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Recycling rubber
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Recycling Rubber. Rubber Kylie Hanning.

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Recycling Rubber

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Recycling rubber

Recycling Rubber

Rubber kylie hanning

RubberKylie Hanning

  • A material made by chemically treating and toughening this substance. Values for its elasticity, non-conduction of electricity, shock absorption, and resistant to moisture. Used in the manufacture of erasers, electric insulation, elastic bands, crepe soles, toys, water hoses, tires and other products.

Rubber tires

Rubber Tires

  • Tires are made of hot rubber, white lead and sulfur.

  • Synthetic rubber is made up of butadiene and stryene.

  • It takes seven gallons of oil to produce one tire.

  • Once you purchase new tires it is best to leave the old tires at the tire warehouse where they can dispose of properly.

  • Tires can be a source of energy called tire-derived fuel or TDF.

  • When all of the excess materials are removed from the original tire there are rubber chips left over. These chips are used for asphalt, doormats,water hoses, shoe soles, door stoppers, playground and athletic surfaces, non-slip product and for building surfaces such as floors.

Rubber mulch

Rubber Mulch

  • Nuplay Rubber Mulch made from 100% recycled rubber

  • Excellent for playground cover but can also be used for landscape

  • Good for drainage

  • Minimizes dust to keep children clean while playing

  • Soft surface to keep children safe from breaking bones

  • Made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials

  • Helps maintain the growth of mold, reducing the risks of allergies

  • Does not attract insects

  • Available in 5 different colors

Elephant bark flooring

Elephant Bark Flooring

  • This floor is made of 100% recycled rubber

  • This material is perfect heavy industrial purposes

  • Elephant bark can be purchased at any length, comes in 1/2 foot increments and the maximum roll length is 50 feet

  • This rubber flooring is perfect for insulating against cold and damp surfaces

  • This product does not require an adhesive for installation

Puzzle locking rubber floor

Puzzle Locking Rubber Floor

  • 3/8 inches thick

  • The puzzle locking rubber floor is easy install and uninstall perfect for any age

  • This floor is ideal for home gym floors

  • This material is extremely durable, it is not affected if weights are dropped

  • Each square mat is made up of thousands of rubber granules to help with cushion for exercising, walking or even standing

  • Available is six different colors

Rubber used for sound reduction

Rubber used for Sound Reduction

  • RB Rubber Products is a company who takes tires and finds ways to recycle them rather than keeping them in the landfills or burning them

  • This company produces scrap rubber into crumb rubber. With the amount of raw materials, this is their feed stock that is manufacturing their products

  • Crumb rubber is a recycled tire that is broken down into a consistency of household sugar. The company takes out the wire and fiber contaminants leftover with the remaining rubber that is made into their flooring products

  • RB Rubber Products has developed a product to reduce sound

  • This product is called RB Silent-Tread which is a rubber mat that is placed between the sub floor of the structure and the finished floor in the designed space

  • The Silent- Tread is best used in high rises, office building, hotels or residences

  • This flooring system helps if the sub floor has imperfections, the rubber flooring lays flat on top of the sub floor making the floor more smooth.

  • With the rubber floor in between the two layers of floors it helps reduce the growth of mold and bacteria

Recycled rubber roofing

Recycled Rubber Roofing

  • Hi-Tek Rubber Roofing company produces rubber roofing out of recycled tires

  • These shingles are extremely durable and are environmentally friendly

  • These shingles are resistant to

  • rot, mildew, moss, varmints and insects

  • The rubber shingles have a class “A” fire rating

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