Vice president academic provost s lunch learn session on faculty appointment forms october 27 2011
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Kim Gingerich, Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vice President Academic & Provost’s Lunch & Learn Session on Faculty Appointment Forms October 27, 2011. Kim Gingerich, Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost. Agenda. Overview Process - Department Level - Faculty Level - University Level Important Web Addresses. Overview.

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Kim Gingerich, Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost

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Vice President Academic & Provost’sLunch & Learn SessiononFaculty Appointment FormsOctober 27, 2011

Kim Gingerich, Office of the Vice-President, Academic & Provost


  • Overview

  • Process

    - Department Level

    - Faculty Level

    - University Level

  • Important Web Addresses


Before appointment forms can be completed, the following steps must have occurred in the department:

  • The advertising process has been completed and applications have been received

  • Department Advisory Committee on Appointments (DACA) will meet to discuss files and create a short list of applicants

  • If the department is looking to hire at a senior rank, the Dean should have the approval of the Provost prior to candidates being invited for an interview. The Provost will want to see the CV and letters of reference

  • Short listed applicants are invited for an interview

  • After interviews have been conducted, the DACA will decide on a candidate, the Chair will seek approval from the Dean to go ahead with an offer and prepare the package for UARC

Department Level

A candidate has now been decided on, the following information is put together to create a package which is forwarded to the Dean’s office:

  • Faculty Identification/Mission Critical Form

    - this is the form that was returned to the Dean’s Office at the time the authorization to advertise was approved. At this stage you will include the candidates name

  • Full-Time Faculty Appointment Form

    - for regular, definite term, full-time lecturer appointments

  • Copies of CV’s for the candidate and the top two contenders

  • Copies of letters of reference for all of the above

    - if all of the top contenders are of the same gender, be sure to add the CV and

    letters of reference for the strongest candidate of the opposite gender.

    - if sending by courier, please provide the shipping code to the Dean’s office

  • Summary of Recruiting Efforts

  • Chair’s memo to the Dean

  • Copies of all ads - can be copies of published ads copied from the web

Faculty Identification/Mission Critical Form

Full-Time Faculty Appointment Approval Form

Summary of Recruiting Efforts for UW Faculty Positions

Faculty (Dean) Level

The completed forms have now been forwarded from the Department to the Faculty.

The Dean’s office is responsible for sending the package off to UARC along with a supporting memo from the Dean.

Who Gets Which Forms

VP’S Office

(from Faculty)

Appointment Form

Faculty Identification/Mission CritialForm

Summary of Recruitment Form

Curriculum Vitae

Letters of reference

Appointment Letter (+ any other correspondence to the candidate)


(from Department)

Appointment Form

Faculty Identification/Mission Critical Form

Summary of Recruitment Form

Copy of Chair’s memo to Dean

Copies of Ads

Curriculum Vitae

Letters of reference

Files of other candidates


(from Faculty)

Memo from Dean to UARC

Summary of Recruitment Form

Copy of Chair’s memo to Dean

Copies of Ads

Curriculum Vitae

Letters of reference

Files of other candidates

Files of other candidates are returned to the Department along with the job ads.

The faculty does not keep this information on file in the Dean’s office.

Appointment Letters

 While the package is at UARC, the letter to the candidate is completed.

  • The appointment form provides the basis for the letter

  • Does the person have their PhD (if not needs special paragraph)

  • Canadian or non-Canadian (if non-Cdn needs special paragraph)

  • Are the academic credentials verified

  • Are there moving expenses (if so needs special paragraph)

  • Teaching relief (if so needs special sentence)

  • Is there sabbatical credit (if so needs special sentence)

  • *No appointments can start with an unpaid leave*

     There are four types of letters:

  • tenured

  • probationary term

  • definite term

  • visiting scholar/researcher/professor

Tenured Position

  • If you are hiring a faculty member as a tenured Associate or Full Professor a package is prepared and sent to the Faculty Tenure & Promotion Committee at the same time as the UARC package is sent. When both packages come back, they are forwarded to the VP’s office

  • In the case of a non-Canadian applicant a package goes to HRSDC (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)

Package to VP’s Office

In the package to the VP’s office is an information folder from HR which has:

  • CD of benefits and information on health care, dental, insurance, retirement

  • Support services offered by Frances Hannigan in WatPort

  • Pension plan application

  • Bank deposit authorization

  • Spouse and/or dependents for benefits form

  • Instructions to myHRinfo

    I add to this:

  • Policy 77 (Tenure & Promotion)

  • Policy 76 (Faculty Appointments)

  • Policy 28 (Moving Expenses)

  • Moving expenses form to be forwarded to Purchasing

  • Faculty Association letter and sign up sheet

  • Memorandum of Agreement

University Level

When the appointment and the package are received, we look for the following documentation:

  • Faculty Appointment Form

  • Two copies of the letter to the candidate

  • Faculty Identification/Mission Critical Form

  • Copy of a CV

  • Copies of letters of reference

  • Summary of Recruiting Efforts

  • Additional letter to the candidate

  • If a tenured appointment, report of the Faculty Tenure & Promotion Committee (FTPC)

University Level

Appointment form is checked for the following information:

  • Does the candidate have their PhD? If not, make sure that the additional statement is included in the letter “This offer is conditional upon completion of the requirements for your PhD degree and upon receipt of evidence from _____ (granting institution). Please note that if all requirements for the PhD have not been met by (date), your initial appointment will be that of a definite term lecturer. Upon receipt of written confirmation from ___ (granting institution), that your PhD requirements have been fulfilled, your appointment will revert to “Assistant Professor”.

  • Have the academic credentials been verified

  • Are the dates correct (see Policy 76 #3, B. 2nd paragraph) “A first probationary-term appointment shall have an end-date of June 30th, and its duration shall be at least two years and ten months, but less than three years and ten months.”

  • Appointment type is checked

After the file has been checked:

  • Given to the Vice-President for final approval

  • Once approved, the package is double checked to ensure that both copies of the letter are in the package and then sent out

What do we keep:

  • The Appointment Form is kept in the VP’s file, the original is returned to the Dean’s office

  • A copy of the letter is kept for the file, a copy is given to Frances Hannigan in WatPort

  • A copy of the Faculty Identification/Mission Critical form is kept, one copy is sent back to the Faculty and the original is sent to Finance

  • CV and letters of reference are kept for the file

  • Summary of Recruiting Efforts

When the applicant accepts:

  • The Dean’s office will forward a copy of the signed acceptance to the VP’s office

  • A copy of the letter is given to Frances Hannigan in WatPort

  • A faculty file is then created in the VP’s office

  • Should a candidate decline our offer, the Dean’s office is responsible for informing the VP’s office

Other Appointment Forms

There are two other forms that are used for the purpose of faculty appointments:

  • Part Time Faculty Appointments

    adjunct and sessional

  • Non-Faculty Appointments

    visiting scholars, researchers, postdoctoral fellows

    Both forms are similar to the full-time forms, if you have questions please contact the Dean’s assistant

    Forms are available on the Human Resources website, please remember to only use these three forms

Important Websites

Summary of Recruiting Efforts

Policy 28 – Payment of Moving Expenses and Travel Allowances to Newly-Appointed Faculty and Staff Members

Policy 76 – Faculty Appointments

Policy 77 – Tenure & Promotion of Faculty Members

Human Resources Website


Upcoming L&L Sessions

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Faculty Sabbaticals

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Tenure & Promotion

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UARC Process

Ellsworth LeDrew and Marie Armstrong

* * *

Please RSVP to Lucas Mason for upcoming sessions ([email protected])

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