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Public Health Reporting Initiative. June 13, 2012. Agenda. Functional Requirements.

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Functional requirements
Functional Requirements

  • Draft of the functional requirements document, including graphics depicting the public health reporting workflow, has been posted to the wiki ( for public comment

    • Immunization comments

  • Comments due by Friday, June 15,2012 using the discussion board or by emailing [email protected]

  • Next Steps

    • Update current document

    • Post updated document for public comment (note: to be released in a package including the data elements)

Data mapping update
Data Mapping Update

  • Working with user story submitters to refine and finalize

    • User Story / Domain specific data elements

    • Core / consolidated initiative-level data elements

  • Next steps

    • Public Comment for domain-level data elements (note: to be released in a package with the functional requirements)

    • Continue work on data modeling

    • Complete data harmonization document with both domain-level and initiative-level data elements

Public Health Reporting InitiativeStage 3 Readiness andStage 3 Implementation Specification Sprint

These slides represent an interpretation of Readiness Self-Assessments and do not necessarily represent the position of any agency or organization.

Proposals are for discussion purposes only.


  • ELR and Syndromic user stories did not reply

  • IIS felt questions were unresponsive to HL7 2.5.1 IIS systems primarily interested in bidirectional exchange

  • Many unclear on 2015 implementation funds

Interpretation guide
Interpretation Guide

  • Focus on unidirectional reporting from EHR to PH?

  • Consensus about data element standards (elements, terminology, value sets?)

  • Preferred exchange standard (2.x vs. CDA vs. other)

  • Primary (potential) federal agency identified

  • Primary stakeholder association identified

  • Capability for pilot in Summer/Fall 2012?

  • Likely receiving capability in Oct. 2015

  • Number of receiving systems

  • Source of report: ambulatory versus hospital

  • National scope of reporting

* Considering outbound components only †preference for CDA?

** Considering ambulatory case report only ‡single Federal user

*Considering outbound components only ** Considering amb. Case report only

¶ Proprietary approach pilot †also FDA ‡also reported via PSOs to AHRQ ‽One user only

*Considering outbound components only **ambulatory case report only †may use IIS’s

‡ Could also include outpatient records

Proposal report only

  • Tier 1: 7 stories appear with relatively high level of readiness; focus on unidirectional; broad national scope

  • Tier 2: 5 stories with either less readiness and/or focus on bidirectional and/or lesser scope

  • Venders: want to recruit industry reps

  • Goal: a process that permits all to benefit while maximizing chance for pilot-tested Stage 3 Impl. Spec. by November

Proposal report only

Tier 1 Agencies and Associations

EHR & PH System and Intermediary Vendors

Tier 2 Agencies and Associations

All attempt to achieve consensus. If Tier 2 issues threaten timely consensus on

an issue they agree to withdraw on that issue.

Possible process
Possible Process report only

  • Ground rules

  • Consensus on common “core” elements

  • Consensus on HL7 2.x or CDA or both formats

  • Address how “core” elements and different “extension” elements are managed

  • Address how “trigger” and “filter” knowledge base should function.

Nwhin rfi
NwHIN RFI report only