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ISTEP+ Pretest Workshop Spring 2013. Agenda. Operational ISTEP+ Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Pilot and Validation Sites ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil ISTEP+ Online Return of Results Online Reporting Parent Network ISTAR Assessment IMAST Assessment LEP Students Ethical Testing Practices

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  • Operational ISTEP+

    • Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  • Pilot and Validation Sites

  • ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil

  • ISTEP+ Online

  • Return of Results

    • Online Reporting

    • Parent Network

  • ISTAR Assessment

  • IMAST Assessment

  • LEP Students

  • Ethical Testing Practices

  • Questions & Answers

Test windows
Test Windows

  • March 4 – 13

    • ISTEP+ Applied Skills (Paper/Pencil and Online)

  • April 29 – May 8

    • ISTEP+ Multiple-Choice Paper/Pencil

    • IMAST

  • April 29 – May 10

    • ISTEP+ Multiple-Choice Online

  • May 6 – 17

    • CoreLink Online

Operational istep

Applied Skills:

Online, Paper/Pencil

Applied Skills Online:

Online ELA and SS ONLY

Math and Science – custom “partial” paper/pencil booklet

Applied Skills Paper/Pencil:

Gr. 3-8: one single student test booklet

Students MUST use the same correct book for ALL sessions

What if two books are used (TCM)

Avoid Undetermined test results!


Online, Paper/Pencil

Multiple-Choice Online:

ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Multiple-Choice Paper/Pencil: Insufficient Technology / Accommodation ONLY

Gr. 3 one single test booklet

Gr. 4-8 two booklets

Test booklet

Answer booklet

Students MUST use the same answer book for ALL sessions

Avoid Undetermined test results!

Gridded Responses / Calculator Usage begins in Grade 6

Operational ISTEP+

All students grades 3 8
All Students, Grades 3-8

  • Same rules apply

    • Who participates, accommodations, security

    • IMAST participation (April/May window)

      • Critical – do not take ISTEP+ in IMAST content area(s)

        (Applied Skills and Multiple-Choice Assessments)

      • Avoid Undetermined test results!

  • Results have consequences for students, schools, and corporations

    • Remediation, accountability

  • Science and Social Studies required

  • Applied Skills images and Applied Skills items released via the web

Student test number stn
Student Test Number (STN)

  • Every test MUST have an STN

  • STN is critical for matching students across test windows (AS, MC)

    • Undetermined and accountability concerns

  • Results are dependent on matching student records (AS, M/C)

    • If you do not have a barcode label for paper/pencil, bubble!

      • One STN per student (stays with student)

      • Schools required to supply missing STNs

    • Used to calculate participation rate

  • Every Undetermined score will count as a “Not Participating” student

  • Schools must account for every student not tested—keep records now to prepare for the DOE-NT collection.

Book ii pilot and validation sites
Book II (Pilot) and Validation Sites

  • Book II Sites (Pilot)

    • Applied Skills window ONLY; Paper/Pencil ONLY

    • Selected schools; required participation

    • Early pickup of test materials (by school)

      • March 15

      • GREEN label

  • Validation Sites

    • Multiple-Choice window ONLY; Online and Paper/Pencil

    • Critical to verifying the equating process

      • Selected schools; required participation

    • Early pickup of paper/pencil test materials (by school)

      • May 10

      • TAN label

Doe tl barcode file paper pencil and online
DOE-TL Barcode File: Paper/Pencil and Online

  • Period 1 Barcode file submitted Dec. 10 – Jan. 16

    • Labels delivered Feb. 15-19 in Applied Skills TC Kits

  • Period 2 Barcode file submission Feb. 25 – March 8

    • Via STN site

    • Any students who were not submitted in Period 1, including:

      • Students new to the school

      • Additional IMAST students, based on Case Conference Committee decisions for students that were not submitted in Period 1

    • Labels delivered April 15-16 in Multiple-Choice TC Kits

      • Paper/Pencil (due to insufficient technology/accommodation)

      • IMAST

  • Barcode files used to “populate” ISTEP+ Online (AS, MC)

Istep paper pencil barcode labels
ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil: Barcode Labels

  • Review Barcode Label “rules” in the Test Coordinator’s Manual (TCM)

    • SIQ #3 - #8

  • Not all data on the label; see the roster for details

  • Bubble for all “new” students without labels

  • Use ONLY labels for the Spring 2013 test administrations

    • Destroy all unused labels after Multiple-Choice test (May)

    • Students’ names MUST also be on the tests

      written in the students’ own handwriting!

