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Understanding Text. Miss Escano 5 th Grade English. Objectives. Students will be able to differentiate among the first-person, limited-omniscient (third person), and omniscient (third person) points of view.

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Understanding text

Understanding Text

Miss Escano

5th Grade



  • Students will be able to differentiate among the first-person, limited-omniscient (third person), and omniscient (third person) points of view.

  • Students will use context clues to generate the meanings of unfamiliar and multiple-meaning words.

  • Students will use Greek and Latin roots and affixes to determine the meanings of words within texts.

    South Carolina Standards:

    5-1.2, 5-3.1, 5-3.2

Review point of view
Review― Point of View

  • What is first-person?

    • Writing using “I” and “we”

  • Something we read that was in first person:

“My name is Peak. Yeah, I know: weird name. But you don’t get to pick your name or your parents. (Or a lot of other things in life for that matter.)”

Third person
Third Person

  • Limited Omniscient

    • The narrator can see into the minds of some of the characters, but not all. They usually see through the eyes of the main character.

  • Omniscient

    • The narrator is all-knowing, can interpret events and relate the thoughts and feelings of any character.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOVMM60Sm2c

Understanding text1
Understanding Text

  • Context Clues

    • Sometimes the meaning to a word is in the text around it.

    • You have to read the text before and after the word to figure it out.

  • Let’s try a few…

Context clues
Context Clues

  • The first review on the movie was favorable. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie. Some people even saw the movie three times!

    • Negative

    • Uncertain

    • Positive

    • Clear

Context clues1
Context Clues

  • Her quiet, timid ways made us guess at her true feelings about the story because she kept her ideas to herself and never spoke in class.

    • Shy

    • Boisterous

    • Kind

    • Seriously

Roots and affixes
Roots and Affixes

  • Another way to find the meaning of words

  • The roots at the beginning of a word are called prefixes

Roots and affixes1
Roots and Affixes

  • The roots at the end of words are called suffixes


  • Knowing that the root “Ab-” means “Away, apart from”, what can we say abnormal means?

    • Away or apart from normal

  • Exoskeleton?

    • Outside skeleton


  • With suffixes, you may need to read it backwards

  • Baker:

    • One who bakes

  • Lioness:

    • Female lion

Prefixes and suffixes
Prefixes and Suffixes

  • If you put both prefixes and suffixes together, you can figure out the meaning of the whole word.

  • Geology

    • “Geo-” means Earth

    • “-logy” means study of

    • Geology = study of Earth

Notice that we have to read the suffix before the prefix to figure out the meaning!

We have discussed
We have discussed…

  • First person point of view

  • Third person point of view

    • Omniscient

    • Omniscient limited

  • Context clues

  • Prefixes

  • Suffixes