Lookout scouts safety patrol
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Lookout Scouts Safety Patrol. Information. What is Safety Patrol?. An opportunity for 4 th and 5 th grade students to help teachers and students everyday A chance to take on more responsibility A time to work with new people and make new friends

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Lookout scouts safety patrol

Lookout Scouts Safety Patrol


What is safety patrol
What is Safety Patrol?

  • An opportunity for 4th and 5thgrade students to help teachers and students everyday

  • A chance to take on more responsibility

  • A time to work with new people and make new friends

  • An opportunity to wear that sweet safety vest!

What kinds of jobs can the lookouts do
What Kinds of Jobs Can the Lookouts Do?

  • Different Jobs

    • Bus sign holders

    • Pedestrian Patrollers

    • Door Holders

    • Walking younger students to their buses

    • Cafeteria helper

    • Greeter

Can anyone be a lookout scout
Can Anyone be a Lookout Scout?

  • No

  • Only 4th and 5thgrade students are eligible

    • Must have demonstrated good behavior

    • Must turn in their homework

    • Must be responsible and able to work without adult supervision

Can i get the job i want
Can I Get The Job I Want?

  • Sometimes

  • Students always get to choose the job they get, but a job you are hoping for may have been selected by another student before you get the chance

Will i get to wear the vest
Will I Get to Wear the Vest?

  • Maybe - Likely

  • Priority is given to outside jobs and cafeteria duties.

  • There are usually vests left over, enough for every child. You should be able to wear when you are patrolling.

Why do we have lookouts
Why Do We Have Lookouts?

  • Lookouts help the school run smoothly

  • Lookouts help to keep younger students safe

  • Lookouts CANNOT punish or threaten other students.

    • Lookouts remind kids of the rules

    • If there is a problem with a student, get a teacher right away.

So how do i get a job
So How Do I Get a Job?

  • You’ll get a application that needs to be signed by you as well as a parent/guardian

  • Your teacher will also need to sign the application and say if you have the good grades and the great behavior that it takes to be a Safety Patrol.

  • Then Mr. “D” will access who is eligible for Lookout Scout positions.

So who wants to be a lookout scout
So. . . Who wants to be a Lookout Scout?