Istep paper pencil calendar

Applied Skills

Dec. 10 – Jan. 16 Period 1 Barcode File

Feb. 11-15 Test Materials Delivery

Feb. 15-19 Test Coordinator Kits

(include Period 1 Barcode Labels)

Feb. 27 Last day to report shortages (TMA opens 2/15)

March 15 Mandatory pickup date for ALL Book II schools; GREEN label

March 18-26 Scheduled pickups for corporations and nonpublic schools; YELLOW and BLUE labels


Feb. 25 – Mar. 8 Period 2 Barcode File

Via STN site

Include any new students and additional IMAST students

April 3-12 Test Materials Delivery

April 15-16 Test Coordinator Kits

(Per. 1 & 2: ISTEP+ and IMAST Barcode Labels)

April 23 Last day to report shortages opens 4/11)

May 10 Mandatory pickup date for ALL Validation schools; TAN label

May 13-15 Scheduled pickups for corporations and nonpublic schools; PURPLE and BLUE labels (very tight schedule—no extensions!)

ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil: Calendar

February 15 – Predetermined Pickup Schedule posted: IDOE-TCC and

Istep paper pencil large print braille
ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil: Large Print & Braille

  • Shipped directly to TC

  • Know how to process documents

    • See Appendices in TCM

    • Avoid Undetermined results!

  • Non-Standard Responses (NSR)

    • Use pastel paper (computer-generated)

    • Insert document(s) in front of the back cover

    • Keep a copy in a secure location (principal’s office)

    • Documentation

      • At top of CG response and on School/Group List

      • CGR bubble on front of test booklet

Istep paper pencil materials return
ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil: Materials Return


    • Return in correct boxes - do not mix (Blue; Gold)

  • Please read directions!  (TCM and posters)

  • “Things To Remember” (TCM)

  • How will you account for every test document?

    • ALL student test documents must be returned

  • Teacher names must match exactlyon:

    • Group Information Sheet (GIS) and

    • School/Group List (SGL)

  • All three counts must match (GIS, SGL, actual documents)

    This is a critical issue with regard to turnaround time for results!

Istep paper pencil packing shipping
ISTEP+ Paper/Pencil: Packing & Shipping

  • ISTEP+: Use “Stack Cover Cards” and Paper Bands

    • Please read directions, TCM

  • IREAD-3: Use envelopes

  • Unique Barcode Shipping Labels (by school)

  • Be sure to use the correct shipping labels and boxes for each test!! (ISTEP+, IREAD-3)




  • Blue-and-white box used for paper/pencil tests:

  • Applied Skills

  • Multiple-Choice (Insufficient Technology / Accommodation only)


Istep online calendar

Applied Skills

Dec. 10 – Jan. 16 Period 1 Barcode File

Feb. 15 AS Online Examiner’s Manual Delivery

Feb. 15-19 Test Coordinator Kits

(include Period 1 Barcode Labels)

Feb. 18 AS Content Release and Pre-assigned Practice and Operational Tests

Feb. 25 – March 13 AS Online Practice Test Window


Feb. 25 – Mar. 8 Period 2 Barcode File

Include any new students and additional IMAST students

March 8 MC Online Examiner’s Manual Delivery

March 15 MC Content Release and Pre-assigned Practice Tests

March 18 – May 10 MC Online Practice Test Window

April 1 MC Pre-assigned Operational Tests

April 15-16 Test Coordinator Kits

(IMAST and ISTEP+ P/P Barcode Labels)

ISTEP+ Online: Calendar

  • Test Administration System (TAS) Trainings

  • February 20 – April 16

  • 5 Regional (onsite sessions) & 15 Webinars

  • Optional 7 Pre-Administration Q&A

  • Sessions

  • CoreLink:

  • Early April – Content Release and Pre-assigned

  • Practice/Operational Tests

  • April 15-16 Online Examiner’s Manual Delivery

  • May 6-17 CoreLink Test Window

Istep online overview
ISTEP+ Online: Overview

  • Applied Skills: ELA and Social Studies ONLY

  • Multiple-Choice: Extended window (April 29 – May 10)

  • List of schools with testing online status posted

  • Test Administration Trainings (TAS)

    • Train-the-Trainer: February 20 – April 16

    • Required Session: Regional (onsite) or Webinar

    • Optional: Pre-Administration Q&A Sessions

  • Practice Test Required

    • 2 opportunities scheduled per student; at least 1 required

Istep online ipads
ISTEP+ Online: iPads

  • iPads for Multiple-Choice Online (and CoreLink) only

    • iPad 2 or later

    • iOS 6 or later

    • iTunes Store “OAS IN”

      • Expected availability week of February 11

      • Watch for more information from CTB

    • “Guided Access” MUST be enabled

    • Android tablets supported next year

      • (10-inch class)

  • More info & WebEx posted

Istep online details
ISTEP+ Online: Details

  • Accommodations must be assigned

  • Scheduling

    • All students in a class complete test session on the same day

  • Critical changes for 2013

    • Display of “Not Testing”

    • Confirmation of “Do Not Score”

      • EVERY one of these must be documented!!!

