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Option – Material Choices

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Option – Material Choices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Option – Material Choices. Definitions. Magnet Modules. Frame. Strong-backs. Option – Material Choices. Default choice for magnetic structure strong back is Al Consider steel, carbon fiber Default choice for magnet module keeper is Al Must be nonmagnetic

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Option – Material Choices


Magnet Modules



option material choices
Option – Material Choices
  • Default choice for magnetic structure strong back is Al
    • Consider steel, carbon fiber
  • Default choice for magnet module keeper is Al
    • Must be nonmagnetic
    • Potential thermal distortion for material different than strong back
  • Default choice for frame is structural steel
    • No alternatives considered

Undulator Alternatives- 5m 6-15-11

option material choices1
Option – Material Choices
  • Anecdotal information from Flash/XFEL:
    • Similar designs; both use Al magnet module keepers
    • Flash uses steel strong back
    • XFEL uses Al strong back
    • Non-repeatability of optical phase measurements for Flash undulators
      • Not fully understood, but believed to be due to differential thermal expansion between keepers, strong back
      • Apparently corrected with XFEL undulators
  • Steel/Al for strong back primary study
  • Also consider carbon fiber for strong back

Undulator Alternatives- 5m 6-15-11


Strong Back Material Comparison

CTE for Carbon Fiber ~ 2x10-6/0C

*Al, steel strong backs sized for ~10m max. deflection (SXU)

differential thermal expansion
Differential Thermal Expansion
  • Simple model with solid Al magnet module, steel strong back
    • Ignores NdFeB blocks, VP poles – similar to steel
  • Max. vertical deflection = 20 m/C

Undulator Alternatives- 5m 6-15-11

carbon fiber cf for strong backs
Carbon Fiber (CF) for Strong Backs
  • Discussion with composite structures group
  • Typical application: high stiffness/weight (or mass)
    • We don’t care so much about weight
    • Could likely increase stiffness compared to Al, but not steel
  • Typically expensive for single structure, for multiple structures may be comparable to steel, Al
  • Unusual application, would require R&D to qualify
  • CF not good choice for keeper structure, would use Al for critical surfaces  Al would dominate CTE
  • Left with differential thermal expansion ~5x worse for Al/CF than for Al/steel

Undulator Alternatives- 5m 6-15-11

  • CF strong back
    • No cost advantage
    • R&D required
    • Differential CTE likely a problem
  • Steel strong back
    • ~Cost neutral
    • Relatively small differential CTE affect (for 0.1C), but anecdotal evidence of problems from Flash
    • More compact
  • Al strong back
    • Least risk
    • Only reason to consider steel is to reduce size

Undulator Alternatives- 5m 6-15-11