technology in the classroom
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Technology in the Classroom

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Technology in the Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology in the Classroom. By Michelle Rastberger. Technology is advancing fast and children are so accustom to using is so why not incorporate it in to the classroom.

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technology in the classroom

Technology in the Classroom

By Michelle Rastberger

Technology is advancing fast and children are so accustom to using is so why not incorporate it in to the classroom.

In order for teachers to keep students attention, teachers in the classroom need to be on the cutting edge of technology like 3D projectors and use old technology such as cell phone in a useful way.

3d projectors
3D Projectors
  • Images seem to extend into the audience and into the background of the screen
  • Projects two images on to the screen
  • One for the right eye and one for the left eye

benefits of 3d technology
Benefits of 3D technology
  • Cost effective
  • Can do both 3D and 2D
  • Many different lesson plans and many more to come
    • Dissecting a frog
    • Deconstructing DNA
    • Fly through solar system
    • Math concepts
    • Disassemble the brain
    • Swim the Great Barrier Reef

research in the classroom
Research in the classroom
  • Post test score improved by 35%
  • Compared to the 9.7% who did not see the 3D lesson
  • Females improved by 35%
  • Males improved by 29%
  • Students were:
    • Engaged
    • Reaching in to the air to grab objects
    • All of the children behaved
    • All children paying attention
cell phones in the classroom
Cell phonesin the classroom

Positive?? Or a negative?

  • Encourages students to help each other
  • Gets children ready for the “world of work”
  • “Like a teacher in a pocket”
  • Things students can do with cell phones
    • Look up definitions
    • Clarify points
    • Access help 24/7
    • Calculators
    • Text messages
    • Send pictures or video for help

  • Not many cell phone apps for classroom use
  • Schools bandwidth cannot support that many cell phone accessing internet
  • Some teachers are not up to date with cell phone technology
  • Too expensive for schools to buy
  • Things that students can do with cell phones
    • Text message about things that do not have to do with school
    • Access Facebook or E-mail
research in the classroom1
Research in the classroom
  • Students given cell phones with internet access
  • 83% of students involved passed Algebra II
  • 75% of the school passed Algebra II
  • State average 73% of the students passed Algebra II
  • 90% of students involved said they were more comfortable with math after the program

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