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What is v a l u e
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What is V A L U E?.

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What is V A L U E?

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What is v a l u e

What is VALUE?

- An element of art, value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. Value becomes critical in a work which has no colors other than black, white, and a gray scale. For a great example of value in action, think of a black and white photograph. You can easily visualize how the infinite variations of gray suggest planes and textures.

What is v a l u e

Value means light and dark.

Sometimes referred to by the Italian

word “chiaroscuro” (literally “light/dark”).

Value is often described visually by a

scale with varying shades

of gray arranged between black and white.

What is v a l u e

But remember that colors have values

also—what would you call a light value of red?

What is v a l u e

The 2-D artist must learn to “fake it” to create the

Illusion of three dimensionality.

A circle is rendered into a ball by using smooth,

TRANSITIONAL values, gently moving from

dark to light

What is v a l u e

A box needs ABRUPT value changes to show that the

light is different around its corners, top, and the

side facing the viewer.

What is v a l u e

Generally, lighter values appear to be “closer”

to the viewer, and darker values tend to

“recede” from the viewer.


Melt and






To pop out

What is v a l u e

In Summary:

All of these characteristics of value help

YOU, the artist, create illusions of space in

two-dimensional works of art.

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