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Media literacy makes an impact @ your library
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Linda Sutherland and Sybille Parry teacher-librarians Toronto District School Board Media Literacy Makes an IMPACT @ your library. Media Literacy – connections to curriculum. Highly motivating Integration with other strands

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Media Literacy Makes an IMPACT @ your library

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Media literacy makes an impact @ your library

Linda Sutherland and Sybille Parryteacher-librariansToronto District School

Media Literacy Makes an IMPACT @ your library

Media literacy connections to curriculum

Media Literacy – connections to curriculum

  • Highly motivating

  • Integration with other strands

  • Collaboration

  • Differentiated Learning

The media triangle

Media Studies K-12

TDSB, 2005

The Media Triangle



What is it?

Can you name other things like this?

Does it have any stereotypes?

What values do you see?

Do you like it? Why or why not?

Who else would like it?

Would you buy it?

Would your parents buy it?


Who makes this?

Where is it made?

Have you seen a commercial for this? Where?

A poppy is to remember p j

A Poppy is to Remember (P/J)

Book by heather patterson

Book by Heather Patterson

  • Read and discuss book

  • Students complete a sentence starter

Multimedia presentation

Multimedia Presentation

  • To view the finished media presentation please view the file named “poppies” which is attached to this presentation. It will open in your media player.

Images on flickr

Images on Flickr

  • Students choose from a pre-selected choice of images a picture that matches their sentence

Drawing in kidpix

Drawing in Kidpix

Adding music

Adding Music

  • Students choose music in Kidpix program to suit their image

  • Images from all class members are made into a Kidpix slide show and shared with an audience

Deconstructing an animated film p

Deconstructing an Animated Film (P)

Book by lynette comissiong

Book by Lynette Comissiong

  • A Caribbean version of Hansel and Gretel

  • Read the text of the story without showing the illustrations

Illustrating the book in kidpix

Illustrating the book in Kidpix

  • During reading of the story students are encourage to make pictures in their heads

  • Each student in class is given one sentence in the story to illustrate

  • Story is reconstructed using student images

Next step

Next step

  • Show students the illustrations in the book

  • Discuss the role of the illustrator

  • Validate their interpretation (there is no “true image”)

Animated film version

Animated Film Version

  • Film produced by National Film Board

  • Directed by Chris Cormier and Derek Cummings

Film step 1

Film (Step 1)

  • Play soundtrack only of film

  • Ask students to listen to the various elements of the soundtrack

  • Music

  • Dialogue

  • Sound effects

  • Discuss the role of each element

Film step 2

Film (Step 2)

  • Play film without sound

  • Discuss the narrative

  • Discuss elements of the film such as camera angle

Film step 3

Film (Step 3)

  • Show students film with sound and image

  • Pay particular attention to credits at the end of the film and discuss the role of various people who had a part in making the film

  • Compare this to the people involved in making the book

Blue spruce 2009

Blue Spruce 2009

  • Excellent selection of new Canadian picture books

  • Provides a rich source of media literacy ideas

  • Consider using with whole school not just primary grades

Judging books by their covers p j

Judging Books By Their Covers (P/J)

  • Discuss book covers with students.

  • Ask them to find as many things as they can about the book from the cover only (i.e. name of author, illustrator, publisher’s name, barcode, price, ISBN

  • Have all the new Blue Spruce books available for the students. Put an elastic band around the text block so the students will only look at the covers and inside flaps of book jacket.

  • Have them fill out a quick survey to predict how they will like the book based on the cover.

  • Follow up with a discussion on how they made their decisions.

Media literacy makes an impact your library

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

Making grizzle grow p j

Making Grizzle Grow (P/J)

A snow dinosaur takes on a life of its own.

A story in the media

A Story in the Media

  • There is a great news story that relates to Grizzle. Read the following links, view videos and discuss.






Several videos about snowzilla on you tube compare for point of view

Several videos about Snowzilla on You Tube. Compare for point of view.

  • To view the news media clip click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:

Mattland p j

Mattland (P/J)

Mapping Mattland



  • Read the story without showing the illustrations

  • Use the template of map + images

    • OLA Blue Spruce

  • Students retell story or create a new story

Media literacy makes an impact your library

Sample map created with images and Kidpix tools, using template

Media literacy makes an impact your library


Getting back at Chester



  • Use selected images (<10%) from a story with limited text e.g. Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard, Pigeon books by Mo Willem

  • SmartBoard – project the images in sequence, and model “interfering with” the story using the red pen; give students the opportunity to try



  • Chart Paper – as above, using photocopied images and red marker

  • Extension: give students 3 images and a red marker, and allow them to experiment using think/pair/share

  • New idea – freshly minted at Superconference – use tools to have Grumpy meet Scaredy – what would happen?