Oklahoma online program overview
Oklahoma Online Program Overview

ISTEP+ Online: CTB Web Portal



Test and Technology Coordinator Support Materials

General information about the tests

Single Sign-on Access

Demo TAS Website Access

Report testing problems

to CTB

News and Information

Community forum access

Contact details to reach

theHelp Desk

Scrolling News Ticker





















Looking ahead c3
Looking Ahead C3

ISTEP+ Online: Enhancements

ISTEP+ Online: Pre-Assigned Test Sessions

ISTEP+ Applied Skills and IREAD-3 Spring

ISTEP+: Experience Online Testing , Practice Test

  • URL:

ISTEP+ Online: Marking a Test Session

“Do Not Score”

Click the Toggle DNS (Do Not Score) button, which is activated after highlighting the student record.

ISTEP+ Online: Mark a Student as

“Moved/Not Testing”

Indicating students who will not test

Results online reports
Results: Online Reports

  • All reports via Indiana Online Reporting System (INORS)

    • Corporation- and school-level

    • Secure site with unique passwords

    • Contains FERPA-protected data! (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

    • Teacher Access

      • Determined by GIS and SPN/Online teacher groups

    • Available 24/7

      • Student-level data, end of May

      • Summary-level data, June

  • One paper copy of Student Report and Label (June)

Results details
Results: Details

  • Science: Grades 4, 6

    • Late June: ISTEP+ and IMAST Science Cut Score Setting

    • Late August: INORS Reports and Applied Skills Images available

    • Late August: Student Reports and Labels delivered

    • Late September: Rescore Window

    • October: Rescore reports arrive

ELA, Math, Social Studies:

Grades 3-8 ELA, Math

Grades 5, 7 Social Studies

  • End of May: INORS Reports and Applied Skills Images available

  • June 7: Student Reports and Labels delivered

  • End of May/mid-June: Rescore Window

  • Late July/Early August: Rescore reports arrive

Results parent network
Results: Parent Network

  • Online parent access

  • Parents can see test results “over time” (multiple years)

  • Invitation Codes sent to May “testing schools”

    • Distribute upon receipt

  • Applied Skills Images linked to results in PN

    • Parent review of student response

  • Parent RequestRequiredfor Rescore

    • Parent / school staff collaborate

    • School to document and submit rescore request

Istar indiana s alternate assessment
ISTAR: Indiana’s Alternate Assessment

  • Indiana Standards Tool for Alternate Reporting


    • All students must participate in assessment; Case Conference Committee decision to use ISTAR

      • Referenced to Indiana Standards; will NOT lead to diploma

      • March 1 – April 30 window; Web-based system

      • Requires use of STN

      • Teacher ratings; cut scores (Pass+, Pass, Did Not Pass)

    • Federal Regulation

      • Sets a 1% limit for corporations & state on students who can be “proficienton Alternate Standards” for accountability

      • No limiton the number of students who canparticipatein ISTAR

It is important for each student to participate in the most appropriate assessment for that student.

Imast indiana s modified assessment
IMAST: Indiana’s Modified Assessment

  • Indiana Modified Achievement Standards Test

    • Grades 3-8; E/LA, Math, Science, Social Studies

    • Students on-track to receive a diploma

  • Eligibility criteria

    • Case Conference Committee decision by February 28

  • Collecting student counts (no survey this year)

    • Include students in DOE-TL Barcode submissions

  • Multiple-Choice Format – April/May window ONLY

    • Critical – do not take ISTEP+ in IMAST content area(s) (AS, M/C)

    • Avoid Undetermined test results!

  • No limiton the number of students taking IMAST

It is important for each student to participate in the most appropriate assessment for that student.

English learners lep students
English Learners/LEP Students

  • All EL students MUST take ISTEP+

    • Except those enrolled in US schools < 1 year

      • Enrolled after March 1, 2012 to be <1 year

      • MAY substitute LAS Links for ISTEP+ E/LA

        • Corporation-wide decision!

      • Must take Math and

        • Science (4 & 6)

        • Social Studies (5 & 7)

    • Accommodations (refer to Appendix C)

Accommodations for special education and lep students
Accommodations for Special Education and LEP students

  • Appendix C in the Indiana Assessment Program Manual

    • Outlines the standard accommodations for students with an IEP, Section 504 Plan, ILP or Nonpublic Service Plan

  • Non-Standard Assessment Accommodation

    • One NOT identified in the Indiana Assessment Program Manual

    • Deadline to submit based on dates listed on the Request for Non-Standard Assessment Accommodation form

    • Must be approved by the Office of Student Assessment

    • Note:Request for paper test during Online administration = non-standard

Ethical testing practices overview highlights
Ethical Testing Practices: Overview/Highlights

  • Indiana Assessment Program Manual – Chapter 10

    • The basis for local training

    • Test security and integrity training prior to actual test window represents a review; highlight areas of critical importance.

