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DT L1 emulator status and notes

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DT L1 emulator status and notes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DT L1 emulator status and notes. DT DPG meeting – February 20 th 2013 Andrea Gozzelino Università di Padova and INFN LNL. Outlines. Emulator role Documentation History of intervention – Personal experience Code Conclusions : status and future. Emulator role. Documentation.

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Presentation Transcript

DT L1 emulator

status and notes

DT DPG meeting – February 20th 2013

Andrea Gozzelino

Università di Padova and INFN LNL

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG



  • Emulator role
  • Documentation
  • History of intervention – Personal experience
  • Code
  • Conclusions: status and future

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Emulator role

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG



People to work with:

L1 trigger responsable = Vasile Mihai Ghete 

Global TAGs = Gianluca Cerminara

ALCA group = Chiara Rovelli, Marco De Mattia

O2O =Paolo Ronchese, Andrea Triossi, Salvatore Di Guida

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG



Last Vasile’s request May 2012

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Issue A December 2011

Emulator code picks empty configuration from DataBase

TAGs to be included in Global Tag by Alca group for o2o update

record = DTCCBConfigRcd new tag = DTCCBConfig_V06_hlt

record = DTKeyedConfigContainerRcd new tag = DTKeyedConfig_V06_hlt

record = DTKeyedConfigListRcd new tag = DTKeyedConfigList_V06_hlt

(Note that from now V0x is the same for these three tags.)

CMSSW_5_0_0 available There are the tags for empty configuration situation. L1TriggerConfig/DTTPGConfig V02-01-03 V02-01-05 L1TriggerConfig/DTTPGConfigProducers V02-01-03 V02-01-05

from global tag GR_R_50_V1: update the DT TPG O2O tags

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Issue B February 2012

Emulator use in DQM validation (with MonteCarlo)

An error in Configwiz program is found. Parameter IBTIOFF must be 64 for MB4 in sectors 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,12 instead of maximum value of 63.


insert the same drift velocity in data and MC for digitizer, then re-optimize the emulator

Other solutions proposed but NOT REAL:

a) keep the DB and modify the string decodification with IBTIOFF = 10 bit;

b) Write in DB 63 and after add 1;

c) keep the situation as now and put by hand IBTIOFF = 64

OPEN POINT involving other experts

TO UNDERSTAND = responsable of maintaince of Configwiz code

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Issue C May 2012

On user’s request, bug fix in function IEEE32toDSP

Function was used in test beam period to dump LookUp Tables (LUTs) information, such as MiniCrate strings.

It is NOT called anymore in the code. Keep it as cross check.

Add stand alone test cfg file for this function.

lut_test_function.cpp 3k bytes 2012-05-11 09:59:05

Main program to test function dump LUTs, called IEEE32toDSP

Author: A. Gozzelino INFN LNL & Padova University

Date: May 11th 2012

  • VerifyTAGshistory
  • CommitTAGs (numbers, names)
  • Test TAGs in new releases CMSSW
  • An interventionrequires 2 days (development) and some hours for release (procedures).

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Where is the code?



Add new responsable as developer:

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


Status since 2011

  • L1 emulator code isstablesince 2011
  • L1 emulator code worksproperly. Code isdocumented.
  • Chip hardware, that L1 emulator simulates, is NOT well known by all DT guys
  • No major issuessince 2011. Maintenancewillprobably NOT be an issue
  • Maintenancewillprobably NOT be the only 2013 duty

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG


2013 emulator calls

BACKGROUND =Study if introducing the proper out of time pile-up (+/- 16 BX of minimum bias collisions + neutron like hits) in the montecarlo simulation, in particular for the simulation of the Local Trigger. Check the maximum time allowed by the emulator

>> Activity willchange DIGI data; itwill be trasparent for emulator side.

CALIBRATION = Cell simulation: why do we have at the end a much different vdriftwrt real detector (data)? This implies different configurations of hardware and emulator.

>> Activity will be on Minicrate cell; no impact is foreseen on emulator side.

USER SUPPORT = DT guyswill use thosecodes for upgrades and performance studies

>> BUT the Trigger Primitive will NOT change.


… tillnow no activities with direct impact on emulator …

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG



  • L1 emulator is in good health
  • L1 emulator is a key for trigger performance studies and upgrades
  • Message Logger implementation is required.
  • L1 emulator responsable has to work step by step during 2013 and 2014 in implementation new features
  • I can help for March and April the new comer(s)
  • I suggest at least two experts (main and trainee)
  • As far I know, no candidates are present

Thank you very much for help and suggestions during 2011 and 2012 and 2013

to Sara Vanini, Pierluigi Zotto and Anna Meneguzzo

Andrea Gozzelino - DT DPG