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I am Debbie (Litman) Zito, your son or daughter’s Spanish Teacher. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Solon High School Bienvenidos al colegio de Solon Curriculum Night 2012 So Glad You Are Here. I am Debbie (Litman) Zito, your son or daughter’s Spanish Teacher. About me. I am a 1979 graduate of SHS. I attended BGSU for my undergraduate work and CSU for my Master’s Degree.

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I am Debbie (Litman) Zito, your son or daughter’s Spanish Teacher.

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Welcome to Solon High SchoolBienvenidos al colegio de SolonCurriculum Night 2012So Glad You Are Here

I am Debbie (Litman) Zito, your son or daughter’s Spanish Teacher.

About me

  • I am a 1979 graduate of SHS.

  • I attended BGSU for my undergraduate work and CSU for my Master’s Degree.

  • I have lived in Spain and have traveled to many Spanish Speaking countries with students and for pleasure.

  • This is my 14th year at SHS. I have taught at Mayfield HS, Highland HS in Medina and Newbury HS prior to Solon.

Add them all up-

  • 30th year of teaching

  • 30th curriculum night

Great story-

  • In 1998, I applied for a teaching position here at SHS, and was hired by George Steyer.

  • I took the position of a retiring Spanish Teacher, Nancy Khors.


My Expectations:

  • Class guidelines, procedures and lesson plans are available on my Web Site at Solon HS in my Class Files.

Mission Statement:

  • To speak/use Spanish daily all the time in class.

  • Lesson Plans: My Web Site/Class Files (Lesson Plans) /CometCasts (Listening Practice)

  • Homework Buddies

  • Carpetas

  • Take Home Tutor

  • Classzone.com / On-line Textbook Activities/Many Links to help your student on-line, at home

  • My Links (Dictionary, Verb/Vocabulary Practice, Concordia Language Villages)

My teaching and Spanish Classroom:

  • Lots of doing and speaking. Much more than memorization of a definition. We apply and use daily what the students have learned and what they are learning with me.

  • I stress the use of the language daily. Ask your child what they are learning to say in Spanish. More than just words. They are practicing communication.


Homework & Preparation

Participation & Volunteering



Use of Spanish


Ayúdame, por favor


No, no, no

Sí, sí, sí



The students offer help to other students during class using Spanish the entire class period. Use of English is only permitted when they ask:



  • Knowing other languages brings opportunities. You multiply your chances for success in your career if you are able to speak more than one language. Learning a Foreign Language can be a huge advantage to your child.

Everyone can learn a Foreign Language

Our Strategies:

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Reading

  • Writing

Grading SystemSpanish 3

  • 20 % Reading

  • 20% Writing

  • 20% Listening

  • 20% Speaking

  • 20% Other

    *15% Assignments/Quizzes

    *5% Participation,Homeworkand Daily Effort

Español 2: Grading

Writing Skills (20%)

Reading Skills (20%)

Speaking Skills (20%)

Listening Skills (20%)

Other Work(20%)(participation, homework, use of Spanish, effort in class, etc.)


Assessments may include but are not limited to: tests, quizzes, class participation and preparedness, other assignments and projects.


  • We speak Spanish for 50 minutes in class. Many students find this difficult at first but with time become more at ease with the language and use the language even out of the classroom.

    ¡Qué Bueno!


  • Every Monday: ¡CHARLEMOS! A 15 minute discussion (in Spanish) where your children tell the class and I what they did, who they saw and where they went over the past weekend. Also what they have to do or are going to do that week. Conversation with NO BOOKS!

Everyone learns differently, and there are different ways to achieve a goal. Here at SHS, we have the resources to help all children be successful!

  • Please encourage serious/productive study habits. Foreign Language Study Center is available as well as peer tutors and help from me.

El Español está en mi corazón


¡TenganUds. unabuenanoche!

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