Media literacy makes an impact your library

Logos (P)

Logos p j

Logos (P/J)

  • Students examine a wide variety of logos – from their clothing, backpacks, books, Google images, a logo walk in the neighbourhood

  • Using Smart Ideas software – apply media triangle questions to logos

  • Invite expert in to speak about branding

Media literacy makes an impact your library

Logos – Smart Ideas

Logos smart ideas

Logos – Smart Ideas

Logos p j1

Logos (P/J)

  • Sort, classify and explore logos by characteristics

  • Using the SmartBoard –– What’s my sorting rule?

Logos p j2

Logos (P/J)

Logos p j3

Logos (P/J)

  • Students create their own logos

  • Model process

Logo grade 2

Logo – grade 2

Advertising and gender stereotypes p j

Advertising and Gender Stereotypes (P/J)

  • Students examine an online flyer for toys to see what appeals to either boys, girls or both boys and girls.

  • Discuss why certain toys appeal to each gender.

Create a biased ad for a glass of water

Create a Biased Ad for a Glass of Water

  • Using something as neutral as a glass of water students will create an advertisement that appeals to either boys, girls, both or adults.

  • Students will talk about their work and what elements they chose to support their choice.

Toys r us

Toys R Us

Creating ads using kidpix

Creating Ads Using Kidpix

  • Students start with a photograph of a glass of water

  • Add stamps, background colour and choose a suitable font for their text

Creating ads using kidpix1

Creating Ads Using Kidpix

Urban and rural communties p

Urban and Rural Communties(P)

  • This culminating task of the unit incorporates all four stages of the research and inquiry process.

  • Many curriculum expectations from a variety of subjects are covered.

A multimedia presentation using photo story 3

A Multimedia Presentation Using Photo Story 3

  • To view the finished media presentation click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:

Media literacy makes an impact your library

HeroesBe the Change (J)

Collaboration between 3 teachers over half a year, focussing on brain-based learning

Be the change heroes

Be the Change - Heroes

Part 1: Rights

Rights and responsibilities – which rights should all children enjoy?

Sort/ classify/ name groups – compare with Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Share facts from If the World Were a Village

Reflect on rights – 3 forms of media – watercolours, drama, Kidpix

Media literacy makes an impact your library

  • Part 2: Heroes

  • Use co-operative group techniques to define “hero”

  • Highlight 10 – 12 heroes in poster form for students to browse – key facts, dates, quotation, photo

  • think/pair/share, select hero to research

Heroes be the change

Heroes – Be the Change

  • Collect information, sort, organize

  • Transfer learning in choice of media – trading cards, Visual Arts + text, movement piece

Media literacy makes an impact your library

  • Part 3: Be the Change

  • Being the change – whole school initiative – fund-raising for Free the Childrento send children to school in Kenya

Be the change culminating event

Be the Change: culminating event



Sustainability and stewardship of water i

Sustainability and Stewardship of Water (I)

Ryan and jimmy and the well in africa that brought them together

Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa That Brought Them Together

World on fire

World on Fire

  • To view the music video click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:


World on fire by sarah mclachlan

World on Fire by Sarah McLachlan

  • The world's on fire andIt's more than I can handleI'll tap into the water(Try and bring my share)I try to bring moreMore than I can handle(Bring it to the table)Bring what I am able

African heritage month

African Heritage Month

  • Students learn about the civil rights movement

  • Show and discuss Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (on You Tube)

  • Students create a slide show in Kidpix of their dreams for the world.

Media literacy makes an impact your library

Creating Commercials (J)

Media literacy makes an impact your library

Creating Commercials (J)

  • View a range of commercials

    • E.g. pre-taped from TV, YouTube

  • Identify key characteristics of effective commercials

    • E.g. humour, action, storyline

  • Create chart for students to refer to as work progresses

  • Commercials smart ideas

    Commercials – Smart Ideas

    Media literacy makes an impact your library

    Poetry Sound Fx(P/J)

    Media literacy makes an impact your library

    Poetry Sound Fx

    • Immerse students in a wide range of poetry, rhyming and non-rhyming, free verse

    • Share favourites, use think\pair\share to maximize reading aloud often

    • Share several poems on SmartBoard

    • Share ideas for adding sound Fx with body percussion, changing elements e.g volume, tempo, layered voices – practice and share lots

    • Add rhythm instruments judiciously – a little goes a long way

    • Illustrate backdrop in Kidpix and present to intended audience against backdrop

    Media literacy makes an impact your library

    Great Media Literacy Resources

    • TV and Me

      • Lessons, resources, and Public Service announcements, organized by grade and curriculum

    • Media Awareness Network

      • “MNet is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media literacy programs since its incorporation in 1996.” from Media Awareness Network (Mnet) Website

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