • Available before school starting at 6:30 and after school on Monday and Wednesday-Friday.

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