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Discipline management system
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Discipline Management System. School Selection. Modified Menu. Administrator’s Dashboard. Teacher’s Dashboard. Bottom of Both. Click on a Frequently Referred. Incident Categories. Tardiness or Truancy Failure to Obey Rules/ Authority Disrespectful/ Inappropriate Conduct Legal Concerns

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Discipline Management System

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Discipline management system

Discipline Management System

Discipline management system

School Selection

Discipline management system

Modified Menu

Discipline management system

Administrator’s Dashboard

Discipline management system

Teacher’s Dashboard

Discipline management system

Bottom of Both

Discipline management system

Click on a Frequently Referred

Incident categories

Incident Categories

  • Tardiness or Truancy

  • Failure to Obey Rules/ Authority

  • Disrespectful/ Inappropriate Conduct

  • Legal Concerns

  • Aggressive Conduct

  • Illegal Drugs/ Substances

  • Weapons



  • Alternative School

  • Athletic Field

  • Auditorium

  • Bathroom/Restroom

  • Bus

  • Bus Loading Zone

  • Bus Stop

  • Cafeteria

  • Classroom

Locations cont

Locations cont.

  • Commons/ Common Areas

  • Computer Lab

  • CTE Center

  • Gym

  • Hall/Breeze Way

  • Library

  • Locker Room

  • Off Campus

  • Office

Locations cont1

Locations cont.

  • Parking Lot

  • Playground

  • Shop Area

  • Special Event/ Assembly/ Field Trip

  • Stairwell

Behavior codes

Behavior Codes

  • Involved as non-offender or target of incident

  • Cheating

  • Deceit

  • Disruptive/Disrespectful Conduct

  • Failure to Serve Detention

  • Falsifying Identity

  • Inappropriate Appearance

  • Inappropriate Display of Affection

  • Inappropriate Language

  • Possession of Inappropriate Personal Property

Behavior codes cont

Behavior Codes cont.

  • Skipping Class

  • Tardiness

  • Vehicle Parking Violation

  • Gang Related Activity

  • Habitual Violation of School Rules or Policies

  • Insubordination

  • Leaving School Without Permission

  • Physical Fight Without Injury

  • Possession of Imitation Weapon

Behavior codes cont1

Behavior Codes cont.

  • Possession of Knife not meeting Dangerous Weapon Definition (West Virginia Code ?61-7-2)

  • Profane Language/ Obscene Gesture/ Indecent Act Toward An Employee or A Student

  • Technology Misuse

  • Battery Against a Student

  • Defacing School Property/ Vandalism

  • False Fire Alarm

Behavior codes cont2

Behavior Codes cont.

  • Fraud/Forgery

  • Gambling

  • Harassment/Bullying/Intimidation

  • Hazing

  • Imitation Drugs: Possession, Use, Distribution or Sale

  • Improper or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle

  • Inhalant Abuse

  • Larceny

Behavior codes cont3

Behavior Codes cont.

  • Possession/Use of Substance Containing Tobacco and/or Nicotine

  • Sexual Misconduct

  • Threat of Injury Against An Employee or A Student

  • Trespassing

  • Verbal Assault Against a School Employee

  • Verbal Assault Against a Student

  • Battery Against a School Employee

  • Felony

Behavior codes cont4

Behavior Codes cont.

  • Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Sale of a Narcotic

  • Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Use/Possession of Alcohol

  • Illegal Substance Related Behaviors: Use/Possession of Illicit Drugs

  • Possession and/or Use of Dangerous Weapon

Discipline management system

Does not show for “Teachers”

Action codes

Action Codes

  • No Action Warranted

  • Warning

  • Academic sanctions

  • Administrator and teacher-parent/guardian conference

  • Administrator/student conference or reprimand

  • Behavioral contracts

  • Confiscation of inappropriate item

  • Counseling referrals and conference to support staff or agencies

Action codes cont

Action Codes cont.

  • Daily/weekly progress reports

  • Denial of participation in class and/or school activities

  • Detention

  • Detention – after school

  • Detention – before school

  • Detention – lunch

  • Detention – lunch (2nd sitting)

  • Detention – lunch (3rd sitting)

  • Detention – lunch (4th sitting)

Action codes cont1

Action Codes cont.

  • Immediate exclusion by teacher from the classroom

  • Loss of Bus Privileges

  • Referral to a tobacco cessation program

  • Referral to medical or mental health services

  • Referral to support staff or agencies for counseling or other therapeutic service

  • Referral to IEP Team

  • Restitution/restoration

  • Revocation of privileges

Action codes cont2

Action Codes cont.

  • School service assignment

  • Teacher parent contact

  • Teacher/student conference or reprimand

  • Change in the student’s class schedule

  • In-school suspension

  • Law enforcement notification if warranted

  • Out-of-school suspension

  • Recommended Expulsion

  • Removal of a student to an alternative education placement

  • Removal of a student with a disability to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting by school personnel

Action codes cont3

Action Codes cont.

  • Removal of a student with a disability to Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES) by a WVDE Due Process Hearing Officer

  • Voluntary weekend detention

  • Expulsion

  • Expulsion Without Services

Discipline management system

You must place a checkmark in the “Select” box in addition to selecting a value from the drop down list in order to search on a category and for a specific value.

* If you leave all check boxes un-marked, the search results will return everything you have entered into the system.

Discipline management system

Notice the Letter, View, Edit and Delete columns – some options are not available. Teachers cannot Edit or Delete an incident in which action has been taken.

Discipline management system

You can run a report for who has any type of detention and for any date range.

Detention types: After School, Before School, Lunch, Voluntary Weekend

Discipline management system

You can run a report for any/all behavior codes, with/without notes, get the summary data only, sorted in the order of your choice and for any date range.

Discipline management system

Screen 2 bottom

Discipline management system

Detailed portion

Discipline management system

Summary portion



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