Our Notes: this slide won’t be here on the 27
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Our Notes: this slide won’t be here on the 27 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Notes: this slide won’t be here on the 27 th ? If we do a probe – I will add it to the welcome slide

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Our Notes: this slide won’t be here on the 27th

? If we do a probe – I will add it to the welcome slide

I have a “getting to know you” slide placeholder for me.. As I finalize what the activity is and how it may work through other places in the session I will add that..sorry – couldn’t do it by this evening.

Please email items that need corrected and so on or if anyone wants to change slide “assignments” …that was simply to divide it up for now.

ACC Collaborative

2010 – 2011

Welcome !


Dr. Margaret Reid ACC Project Director

Chemistry Professor

Kris Hollingsworth ACC Instructional Team

Adjunct, Biology Professor Member

Lori Reemts Pflugerville ISD Instructional Team Coordinator of Member

Elementary Science

Jason Hook Manor ISD Facilitator

Science Instructional


Jean Martin Round Rock ISD Facilitator

Lead Curriculum

Specialist, Elem. Science

April Sweet Round Rock ISD Instructional Team 5th Grade Teacher Member

What is the...

Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence

in Science and Mathematics Teaching

is an award-winning network of P-16

partnerships that provide sustained, high intensity

professional development to P-12

teachers of science and mathematics.

ACC Collaborative

2010 – 2011

Instructional Team Members (ITMs)

ACC Regional Collaborative

Austin Community


Round Rock ISD

Manor ISD

Pflugerville ISD

Science Teacher Mentor (STM)


Members (CM)


Texas Regional Collaboratives



Campus PD

and Support





T-O-T Model

Building Capacity

Adding Resources






Science Teacher Mentors (STMs)

  • Attend a total of 105 Professional Development (Science)

  • hours [including designated “required” sessions]

  • Turn-around 12 professional development hours to CMs

  • Utilize resources and implement learning; Be an advocate on

  • campus

  • Complete and return required paperwork

    • ACC Application Form

    • Participant Information Form (Fall)

    • Roster / Agenda(s) for TOT

  • Good Idea: Keep track of PD attended and presented

Cadre Members

  • Complete Participant Information Form (Fall)

  • Attend TOT Sessions

  • Utilize resources and implement learning

  • Collaborate with STM / team members

  • Remember to document attendance (sign-in)

ACC Collaborative – General Calendar

  • Summer Opportunities

    • UT Summer Workshops (July)

    • SECO / EiE

    • State / Region XIII TEKS, Academies, ELPS

    • Local ISD Summer PD

      • 2010 – 2011 Calendar

      • Registration Information

      • -through Region XIII

      • -through ACC (http://www.austincc.edu/accrsc/)

  • *Note: Summer ACC Registration: Email

  • Travel Opportunities

    • Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST)

    • Texas Council of Elementary Science (TCES)

    • Texas Regional Collaboratives Annual Meeting (TRC)

  • Establishing Norms

    • how team members will interact, communicate, and conduct themselves as members of the team



    • they help team members agree on how

    • they'd like to get along before situations

    • emerge that might otherwise prevent them

    • from getting along.

    • Session Norms

    • Be Purposeful

      • Clear agenda, direction, & expectations; useful information, considerations for turn-around possibilities

    • Be Respectful

      • Showing courtesy and respect to presenter (s) and peers; cell phones set to silence / vibrate; timeliness

    • Be Present

      • Share without judgment; two-way and open communication; active participation; positive attitude

    In Summary…

    • Parking Lot

    • Introduced ourselves and met our collaborative members

    • ACC structure

    • General Roles (ITM, STM, CM)

    • General Expectations

    • Calendar Overview

    • Established Norms

    • Collaborative Member Pre-Assessment

    Dr. Margaret Reid, ACC

    [email protected]


    Lori Reemts, PISD

    [email protected]


    Jason Hook, MISD

    [email protected]


    Jean Martin, RRISD

    [email protected]




    Tell me and I forget.

    Teach me and I remember.

    Involve me and I will learn.

    Benjamin Franklin


    Sign-up if interested in

    CAST, TCES, or TRC

    Travel opportunities