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Learn. Academy Orientation – Chapter 3. This Session…. Instructor Training Certification Vouchers Continuing Education Alumni On Site Support Visits Getting CCAI Certified. Train The Trainer Model. Cisco. CATC Instructors. Regional Instructors. Local Academy Instructors.

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Academy Orientation – Chapter 3

This session

This Session…

  • Instructor Training

  • Certification Vouchers

  • Continuing Education

  • Alumni

  • On Site Support Visits

  • Getting CCAI Certified

Train the trainer model

Train The Trainer Model


CATC Instructors

Regional Instructors

Local Academy Instructors

Local Academy level


  • The Networking Academy program provides training for Academy instructors through a "trainer of trainers" model.


Open training model

Open Training Model

Open Training Model

  • Instructors may attend curriculum training from an academy which is not in their existing supporting academy.

Closed training model

Closed Training Model

  • Instructors wishing to receive curriculum training for a specific topic must attend their existing support academy or “support center.”

Preparing for training

Preparing For Training

  • Instructors are required to download and study the entire curriculum at least two weeks prior to attending the first day of training

Registering for training

Registering For Training

  • You will need to register for your class online via the Academy Connection. It is recommended that you register at least 24 hours before the start time of the class

  • The 1st course all Instructors are required to take is this course, the Academy Orientation Course

Requirements for training

Requirements For Training

  • During the training, you will be expected to do the following

    • Actively participate in trainers' presentations

    • Demonstrate use of best teaching practices and effective presentation techniques

    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the monitoring process

    • Pass a written final exam

    • Pass a skills-based final exam

Instructor fast track training

Instructor Fast Track Training

  • An abbreviated form of instructor training available to prospective instructors who are industry certified and who are already very familiar with the Networking Academy Curriculum

Voucher requirements

Voucher Requirements

  • Instructors and students who meet the qualifications can receive a voucher for a discount on the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and Certified Web Design Apprentice (CWDSA) exam fees.

Ccna versions 2 12 and earlier

CCNA Versions 2.12 and Earlier

  • Instructors must have successfully completed CCNA 1-4 training (with a minimum score of 80%), as verified by the Academy Connection or Regional/CATC records

  • Instructors must currently be using the Academy Connection for their Student classes

  • Instructors are only eligible for one voucher, regardless of the score received

Ccna versions 2 13 and later

CCNA Versions 2.13 and Later

  • The Instructors must receive a score of Proficient or higher on the CCNA 4 Chapter 9 exam (please note this is an optional exam), as verified by the Academy Connection or Regional/CATC records

  • Instructors must currently be using the Academy Connection for their Student classes

  • Instructors are only eligible for one voucher, regardless of the score they received

Cwdsa discount

CWDSA Discount

  • All Cisco Networking Academy users who have taken the Fundamentals of Web Design Course are eligible for the CWDSA exam discount.

How to obtain your voucher

How To Obtain Your Voucher

  • CCNA: Professional Development, Certification Status and Information on their home

  • CWDSA exam discount by visitinghttp://www.joinwow.org/cisco

Continuing education requirements

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Continuing education is expected of all Networking Academy instructors.

  • At least 4 hours of additional training is required each year for each course an instructor has completed.

  • This additional training requirement begins within the first 12 months of completing initial training.

Types of continuing education events

Types of Continuing Education Events

  • Continuing education requirements can be achieved by taking training classes offered by:

    • Cisco

    • your CATC

    • your Regional Academy

    • by attending national conferences

Facilitation of continuing education events

Facilitation of Continuing Education Events

  • CATCs are required to hold continuing education events quarterly;

  • Regional Academies should hold continuing education sessions at least twice a year.

  • These continuing education updates can be provided in person or virtually.

Definition of alumni

Definition of Alumni

  • Students and graduates who have completed at least one Course (CCNA, CCNP, Fundamentals of Web Design, Fundamentals of Unix etc) are eligible to register as Alumni

  • Three different types of alumni:

    • Eligible Alumni

    • Registered Alumni

    • Alumni Member

Alumni registration

Alumni Registration

  • “Eligible Alumni” will be asked to provide minimal contact information before registering as “Registered Alumni”

  • If you choose to register, you will be presented with a link to the Academy Connection.

  • 4 month free subscription

Alumni survey

Alumni Survey

  • A voluntary survey through which baseline and continuing career data will be collected on students and graduates

  • Upon agreement to complete the Alumni Survey, graduates will be given an additional 2 months free subscription to the “Alumni Connection” web site

    (for a total of 6 months free subscription)

Ccai certification

CCAI Certification

  • The CCAI program can be viewed as

    • a vehicle for professional development

    • A process to ensure that instructors are proficient in the Academy curriculum they will be teaching

  • It enables instructors to exhibit their teaching methods

Ccai qualifications

CCAI Qualifications

  • To meet the CCAI requirements you must do the following:

    • Successfully complete the Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Orientation Course.

    • Successfully complete all curriculum course training (including final exams, skills tests, and demonstration of pedagogical skills).

    • Meet the requirements for recognized industry certification.

    • Successfully teach one semester of the curriculum as verified through the online Assessment System.

How to apply for ccai certification

How to Apply For CCAI Certification

  • Instructors must send a copy of their industry certification to the Help Desk

  • Also send:

    • Name (Preferred Name on CCAI certificate)

    • Academy Name

    • Phone number/email address

    • Copy of certification

  • Certificates will be created and mailed via U.S. Mail to the Instructor

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