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Ariel Sharon A Biography. 1928. Ariel Sharon was born Ariel Scheinermann in Kfar Malal, Palestine His parents, Shmuel and Dvora (formerly Vera), immigrated to the British Palestine Mandate from Russia. 1948. As a platoon commander, he was wounded in the battle for Latrun

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Ariel sharon a biography

Ariel SharonA Biography


Ariel Sharon was born Ariel Scheinermann in Kfar Malal, Palestine

His parents, Shmuel and Dvora (formerly Vera), immigrated to the British Palestine Mandate from Russia


As a platoon commander, he was wounded in the battle for Latrun

In the War of Independence Sharon was involved in the Battle for Jerusalem

At 14, Sharon joined the Gadna, a paramilitary youth battalion

When the State of Israel was established he joined the Haganah


1953 Sharon led the "101" commando unit

1956 Commander

of a Paratroop Corps in the

Sinai Campaign

1957 Attended Military College in England

1958-62 Military Commander; and attended Law School in Tel Aviv


1965 With Yitzhak Rabin as Chief of Staff, Sharon's military career advanced

1967 Sharon was appointed Brigadier General

June He was an active division commander in the 6 Day War


Sharon was recalled to active military service in the Yom Kippur War

He led the crossing of the Suez Canal which brought about victory in the war and eventual peace with Egypt


Sharon resigns as Member of Parliament to take a senior emergency position in the military reserves


Sharon becomes advisor to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

1976 7

1976: Sharon forms Shlomzion party

1977: Shlomzion wins 2 seats in the Knesset and by joining the Herut fraction of Likud, Sharon becomes Minister of Agriculture


Sharon was instrumental in

renewing diplomatic relations

with the African nations

In November 1981, he brought about the first strategic cooperation agreement with the U.S

Sharon also helped bring thousands of Jews to Israel from Ethiopia

1982 3

1982: Sharon serves as Defense Minister during the Lebanon War

1983: Sharon resigns as Defense Minister after a government commission found him indirectly responsible for massacre of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla by Lebanese Christians


Sharon loses Likud leadership election

Sharon is appointed

Minister of Trade and

Industry in the Peres


Sharon serves as a

Minister without Portfolio, and later the

Minister of Industry and Trade until 1990


1990: Sharon resigns as Minister of Trade and Industry

May: Sharon becomes Minister of Housing in the government of Yitzhak Shamir, accelerating the building of settlements

1990 s

1990-1992: Sharon serves as Minister of Construction and Housing and Chairman of Committee on Immigration

He initiated program to

absorb millions of Jews

from the Soviet Union

In 1996 as Minister of National Infrastructure fostered relations with Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinians


Sharon is appointed Foreign Minister by Benjamin Netanyahu, heading negotiations with the Palestinian Authority

Sharon meets with many world leaders to advance the peace process


Benjamin Netanyahu resigns as leader of the Likud party, and Ariel Sharon becomes its new leader


Sharon ignites heavy Palestinian protests after walking on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

2001 2006
2001 - 2006

Ariel Sharon serves as the Prime Minister of the State of Israel


Sharon speaking about Ilan Ramon

"These times strengthen the feeling of common destiny, values and common vision of the American and Israeli nations. Ilan Ramon and his friends on the space shuttle were victims of science, the progress and aspiration of all of us to a better life on Earth. The Israeli nation is mourning in light of this heavy tragedy."


Ariel Sharon surprises many with his courageous decision to withdraw all Israel settlers from the Gaza Strip


Ariel Sharon Resigns from the Likud and establishes the Kadima party

December: Has minor stroke and returns to work within a matter of days

Ariel Sharon was twice widowed.

His first wife, Margalit, was killed in an automobile accident.

His second wife, Lily, died of lung cancer in 2000.

He has two surviving sons, Omri and Gilad. A third son, Gur, died in 1967.

January 2001

“We all want peace, true peace. Peace with security. Peace that will protect us…we must pursue peace through UNITY

This unity will allow us to advance

with courage towards peace

with our neighbors…

We are a Nation, a State, and

a People who desire PEACE:


Ariel arik sharon
Ariel “Arik” Sharon

1928 - 2014