Automatic mechanical watches
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Automatic mechanical watches. Reporter : Su-Yu Lin 49912005 Wei-Hsiang Yang 49912029 Advisor : Ru-Li Lin Department of Mechanical Engineering Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

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Automatic mechanical watches

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Automatic mechanical watches

Reporter : Su-Yu Lin 49912005

Wei-Hsiang Yang 49912029

Advisor : Ru-Li Lin

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Southern Taiwan University of Science

and Technology


  • The origin of the automatic mechanical watch ...... 3

  • Mechanical watch movements principle ...... 4

  • Basic knowledge of mechanical operation ...... 6

  • The mechanical energy storage ...... 7

  • Brief mechanical classification ...... 8

  • Automatic mechanical watches mainly produce energy principle ...... 9

  • The difference between mechanical and quartz watches……11

  • References ...... 12

The origin of automatic mechanical watches

  • History:

  • In 1770, the Swiss watchmakers Perrelet (Abraham-Louis Perrelet) invention automatic mechanical watches for the watch, then the design is more by Breguet (Abraham Louis Breguet (Abraham-Louis Breguet), often called Po Breguet, Bréguet) improvements.

  • 1923, Cayman Islands British summer living (John Harwood), automatic mechanical watches invention.

  • In 1930, Rolex summer living based design can improve a 360-degree rotation of the pendulum Tuo, Tuo original design can only swing 300 degrees.

Mechanical principle of operation

  • Operating table is the use of leverage will spring energy generated by the center wheel is sent to the third round, fourth round, the escapement wheel, cowboys ultimately to balance wheel, followed by reaction of the balance wheel and then playing cowboys back in place of a simple harmonic motion.

  • When the spring to provide power to the center of the wheel, the center of the wheel speed of 60 minutes will be turning a circle, then begin to shift the case to the third round, the migration to the fourth round is based on the speed of 60 seconds a lap conducted rotary.

Basic knowledge of mechanical operation

  • In fact, watch the rotation is not the direct use of gear, but the gear drives the pinion gear shaft and gear with each other.

  • Mechanical power source is not the battery, but by the hand chain winding or automatic winding.

  • The most important infrastructure "barrel": curling steel bars produced by elastic force caused.

The mechanical energy storage

  • Energy storage, the mechanical structure simply, is set in a round through the barrel of the Department of Large bays, and complex gear train has a gear called the clutch wheel, its role is winding back the full chain protecting it is not sustainable on the chain which led to the fracture, is an important protection mechanism, the device is usually used for models on the list automatically.

Brief mechanical classification

  • In mechanical watches can be divided into:

  • Manual mechanical watch: manual mechanical watches usually via turning the crown / leading to tight winding sheet, released by the spring system able to start out the watch timer function. All of these processes by mechanical principles and construction to complete.

  • Automatic mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch is a modified manual mechanical watches, table joined in a pendulum Tuo; When worn, oscillating weight may be due to the rotation of the wrist activity table, and achieve the "clockwork" effect.

Automatic mechanical watches mainly produce energy principle

  • The basic principle of automatic mechanical watch is a natural by arm shaking, rocking back and forth so that the oscillating weight inside the watch, and then through the chain gear box automatically turn a wound spring, the spring release of its own natural energy, then through shift gears and escapement governor, causing the second hand moves, and then make the minute hand and the hour hand moves through the gear shift.

  • Tuo:

    Tuoautomatic mechanical watch is a half-moon centrifugal block pieces, usually located on the back of the movement.

Tuo Videos:

This piece is semi-circular oscillating weight, automatic mechanical watch is relying on its rock to a wound.

The difference between mechanical and quartz watches

Mechanical advantages

1. Mechanical watch without external power

2. No need to change the battery

3. Longer life

Mechanical shortcomings

1.Accuracy on the affected environment

2. Wearers so affected

One is purely mechanical, with the spring to drive the gear.

One is electronic, using battery power to drive the quartz oscillator to drive the gears.

Quartz watch advantages

Battery as the power source, power source stability

Time quite accurately

Because electronic circuit boards, watches relatively thin, light

Quartz watch shortcomings

Must periodically replace the battery

Batteries also have pollution problems

Electronic circuit may also aging


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