Integrated electronic optical switches in future chip ion trap
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Integrated electronic optical switches in future chip ion trap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated electronic optical switches in future chip ion trap . Shu, Gang 5/24/2006. Basic concepts of Quantum Computer Ion trap technology Optical Switches in future traps Conclusions. Basic concepts of Quantum Computer Ion trap technology Optical Switches in future traps Conclusions.

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A quantum computer is any device for trap computation that makes direct use of distinctively quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data.

A computer architecture must include two fundamental elements:

A mathematics system that can represent and solve general problems.

A physical system that can realize the mathematics system.

Classical computers are based on real space and realized by macro physics laws (electronics)

Quantum computers are based on functional spaces and realized by quantum mechanics.

Quantum computers supply a new way to express and attack hard problems.

Any other ways? QFT?

Well, any realizable system described by a special mathematics may be a choice.

Why qc
Why QC? elements:

1. We’re approaching the limit of classical chip. The linear increasing computation ability will never catch up with nonlinear increasing complexity.

So, what?

Quantum Algorithms and QC

2. Physicists never forget physics:

We want to study complicated quantum system, why not simulate it with a quantum device?

3. If QC is only a dream, maybe Quantum Algorithms will shine light to some hard problems.

Does it work
Does it work? elements:

No universal algorithm yet 


some very promising ones such as Shor’s factoring algorithm

which will cause trouble to traditional information security and push people to Quantum information…

Qc s secret
QC’s secret elements:

Q bit

A state vector carrying all information and our hope.

Why ion traps
Why Ion traps? elements:

Need a quantum system well isolated from environment

Need some interactions turned on and off as wish

Trapped single ions are isolated from each other

Lasers are nice and controllable, to cool and operate the ions

What is a paul trap
What is a Paul trap? elements:

Use rotating hyperbolic electric field to form a pseudo potential well to trap a ion, and use laser to cool the ion

If a computer not a single qbit
If a computer, not a single Qbit elements:

Our trap and ions

A possible QC scheme

Easiest to think of but not easy to do elements:

Mirror Array




Not so reliable

So what?

Optical switches using eo effect
Optical Switches using EO effect elements:

Very fast !

Very reliable ! – no moving parts

Easier to build ! – just layers



Some basic computations
Some basic computations elements:

Use 493nm blue light as example:

Waveguide dimension guided wave profile two guides coupling

100% coupling: L=1.09966mm


Some designs elements:

  • Use integrated wave guide instead of free space to propagate lasers.

  • Use simplified electro optical switches to control lasers.

Thank you! quantum computer.

Shu, Gang

Dept. of Phys.