Tbc retail 2009 business conference
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TBC Retail 2009 Business Conference. Welcome to “Fluids Breakout” Bill Brewer. DNA Diagnostic Needs Analysis *The Selling Edge*. *Unrivaled *Unprecedented *Newfound Uniformed Approach to Preventative Maintenance Sales Visual Enhancement to the Sale Increased Inspection and Communication

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Tbc retail 2009 business conference
TBC Retail 2009 Business Conference

Welcome to

“Fluids Breakout”

Bill Brewer

Dna diagnostic needs analysis the selling edge
DNADiagnostic Needs Analysis *The Selling Edge*

  • *Unrivaled *Unprecedented *Newfound

  • Uniformed Approach to Preventative Maintenance Sales

  • Visual Enhancement to the Sale

  • Increased Inspection and Communication

  • Unique and Proprietary

D iagnostic n eeds a nalysis
D-iagnostic N-eeds A-nalysis

Your vehicle s specific dna
Your Vehicle’s Specific DNA

Don t ask don t get
Don’t ask…Don’t get!!

Best better good when selling oil changes options are good
Best, Better, GoodWhen Selling Oil Changes, Options are Good!”

  • All customers should be offered the same services

    • Best (Prolong the Life of the Engine)

    • Better (Plus Fuel Economy)

    • Good (Clean Oil, Clean Engine)

  • Top down selling.

  • Coupon Customers too? Let’s do the math……

  • Goal: 50% MIX

    Determine the coupon value
    Determine the coupon “value”

    Simple math here:

    “Your Coupon Applies to our

    Three Oil Change Offerings!!!

    Which One Would You Like?”

    The best
    The “BEST”

    • Advanced Technology Protecting Against Heat, Friction and Wear.

    • Reduces Metal to Metal Friction.

    • Longevity, Cranking Amps,

    • Fuel Economy


    • Remove water? Not really….

    • Clean injectors… Not really…..

    • Where is gasoline stored?

    • Who buys premium?

    • Wakeup in the morning with condensation on your windshield?


    • What Happens When the Customer Leaves After their Basic Oil Change (OCB)??

    • How Many of your Customers Check the Dipstick after they Leave Your Store?

    Restore power and efficiency
    *Restore power and efficiency*

    Close the Sale:

    • “Are You Happy with your Fuel Economy?”

    • 15,000 Mile Service Interval

      (AMRA/ MAP endorsed)

    • Swab the throttle body (enclosed swab)

    • Show and Tell

    Service Code: FSTU

    Restore power and efficiency1
    *Restore power and efficiency*

    • Restrictor Plate (boogers)

    • Scavenges Water

    • Prevents injector clogging

    • All associates can perform this service with confidence

    • Do the service outside

    • Maximize bay occupancy

    Service Code: FSTU

    Serves a valuable purpose
    **Serves a valuable purpose**


    • Boil point, Freeze point,

      • Acidity- causes corrosion

    • Seasonal service

    • “Death by association”

    • The radiator cap tells a story

    • Dexcool~ 150,000 miles…really?

    • More thorough + heater core

    • Mix 50/50

    Service Code: CSFN

    Transform the trans
    “Transform the Trans”

    Good, Better, Best

    TRANSMISSION FLUSH**Smooth Shifting**

    Prevent Premature Failure:

    • Best if Performed on Regular Basis BEFORE 100K (Mathematical Formula)

    • Some Manufacturers Recommend Service as Low as 15,000 miles

    • “Engine Oil or Transmission Change Today?”

    Service Code: ATFC

    TRANSMISSION FLUSH**Smooth Shifting**

    According to the Automatic

    Transmission Rebuilders Association, 90% of ALL transmission failures are caused by overheating.

    Price vs. Cost Analysis

    • Do You have a Transmission Repair Shop Near your Store? Why are they in Business?

    • Pennzoil Multi- Purpose ATF

    Service Code: ATFC


    • Less Noise and Decreased Steering effort

    • Increased steering effectiveness

    • Keep seals soft and help prevent leakage and wear

    • Prevent expensive repairs of power steering components


    **SERVES A


    • Map recommends a power steering flush at 50,000 miles

    • Do you own a Whine-star?

    • High pressure between 800–2000 pounds

    • Fluid contamination

    • Guinness vs. Miller Lite

    Money makers
    Money Makers

    Drives service margins!

    Current pm inspection results




    % of Vehicles Sold Service

    Data depicts fiscal year 2008

    The person who knows “how” will always have a job. 

    The person who knows “why”will always be their boss.