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Welcome to. Our vision:. To give Value worth products to our customers. To help our associates in their Personal, social and Financial development. To provide a part time business Opportunity for our distributors For a reliable life Standards. Package Cost:. Rs. 2800 only.

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Welcome to

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Welcome to

Welcome to

Welcome to

Our vision:

To give Value worth products to

our customers

To help our associates in their

Personal, social and

Financial development

To provide a part time business

Opportunity for our distributors

For a reliable life Standards.

Welcome to

Package Cost:

Rs. 2800 only

Joining Options:

1) Wrist Watch + suit length

2) Scalar energy pendent + suit length

3) Energy Saver + suit length

With any joining option you will get discount coupon

worth Rs.600 (3x200) with 9 months Validity by it you

Can purchase our upcoming products through re-purchase

Welcome to

With the purchase above mention products you will get

A very reliable business opportunity to change

your life style absolutely free.

A chance to earn four types Income working part-time

and Improve your personality

1st Income) Binary Income

When you refer this package to you 3 friends

Or relatives or nearby peoples for

whom you think from heart in 2:1 or 1:2 ratio

You will qualify for 800 Rs

After the first Pair you will get 800 Rs on each pair on 1: 1 ratio.

Note: Sales will be counted Daily and you can get 2 pairs income

In 12 hours and another 2 pairs income in next 12 hours which

Means 4 pairs income in 24 hours i.e. 3200 Rs in a day.


Welcome to

2nd Income) Leadership bonus

Suppose That your team works in dynamic way and your extra pairs

are getting wash out then We have leadership bonus for you

Leadership points will form in Following manner after main binary Pairs:

3: 3- 1 leadership point

6: 6- 2 leadership point

9:9- 3 leadership point

12:12 – 4 leadership point

15:15 – 5 leadership points

18: 18- 6 leadership point

No of Joining In a day x 50 Rs

Leadership point value=

No of Points achieved in company

100 x 50 Rs

(i.e. 5000 Rs)

=1000 Rs

For ex. Leadership point value=

5 Points achieved in company

For example: if you have matched 5 pairs in a cycle you will get Binary income of 2 pairs and 1 leadership point

Example2 : if you have matched 8 pairs in a cycle you will get Binary income of 2 pairs and 2 leadership point

Welcome to

3rd Income) Single leg income

If any of your Team member

Will match his 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th &

16th pair company will deduct 400rs

From his incentive and distribute it to

above 8 up-lines in 50-50 rs each



For example: when Anil will

Generate his 4th payout rs 400 will be deducted from his payment

and will be distributed to his 8 up-line i.e. you and your exact 7 uplines

It Means if anil will generate his 16 payout you will get 50 rs

five times Means 250 rs from one team member.

if all of your team member in 8 level will make their binary payout

Then you can earn rs.1,28,000 from single leg .

Note: this is projected figures and we doesn’t guarantee it as

It depends upon actual work which can fluctuate.

Welcome to

4th Income) Royalty Income

Qualification: For Royalty you have to generate your 240 payouts from Company .

Royalty Income will be calculated on 15 days joining of company

For Royalty Income company will Reserve Rs.50 on each joining in company

No of joining in 15 Days x Rs.50

Royalty Amount=

No of Royalty Achievers

600 joining in 15 Days x Rs.50

Eg Royalty Amount=

= 10,000

3 Royalty Achievers

Welcome to


  • All amount calculated daily but will be distributed weekly.

  • Royalty amount will be distributed in 15 days

  • Royalty will be for 12 months.

  • Rs. 400 maintenances charge will be deducted from first payout.

  • 4% service charge will be deducted from Incentives.

  • 10.33% TDS will be deducted as per government norms.

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