The cities of the usa
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The cities of the USA PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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МБОУ СОШ города Перевоза учитель английского языка: Нечаева Елена Вячеславовна. The cities of the USA. New York. Washington D.C. Chicago. New Orleans. San Francisco. Los Angeles. The history of New York.

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The cities of the USA

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МБОУ СОШ города Перевоза

учитель английского языка: Нечаева Елена Вячеславовна

The cities of the USA

New York

Washington D.C.


New Orleans

San Francisco

Los Angeles

The history of New York

New York was settled in 1624 by the Dutch. The history of New York connects with the war between The Netherlands and England. A few years after Henry Hudson’s voyage, Dutch settlers from The Netherlands came to the New World. They were planning to make money buying furs from the Indians and selling them to Europe. At the mouth of the Hudson River, on the Island of Manhattan, they built a settlement and called it New Amsterdam. There was an excellent harbour at the mouth of the Hudson River, and soon New Amsterdam became a big port and centre of trade with other colonies and with European countries. In 1664 an English fleet sailed into the harbour of New Amsterdam. The English forces were much stronger than the garrison of New Amsterdam, and the Dutch surrendered. The King of England gave New Netherlands and New Amsterdam as a present to his brother, the Duke of York. The Duke renamed the colony and the town New York.

New York in 1624

New York attracts people from all over the world. If you look at newspapers that people around you are reading a newspapers in Spanish, another in Arabic, still others in Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, and so on. New York was always a city of immigrants. It still is. New York, one the largest and most exciting cities in the world, is situated at the mouth of the Hudson River. It consists of five parts, called boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.





Staten Island

The symbols of New York

The Unofficial Symbol of New York

Statue of Liberty

Washington, the Nation’s Capital

Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) is situated on the Potomac River. The author of the design for the capital city was the French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant. His design is based on Versailles, a palace near Paris. The central place of the city is the Mall, a large open space, a kind of park, stretching from the building of the Capitol to Lincoln Memorial, with Washington Memorial in the middle. When you are in Washington, you can visit the White House.

the Capitol

The White house

Lincoln Memorial


Chicago is the centre of the Midwest and typical American city. It is situated on Lake Michigan. For a long time now Chicago has been important centre of meat making and grain storage. There are also many factories in Chicago which produce farm equipment. In 1871 there was a great fire, which destroyed nearly the whole of Chicago. In the 1880’s and 1890’s Chicago attracted engineers and architects from America and Europe. Chicago Is a city of skyscrapers. Chicago’s tallest building are the John Hancock Tower, the Standard Oil Building and the Sears Tower, which is the tallest building in the world. Most of the area along Lake Michigan is taken up by beaches and parks.

Lake Michigan

the John Hancock Tower

the Sears Tower

the Standard Oil Building

New Orleans

New Orleans is not a typical American city. It is a city, the main business of which pleasure. It was founded by the French in 1718. it became part of the United States only in 1803. new Orleans was more like a city of the French Caribbean than of Northern America. By taking many elements of different cultures, it has created its own unique culture. The beautiful houses of the South built for their pleasure and comfort, have spacious courtyards and cosy patios.

The French Quarter

New Orleans is the place where jazz and the blues really began. There are still many jazz clubs there.

The New Orleans Jazz Festival

The street musicians

The city’s famous festival is Mardi Gras. It is held the week before Lent.

San Francisco

Until the 1840’s San Francisco was a settlement of 200 people. It grew and became important thanks to the Gold Rush. Forty- niners, who came to California by ship, passed San Francisco on their way. In few years the population of the city was 50 thousand. In 1906 San Francisco was hit by destructive earthquake

San Francisco in 1840’s

San Francisco in 1906

San Francisco is an usual and very picturesque city. It is surrounded by water on three sides. It stands on forty hills. The city is also famous for its cable cars, which climb up and down the hills.

The symbol of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937

Los Angeles

In the first place Los Angeles is know as the centre of movie industry. Many films stars live in or near Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a rich and glamorous place. The Beverly Hills area is a famous for its beautiful mansions. It is a rapidly-growing city. It’s also a big centre of manufactories, finance, oil and trade. Hollywood is a district situated in Los Angeles. It’s cultural and   historical center of  movie studios.

The Beverly Hills


Miami is a city which located on the Atlantic coast. It is the 42nd largest city of the USA.


Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. Boston is the largest city of the USA.


Colombia is officially the Republic of Columbia. It is located in north-western of South America.


Austin is the capital of Texas. It is located in on the eastern edge of the American Southwest.

United states of America. Ю. А. Голицынский. С.П. 2008 ГОД

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