POW is an online precious metals dealer and effective buying club for our Members. We only sell to M...
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The Company Frisco, TX 07/01/09 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Company Frisco, TX 07/01/09

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POW is an online precious metals dealer and effective buying club for our Members. We only sell to Members. Members receive gold and silver bullion at the same price same we pay. Its At –Cost Pricing.Savings range from 15% to 60% per coin from what you would typically find at your local dealer.There is no minimum or maximum qnty. This allows even the smallest purchaser access to receive the same price points that large purchasers enjoy.

TheCompanyFrisco, TX07/01/09

Created a company with real products and a realistic opportunityfor success for people that refer other members.

When you makeany purchase, you should receive real value in return. Gold and Silver are recognized for real value all around the world.

Justin DavisPresident / Founder

POW has been described as refreshing, incredibly simple, very rich, 5 Star, and a common sense decision for the masses.

Silver Package = (Membership + 2 Silver Eagle Coins)It’s a one-time Annual Purchase

Unlimited At-Cost Pricing of Precious Metals

Typical pricing is 1.85 or less over spot for Silver American Eagles.Many shops sell the same coin at $5-$11 over spot.The difference is that there are no minimum or maximum qnty.

NO Mark Up

NO Monthly Membership Fees

NO Monthly Sales Quotas

NO Required Autoship

Complementary: Automated Website , Back Office System, Marketing System

59 SecondCommission Plan

What do POW Reps Sell?

POW Reps sell Memberships / Starter Packages.

Bullion Coins and Bars

We buy, sell and ship coins to you for less than you can buy at you local dealer.

SilverStarter Package$249



Designed to produce immediate income. Everyone that sells something will get paid.


Designed to promote real team work and provides an opportunity beyond a regular job.

POW Extra Rewards

Provides Gold Coins to people who help build the network.


100 % Optional Monthly program

Fast Start Commissions

$100 for Personal Referrals$10 for 2nd and 3rd Generation Referrals

Starter Package

Team Commissions

When team sales are at least 300 / 200 you earn $60…






We have no monthly sales quotas and you keep all of theBV Points you earn.

POW Extra Rewards

On every 20th Team Commission you earn, the company also sends a .1oz American Eagle Gold coin in addition to your commission check.

POW Optionship™

Optional monthly purchase of MS69 Silver Eagle ($50)Pays 40BV to upline Optionship ParticipantsThat breaks down to $12 per coin on the weaker leg.

Director of Sales Bonus: The Rep that sells the most Starter Packages earns a progressive bonus up to $12,000 / mo

SmartWork Marketing

Nutshell: Buying club for Precious Metals that pays commissions for New Member Referrals.

“Work smarter… not harder…”Most of us agree on huge upside that comes with owning a home based business in general.

  • Be your own Boss

  • Tax advantages

  • Discretionary income

Doesn’t it also make sense to have

  • Universal Products – everyone would love to have more

  • Work for free – no charges for website etc

  • Products sold at real wholesale price.

  • Simple / Lucrative Comp Plan

  • Benefits appeal to non-networkers as well



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