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Angel Child, Dragon Child. By, Michele Maria Surat. Vocabulary Words. jangled. Somewhere, a loud bell jangled . The set of keys jangled noisily when I picked them up. jangled: made a loud ringing noise. twittered. The round-eyed children twittered .

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Angel child dragon child l.jpg
Angel Child, Dragon Child

  • By, Michele Maria Surat

Jangled l.jpg

  • Somewhere, a loud bell jangled.

  • The set of keys jangled noisily when I picked them up.

Jangled made a loud ringing noise l.jpg
jangled:made a loud ringing noise

Twittered l.jpg

  • The round-eyed children twittered.

  • The class twittered happily when the teacher said they had a surprise visitor.

Twittered chattered noisily sounding like chirping birds l.jpg
twittered:chattered noisily, sounding like chirping birds

Gleamed l.jpg

  • His laughing eyes gleamed

  • like watermelon seeds.

  • When the princess put on her necklace, the diamonds gleamed like stars in the night sky.

Gleamed was bright and shiny l.jpg
gleamed:was bright and shiny

Darted l.jpg

  • That red-haired boy darted behind the dumpster.

  • The rabbit darted across the path and ran into the tall grass.

Darted moved or ran quickly from one place to another l.jpg
darted:moved or ran quickly from one place to another

Scrawled l.jpg

  • 5. Raymond scrawled my words in black squiggles.

  • I saw the postman coming, so I

  • scrawled the address on the

  • envelope and quickly put the

  • stamp in place.

  • Scrawled wrote quickly but not carefully l.jpg
    scrawled:wrote quickly but not carefully

    Margins l.jpg

    • I crayoned pictures in the

    • margins.

    • After I wrote the letter, I drew little hearts in the margins of the paper.

    Margins empty spaces at the edge of the page above below to the left and right l.jpg
    margins:empty spaces at the edge of the page; above, below, to the left and right