Harmoni Diri
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Harmoni Diri. Harmony In Self. When my syahadat is an utterance only. Saat syahadat-ku sebatas ucapan. When my sholat is deed only. Saat shalat-ku sebatas gerakan. When my shaum is duty only. Saat shaum-ku sebatas kewajiban. When my zakat is obligation only.

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Presentation Transcript

Harmoni Diri

Harmony In Self

When my syahadat is an utterance only

Saat syahadat-ku sebatas ucapan

When my sholat is deed only

Saat shalat-ku sebatas gerakan

When my shaum is duty only

Saat shaum-ku sebatas kewajiban

When my zakat is obligation only

Saat zakat-ku sebatas keharusan

When my hajj is pride only

Saat haji-ku sebatas kebanggaan

At the same time ...

Saat itu pula ...

There is big wastefulness inside of me

Kesia-siaan terbesar ada pada diriku

When my Islam is outer clothing only

Saat Islam-ku sebatas pakaian

When my Iman is is words only

Saat Iman-ku sebatas ucapan

When my Ihsan is knowledge only

Saat Ihsan-ku sebatas pengetahuan

At the same time ...

Saat itu pula ...

There is a big deception inside of me

Ada penipuan terbesar dalam diriku

When death is considered a made-up story only

Saat kematian dianggap hanya cerita

When hell is considered a herersay only

Saat neraka dianggap hanya berita

When torture is considered an empty word only

Saat siksa dianggap hanya kata

At the same time ...

Saat itu pula ...

There is big arrogance inside of me

Kesombongan terbesar ada padaku

When destiny is considered impossible

Saat takdir dianggap tak mungkin

When the second life is out of the question

Saat hidup kembali dianggap mustahil

When God is regarded as a nothingness question

Saat Tuhan dianggap nihil

At the same time ... question

Saat itu pula ...

The biggest sin is inside of me question

Kedurhakaan terbesar ada pada diriku

I have heart, haven’t it ? question

Bukankah aku memiliki hati ?

I have body, haven’t it ? question

Bukankah aku memiliki jasmani ?

And I have conscience, haven’t it ? question

Dan bukankah aku memiliki akal budi ?

So harmonize them all, My Lord question

Maka harmoniskanlah semuanya, Ya Rabbi

Only on the subject of You question

Semata hanya untuk-Mu