Rna translation and transcription
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RNA Translation and Transcription PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RNA Translation and Transcription. DNA replication starts with an enzyme called Helicase , The Helicase separates the Hydrogen bonds that are in between the two complementary bases. This acts like a zipper. DNA REPLICATION.

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RNA Translation and Transcription

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RNA Translation and Transcription

  • DNA replication starts with an enzyme called Helicase, The Helicase separates the Hydrogen bonds that are in between the two complementary bases. This acts like a zipper


  • The DNA polymerase binds to a single strain of the old (parent) DNA, and uses it as a template to makes a new chain.

  • The result is a new strain that is half old half new.

Replication means exact copies of DNACopies are used for new cells for growth and repairThe sugar in DNA is deoxyribose.

  • Ribonucleic acid - Stores and transfers genetic information essential for making proteins.

  • Sugar phosphate backbone (sugar = ribose)

  • One stranded

  • Four bases

    • Adenine, Guanine, Uracil, Cytosine


Transcription is the writing a message to send out of the nucleus

  • This is the process that RNA copies the genetic information from DNA and transfers it to the cytoplasm where it can be used to produce proteins.


  • Once RNA is out of the nucleus, it can be read in segments of three bases at a time. It will then code for an amino acid, which will combine to make a protein


  • Change in DNA bases

  • Can be random or caused by the environment (ex: radiation)

  • Can make a significant change or very little change to organism

  • Sometimes is bad, sometimes can be good


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