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bright blue. So Smart, Its Simple!. What is bright blue?. It’s a web-based access control system that’s easy to install, operate and afford. What makes bright blue so smart?. The blue box!. It’s web-based Software resides on the board No software to install Dedicated PC not required

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Bright blue

bright blue.

So Smart, Its Simple!

What is bright blue
What is bright blue?

It’s a web-based access control

system that’s easy to install,

operate and afford.

What makes bright blue so smart
What makes bright blue so smart?

The blue box!

  • It’s web-based

  • Software resides on the board

  • No software to install

  • Dedicated PC not required

  • Anytime, anywhere access

  • Easy to manage, easier to use

  • Simple to sell, install, train and support

Bright blue system architecture
bright blue System Architecture

bright blue Intelligent Access Management

Web Browser/Video Client

1. Connect bright blue

controller to LAN and connect power



2. Connect any combination of up to 32 devices

RS-485 Connection

3. Access the software from any computer running Internet Explorer or Firefox




4. Add a Schlage DVR/NVR to capture associated video

Schlage DVR/NVR Integrated Video

Up to 32 IP and/or Analog Cameras

Schlage Reader or Biometric Reader

Schlage Wireless Electronic Lock

Schlage Hardwired Electronic Lock

Connect up to 32 access control devices with video


  • Supports up to 32 doors

    and 5000 cardholders

  • Pre-configured,

    network-ready package

  • Control over who goes

    where and when

  • Access anytime and anywhere there’s internet access


  • Supports magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card technologies

  • Supports Card + PIN

  • Application wizards for easy use

  • Standard reports for authorized personnel

  • Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors

  • Automatic backup

  • Lockdown feature

  • Toggle


  • An easy-to-use interface

  • No need for a dedicated

    PC or security network

  • It’s just like accessing a website

  • Training takes just minutes

  • Flashable firmware means easy upgrades

  • The most cost-effective solution on the market today

Simple profitable
Simple = Profitable

bright blue is easy to sell because it:

  • Reduces sales cycles

  • Makes installation effortless

  • Reduces support issues

  • Shortens training time

  • Is cost-effective

  • Provides the right feature set for

    your customers

Its intelligent design makes it perfect for
Its intelligent design makes it perfect for:

  • Small to medium-sized

    commercial offices

  • Medical and dental offices

  • K-12 schools

  • Property management

  • Retail

  • Houses of worship

It gets even smarter
It gets even smarter

Use bright blue with Schlage Hardwired and Wireless Electronic Locks and there are:

  • Fewer wires to run

  • Greater time savings

  • Lower labor costs

  • Easier installations

  • No additional door hardware needed

Genius pull through opportunities
Genius pull through opportunities

  • Schlage AD-300 Hardwired Electronic Lock

  • Schlage AD-400 Wireless Electronic Lock

    • PIM400-485-SBB

  • Schlage Readers

  • Additional Door Hardware

    • Schlage Reader Interfaces

      • (RS-485 or networkable)

    • Door Contact

    • Schlage REX

    • Schlage Electric Strike

  • Video

    • Schlage Video Recorders

    • Analog and/or IP Cameras

Mechanical to electronic access control migration
Mechanical to electronic access control migration

  • Electronic access control is growing at a rate of 12% per year vs. 3% for mechanical access control

Mechanical to electronic access control cont
Mechanical to electronic access control, cont.

How bright blue bridges the gap:

  • Schlage makes every aspect of the system easy

  • Web-based

  • Few wires to run

  • Tutorials available for training

  • Pull through mechanical door hardware

  • Shortened sales cycles

  • Increase your solution portfolio with Schlage Hardwired and Wireless Locks

Bright blue product family

  • SBBbright blue controller board

  • SBB-RI bright blue reader interface

  • SBB-NRI bright blue Network Reader Interface

  • AD-400 Series Wireless Locks

  • PIM400-485-SBB bright blue PIM

  • AD-300 Series Hardwired Locks

  • SEVMS-SBB DVR/NVR Video Integration

bright blue Product Family

  • PS902 2A Schlage Power Supply

  • PS904 4A Schlage Power Supply

  • PS906 6A Schlage Power Supply

  • Schlage Power Supply Options

  • (Distribution Board, Fire Alarm Relay, Battery Backup, etc.)

We make selling easy
We make selling easy

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Available Resources

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