  • Formal Training for Staff

    • To administer the assessment, staff MUST have

      • participated in security training (at the beginning of the school year).

      • signed the Indiana Testing Security and Integrity Agreement.

      • received training regarding specifics of test administration (mechanics).

  • Policy requirement

    • Every school corporation and school (public, charter, nonpublic, and Choice) MUST have a test security policy.

Ethical testing practices preparing for the test
Ethical Testing Practices: Preparing for the Test

  • Review and approve materials used to prepare students

  • Provide training for staff (classroom practices, test administration)

    • Acceptable teacher practices: prior to, during, and after the test

    • Appropriate test administration policies/practices (mechanics)

    • Specifics regarding test security and integrity

  • Assign test examiners and proctors

    • Review examiner qualifications

Ethical testing practices ensuring examiner readiness
Ethical Testing Practices: Ensuring Examiner Readiness

  • Examiner’s Manual: secure document

  • Access to Examiner’s Manual (EM)

    • Staff may retain EM in a secure location after orientation session

  • Access to assessment books (student documents)

    • NOadvance access to actual student test documents

  • Usernames, passwords and access codes

    • Same level of security as test books

Ethical testing practices administering the test
Ethical Testing Practices: Administering the Test

  • Administer test sessions in order

  • Examiners/Proctors must monitor test sessions

    • Reminder: no cell phones (students and adults)

  • Examiners/Proctors should not use a student’s keyboard except in the case of a scribe.

  • If a concern arises regarding an item….

    • Refer to the item by content area, test session, and item number

    • NEVER make a copy or email the item (even to IDOE)!

  • Unannounced security audits (IDOE due diligence)

Ethical testing practices materials security
Ethical Testing Practices: Materials Security

  • CTCs and STCs MUST:

    • Control secure storage, distribution, administration, and collection of test documents/materials

      • Inventory and track materials, including Test Tickets

      • Critical:Daily sign-in/sign-out system for paper tests

    • Ensure that no test items are copied from a computer screen or by using a copy machine

    • Return all used and unused test materials

Ethical testing practices security violations part 1
Ethical Testing Practices: Security Violations – Part 1

  • Communicate security policy, ethical practices, consequences

  • Provide a way for students and staff to report concerns and insure rights of those involved

  • Establish a process to investigate irregularities, concerns, complaints

  • Report security violations to the Assessment Office

    • Appendix B:Testing Irregularity Report form (send via fax)

    • Note: “Testing Concerns & Security Violations Report” designed for use by parents or other concerned individuals

Ethical testing practices security violations part 2
Ethical Testing Practices: Security Violations – Part 2

  • It is a violation of test security to:

    • Give students access to test questions in advance

    • Coach students in any way during the test

    • Copy, reproduce, or use in any manner any portion of a secure test document for any reason

    • Alter answer documents during or after testing

    • Score student responses on the assessment

Refer to Chapter 10 of the Indiana Assessment Program Manual for more details.

What if
What if…

  • If in doubt call the ISTEP+ office! (317-232-9050)

    • A number of events can occur; time is of the essence!

    • Document (Write it down at the time!)

    • Sample issues/concerns:

      • Test material issues

      • Test irregularities

      • Student or adult cheating

      • Student illness

      • Interruption to testing

      • Exposure of items

      • Acts of nature

      • Inappropriate testing practices

Assessment resources
Assessment Resources

  • Visit

    • ISTEP+ Blueprints; Item Samplers; Instructional/Assessment Guidance

    • Diagnostic Assessments

    • And more!

  • Test Coordinator Corner (TCC)

    • Information specific to TCs

      • Electronic copies of TCM and other resources

    • Located in Learning Connection community

      • IDOE - Test Coordinator Corner

      • For CTCs and nonpublic/charter/Choice STCs

Contact information
Contact Information

  • ISTEP+ Office

    • Telephone 317-232-9050; Toll Free 888-544-7837

    • Fax 317-233-2196

    • Web site

    • Email [email protected]

    • Karen Stein, Spec. Programs Asmt. Specialist [email protected]

  • CTB / Indiana Help Desk

    • Telephone 800-282-1132

      • ISTEP+ Online – Option 2

    • Fax 800-282-0266

    • Email [email protected]

    • CTB ISTEP+ Web Portal

  • ISTAR – Office of Special Education 317-232-0570

  • EL/LEP – Office of English Learners 317-232-0555

Questions thank you for participating
Questions?Thank you for participating! 