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3. MelcotelTM Features and Benefits

4. Melcotel - Introduction New features Links with up to 250 room units Settings reset Automatic switch OFF Setback control Night time OFF / Offset Window open control Outside temperature adjustment Remote monitoring with M2M Commissioning Tool and Live Status Pre Commissioned Settings

5. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Links with up to 250 room units The Melcotel can control up to 250 indoor units using GB50, G50 or AG150 Benefits In most cases, the hotel will only need one interface which keeps the capital cost down Using only one interface makes setting up and installation very simple

6. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Settings reset When the room is occupied, the settings (Setpoint and Mode) are reset Benefits This stops guests being confused with the mode as the mode can be reset to Auto every time the person enters the bedroom If a guest sets a high set point, for instance on a Thursday, on the Friday the next guest will normally have the same setpoint which may be too high. With Melcotel, the setpoint is reset for instance to 21ºC Also using a high or low setpoint increases the energy consumption

7. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Automatic Switch OFF When the hotel does not have key card system, the Melcotel switches OFF the Air Conditioning up to 6 times a day Benefits When guests leave the room, they usually forget to switch OFF the Air Conditioning. The Melcotel can switch OFF for instance at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 20:00 which will save energy being wasted This also applies to cleaners who may occupy the room for a little while then forget to switch the Air Conditioning off when they leave

8. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Setback control When the Air Conditioning is switched OFF, the Melcotel runs in set back control. If the temperature in a room goes too low or too high, the Melcotel will restart the Air Conditioning The setback setpoint is different to the occupied set point. For instance, if the occupied setpoint is 21ºC, the low setback setpoint could be 19ºC heating. This will be initiated when the room is unoccupied or controller is off. This maintains the room at a comfortable temperature without wasting energy by not keeping the room at the occupied setpoint of 21ºC Benefits When the customer enters the room the temperature will not be too high or too low which results in better comfort Energy consumption is lowered as the air conditioning is not working as hard to maintain an ‘occupied’ setpoint

9. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Night time OFF / Offset At a specific time, for instance 01:00, the Melcotel can switch OFF the Air Conditioning or reduce / increase the setpoint depending on the mode Benefits While the guest is sleeping, the Air Conditioning demand can be reduced which will therefore further reduce the energy consumption Also, when sleeping many guests prefer a lower temperature in the bedroom

10. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Window open control If a window switch is installed and connected back to the local indoor unit, the Melcotel will switch OFF the Air Conditioning when the window is opened Benefits When a guest opens the window, 9 times out of 10 they will not switch OFF the Air Conditioning. The Melcotel will do it automatically to stop wasting energy

11. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Outside Temperature Adjustment The occupied setpoint can be offset depending on the temperature outside The outdoor temperature sensor is supplied with the Melcotel Benefits In the UK climate the outside temperature can vary widely even in peak seasons. The guest in most cases will not realise if the occupied setpoint is changed by one degree up or down. By changing the setpoint by 1ºC some studies have shown that up to 5% energy can be saved Bringing the setpoint nearer to the outside temperature avoids thermal shock when entering a building

12. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Remote Monitoring with Mini M2M The Melcotel can be connected to a Mini M2M via a GPRS network to allow not only remote monitoring of the Air Conditioning but also the key card system, window switch and outdoor temperature Benefits The hotel owner can check remotely how many rooms are occupied The reception can read the room temperature and the set point; For instance when a guest calls to say it’s too hot or too cold The maintenance contractor can remotely check if the system is working properly

13. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Commissioning Tool and Live Status The Melcotel is set up using dedicated software. The link between the laptop and the Melcotel is USB and therefore a standard cable can be used Using Live Status, every setting can be monitored to check the unit is working properly Once commissioned the data can be saved and used on similar site Benefits No expensive commissioning tool is required, as the Melcotel tools are free of charge The Melcotel can be set and tested by the installer Software is simple to use with great flexibility Being able to reuse the data will save commissioning time

14. Melcotel - Introduction Feature: Pre Commissioned Settings The Melcotel comes with 4 pre commissioned settings for 4 Mitsubishi Electric key clients Benefits This results in quicker commissioning as the installer just uploads the “factory” settings If required, every hotel in a chain will be set with the same settings

15. Melcotel - Introduction Any questions? http://m2m.mitsubishielectric.co.uk http://www.melcotel.co.uk http://www.mitsubishi-aircon.co.uk/

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