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Filling Equipments Spare Parts

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Filling Equipments Spare Parts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feige Asia offers full cycle of filling technology for Drum Filling Machines, Auto Drum Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Bag Fillers, Semi Automatic Drum Fillers with affordable cost and effective technology. Also we provides fast spare parts supply, equipment inspection and revamping services..

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You\'ve ordered it, installed it, and learned how to work it. Now you\'ve got to maintain that piece of equipment in top shape, or your investment won\'t pay off over the long haul. Most restaurants are filled with so a lot gear created by so many producers, that upkeep needs are simple to neglect.


Nearly each seasoned food service operator can cite instances in which a well-paid technician was known as out for nothing. The "big problem" was a circuit breaker that was tripped and not reset; a pilot light that had blown out; an appliance that didn\'t work simply because it got as well wet or as well dirty; or (perhaps most embarrassing) an appliance that wasn\'t plugged in.


Let\'s introduce the fine art of preventive upkeep, or anticipating trouble. It is the very best way to control service costs and to assure every item of equipment a full, useful life. Think of it like servicing your car. Should you spend all that money on the initial buy but never change the oil or rotate the tires, you\'re asking for trouble.


Let\'s now prepare a master checklist of each item of electrical equipment in your building, including its location and model numbers or identification numbers. Expand the items on this list to include gas-powered, steam-powered, or battery-powered gear, and you\'ll have a complete assistance list.


Today\'s computer software makes it easy to keep on the internet records, but its some owner/operators maintain simple index card files, with one card for each piece of gear. This gear information card can be in any format you choose, but it ought to contain all the technical details about the piece, from serial number, to date of buy, to manufacturer\'s Web site and phone and fax numbers.


A separate on the internet record or card file can list the itemized history of every item of gear: when it was serviced and by whom; for what difficulties or symptoms; what was done; and how much it cost. With most types of gear, there is a prescribed series of steps to follow to diagnose a problem.


The dealer, manufacturer\'s representative, or assistance technician frequently will be willing to show someone on your staff what to look for if there\'s an equipment malfunction. Troubleshooting will help the repair person arrive using the accurate components the very first time out, saving you labor costs or the price of an additional service call.


Even the best-maintained kitchen equipment occasionally will require service, merely simply because components do not last forever and eventually wear out. If you have the accurate replacement components on hand, you might be able to do the job yourself.


A generic part might not perform the exact same way as an OEM component does. For critical tasks like holding foods at particular temperatures, this might be a problem. The durability of the appliance may be compromised with the addition of a component that was not specified by the manufacturer, causing other components to fail sooner.


A generic part might require the equipment to use a lot more energy. Proponents of utilizing generic components say numerous OEM parts are created from the same components as generics, all bought from the exact same original component manufacturers (OCMs) and that the OEM seller is simply a middleman who marks up the cost from the part.


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