Nextgen transactions
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Nextgen Transactions. Presented by Bridget Clayton Local Government Corporation Resource 2014. Transaction Menu Options. Import Transactions Transaction Batches Transactions Transaction Templates Post Transactions. Import Transactions.

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Nextgen Transactions

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Nextgen transactions

Nextgen Transactions

Presented by Bridget Clayton

Local Government Corporation

Resource 2014

Nextgen transactions

Transaction Menu Options

  • Import Transactions

  • Transaction Batches

  • Transactions

  • Transaction Templates

  • Post Transactions

Import transactions

Import Transactions

  • Division-this will fill in automatically if you only have 1 Division (multiple divisions will need to select one)

  • File Definition-select the File Definition that has been setup

  • File-may fill in automatically

  • Batch ID-You will select a batch that has already been created or you may create one here.

Nextgen transactions

File With Errors

A red shield will be displayed if there are errors on the file.

Click NEXT to receive a message detailing the errors.

Nextgen transactions

Example Errors in File

  • Account Control 101 is invalid because it does not allow entries for 2013-2014 fiscal year and January Period

  • (would be because the January Period is not open)

  • GL account number 101-31100- - - is invalid because it does not exist for 2013-2014 fiscal year

  • (would be because this account number is not setup for this year)

File without errors

File Without Errors

There will be no error shield.

Review the complete transaction.

Click NEXT to continue.

Nextgen transactions

Review the summary, if all info is correct, click FINISH to import.

Nextgen transactions

After the transaction imports you will receive a confirmation.

Click Close

Transaction batches

Transaction Batches

  • Importing a Transaction File will create a batch containing the transaction. The entry is not posted until you close and post the batch.

  • You may create a batch from the Transaction Batch Menu.

  • Or you may create a batch while entering a transaction.

Nextgen transactions

Transaction Batches

  • Financial Management

  • Transactions

  • Transaction Batches

  • Select New from the Ribbon Bar to add a new batch

  • Click FIND to list unposted batches.

  • Double click the batch to open

Nextgen transactions

General Tab lists Batch Id, Date, Status and Created by.

Tasks are Print Batch, Close Batch and Post Batch

Click on the Transactions Tab to see the transactions in the batch.

Nextgen transactions

  • The transaction will be detailed.

  • The total transaction amount listed.

  • Add Transaction allows you to add more transactions to the batch.

  • Click on the General Tab to switch back to the previous screen.

Nextgen transactions

You will be able to now Print the Batch, Close the Batch, and Post the Batch.

Nextgen transactions

Post Batch

After selecting POST Batch it will display the batch information.

Select NEXT to continue.

Nextgen transactions

Review the Summary

Click FINISH to post.

Nextgen transactions

The confirmation screen will display once the batch posts.




  • Financial Management

  • Transactions

  • Transactions

  • Click NEW from the ribbon bar

Nextgen transactions

Another way to enter a batch is to add a new Transaction and not check to Post this Transaction.

Checking this option allows you to immediately post the transaction.

Click the drop down arrow to select an existing batch or click the ellipses to add a new batch.

Fill in all the required info

Click NEXT to proceed with the transaction.

Nextgen transactions

Enter the accounts, debits and credits.

Hit NEXT to continue.

Summary screen

Summary Screen

Review Summary Screen


Transactions viewing options

Transactions Viewing Options

  • You can view posted transactions and unposted transactions by:

    • Date

    • Number

    • Amount

    • Batch ID

    • Reference

Nextgen transactions

Viewing Transactions

  • Financial Management

  • Transactions

  • Transactions

  • Select your View option

  • Enter selections

  • Click FIND

  • Double Click on the transaction you wish to view.

Nextgen transactions

The General tab shows the general info for the transaction such as status, date, type, number description, etc.

If this was a manual transaction you can Void the transaction here.

Nextgen transactions

If any Internal Notes have been entered they will show on the Internal Notes tab.

Nextgen transactions

Click on the entries tab to see the full transaction.

Nextgen transactions

Voiding a Transaction

Nextgen transactions

Fill in the required info

Click NEXT

Nextgen transactions

The entries will pull in based on the original transaction.

Click NEXT to continue

Nextgen transactions

View Summary Screen


Post transactions

Post Transactions

  • Financial Management

  • Transactions

  • Post Transactions

  • All closed batches will display.

  • Select the batches you wish to post.

  • Click NEXT

  • Click Finish on the Summary Screen

Review posting transaction options

Review Posting Transaction Options

  • Can be done automatically as the transaction is entered.

  • Can be done thru the Transaction Batch Menu Option

  • Can be done thru the Post Transaction Menu Option

File definition

File Definition

  • Financial Management

  • Administration

  • File Definition

  • Select NEW from the ribbon bar.

File definition1

File Definition

  • Select your Division

  • Key in your Description

  • Type Import Transaction

  • Select Transaction Type

  • Select Delimiter (CSV or Excel)

  • Click ellipses to browse to file path.

  • Click ellipses to browse to filename.

  • You can allow public or private access.

  • If file contains a header row, check the box.

  • Active should be checked.

  • Click NEXT to continue

Creating a file definition

Creating A File Definition

Select the column names that match your file.

If column needs formatting select the appropriate format.

Field number is the column number for a CSV file, for excel files you will select the starting point and end point.

Select NEXT to continue.

Nextgen transactions

Review the summary screen and click FINISH if all is correct.

Adding gl accounts

Adding GL Accounts

  • Financial Management

  • General Ledger

  • GL Accounts

  • New from the Ribbon Bar

Gl accounts

GL Accounts

  • GL Accounts enter Fund-Sub Fund-Function-Object- Cost Center-Sub Object.

  • Account Type

  • Add Fiscal Year

Adding fiscal year to gl account

Adding Fiscal Year to GL Account

Mark if this is a cash account

A common error

A Common Error

This GL Account number is being used for an existing GL Account

The GL Account may have been setup for a prior year, but not the current year.

Select close this will take you back to the Untitled GL Account Screen.

Click on the Back button from the Ribbon Bar.

This will take you to the GL Account Search Screen

Search for gl account

Search for GL Account

Change Fiscal Year to NONE

Type in GL Account Number

Hit Find

Loads Your Search Results

Then you can select the Account Number


Add fiscal year to existing gl account

Add Fiscal Year to Existing GL Account

Click the Add Fiscal Year Tab

This will take you to the add Fiscal Year Screen

There you will add the Current Fiscal Year

Save and Close

This will bring you back to this screen with the Year added

Save and Close

Nextgen transactions1

Nextgen Transactions

This concludes our Training class.

Thank you for Participating in Our Resource 2014 Class.

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