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How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture
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How Innovation is Accelerating NEO' s Economic F uture. October 2, 2013. In the past 30 years in the U.S., all net new job growth s temmed from high growth entrepreneurial companies. That Explains A lot about NEO…. Entrepreneur magazine:

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How Innovation is Accelerating NEO' s Economic F uture

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How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

How Innovation is Accelerating NEO's Economic Future

October 2, 2013

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

In the past 30 years in the U.S.,

all net new job growth

stemmed from high growth entrepreneurial companies.

That explains a lot about neo

That Explains A lot about NEO…

Entrepreneur magazine:

“NEO has the Worst Performing Entrepreneurial Outcomes for a Large U.S. Region Between 1990-2002”

38% of Ohio GDP and population

  • NEO ranked worst across aggregate metrics:

  • Number of new companies

  • % of employees working for young firms

  • Amount of venture capital

  • Number of bankruptcies

  • Per capital income growth

Annual Change in greater Cleveland's gross regional product vS. national GDP

Not all companies contribute equally


  • In 2011, high tech companies between 1-5 years of age created a net 16,700 jobs

  • Other businesses between 1-5 yrs of age in the private sector overall lost 513,700 jobs

  • 87% of technology startups plan to hire new employees in 2013 according to an interactive report by Silicon Valley Bank

  • For each new job that is created in the tech sector, 5 jobs are created in service fields

The manufacturing sector creates only about 1.7 support positions for each core job within the industry.

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

Some good news about what is happening

High-tech startupsare forming at a higher rate than all other private-sector businesses.

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

OnShift | Cleveland, Ohio

Interested in accelerating diverse entrepreneurial successes to spark significant economic growth in Northeast Ohio?

Return-oriented fund

$10M with a management fee of 2%

We can help.

Northeast Ohio Opportunities

Focused on northeast ohio

Focused on Northeast Ohio

Delivering Resources to Region’s Entrepreneurs

Deliver high-impact business assistance directly to entrepreneurs.


Invest directly in early stage, high growth Northeast Ohio companies.


Champion new regional resources and programs via a combination of promotion and advocacy.

Partner & Advocate

Manage a Network of nearly 30 entrepreneurial resources to deliver efficient and effective support to entrepreneurs.

Resource Manager

Specialized services resources

Specialized Services & Resources

Delivering Resources to Region’s Entrepreneurs

  • Raise and deploy much-needed early stage capital

  • Help startups access funding

  • Identify and recruit key talent for young firms

  • Deliver expert volunteer mentoring

  • Offer free educational and networking opportunities

  • Conduct market research for startup companies

  • Assist with marketing and public relations

  • Attract and develop new entrepreneurial resources

  • Specialized support for women, minority and inner-city entrepreneurs

  • Manage a Network of connected seed funds, mentors, incubators and accelerators to ensure efficient, cost-effective and complementary delivery of resources across 21 counties of Northeast Ohio

Juventas Therapeutics | Cleveland, Ohio

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

Impact of Supported Companies

economic impact of NE Ohio startups on the entire state

Capital revenues jobs

Capital · Revenues · Jobs

Clients Are Measurably Contributing toNEO’s Economic Vitality

revenue generated by client companies in 2012

JumpStart’s clients

jobs created and sustained by client companies

follow-on capital collectively raised by clients

JumpStart’s clients

JumpStart’s clients

Our organization s goals

Our Organization’s Goals

Planning for the Future

Increase the economic impact and ensure the sustainability of JumpStart’s work while reducing our dependence on current Northeast Ohio charitable supporters

  • Deliver economic results that impact startup and high-potential firms

  • Build partnerships that lead to greater collective entrepreneurial impact and sustainability

  • Have the strongest, ever-evolving knowledge and solutions for accelerating the economic impact of entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurial ecosystems

  • Offer a unique, world-class set of programs for engaging with and accelerating results of minority and female entrepreneurs, as well as an intentional approach to developing inclusive ecosystems

  • Organize to generate significant increased resources

Building partnerships

Building Partnerships

  • Our partnership philosophy is to work together to achieve your desired community, business, or philanthropic objectives.

Entrepreneurial signature program

Entrepreneurial Signature Program

Delivering Coordinated, High-Impact Assistance

More than 600 entrepreneurs approach JumpStart and our ESP partners annually for support.

As a result, we’re:

  • Implementing a new assessment continuum and service methodology, enabling even more efficient use of resources and increased speed-to-outcomes for all entrepreneurial clients

  • Developing online learning and educational events to support entrepreneurs furthest from outcomes

  • Scaling the Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program

  • Expanding talent recruiting services to make them even more available to growing Northeast Ohio companies

  • Enhancing services to help companies attract follow-on funding and first customers

“We wouldn't exist  without JumpStart.”–Laura Bennett, Embrace Pet Insurance

We manage are part of a connected network

A Coordinated Startup Network

We Manage & are part of a connected Network

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

Connected To A Larger System

Prism is about growth

PRISM is about Growth

  • 6,900 Manufacturers in NEO

  • 14.1% of region’s employment

  • 19.0% of GRP

  • 23.4% of region’s wages

  • 40.5% of Ohio’s manufacturing employment

Regional Economic Growth

Job Growth

Revenue Growth

Enabling growth at SMMs can lead to significant revenue and job growth in Northeast Ohio


How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

“Game-Changing” Vision

Northeast Ohio is Internationally Renowned as a Center of Excellence in Manufacturing Education and Product Innovation

Through a networkof EDOs, research agencies & labs, higher educationinstitutions, manufacturers, and other partners, Northeast Ohio is:

  • Home to many growing manufacturing companies

  • Emerging as a hotbed of talent

  • Attracting manufacturing companies from elsewhere

How innovation is accelerating neo s economic f uture

What does PRISM do?

  • The Partnership for Regional Innovation Services to Manufacturers (PRISM) seeks to establish Northeast Ohio as a global center of excellence in manufacturing innovation

  • Objective: Drive regional economic growth from small-to-mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) through three core strategies:

  • TargetSMMs as an untapped source of economic growth

  • Assist critical mass of SMMs in applying resources of the region in growth projects

  • Leverage the lessons learned from these engagements to develop sustainable, more powerful resources to catalyze growth in the broader sector

SMMs account for more than 45% of activity in $30 Billion+ NEO manufacturing sector, but their full growth potential is not being realized

Let s partner in new ways to leverage innovation into neo economic growth

Let’s Partner In New Ways to Leverage Innovation Into NEO Economic Growth!

Ray Leach, CEO

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