Roundtrip tickets anywhere google earth in education
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Roundtrip Tickets Anywhere: Google Earth in Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roundtrip Tickets Anywhere: Google Earth in Education. Justin Karkow Discovery Education. What is Google Earth?. Google Earth Free Google Earth Plus Google Earth Pro. For Free Google Earth Pro license (for educators). [email protected] You will be sent a qualifying questionnaire.

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Roundtrip tickets anywhere google earth in education
Roundtrip Tickets Anywhere:Google Earth in Education

Justin KarkowDiscovery Education

What is Google Earth?

  • Google Earth Free

  • Google Earth Plus

  • Google Earth Pro

For free google earth pro license for educators
For Free Google Earth Pro license (for educators)

[email protected]

You will be sent a qualifying questionnaire.

Why use it?

Students can use Google Earth to:

• study natural and political maps

• learn map reading and navigation

• visually explore historical, news, and census data

• annotate locations and share with others

• create their own 3D models to overlay on maps

• download geographically-referenced information

Google earth quick start user guide
Google Earth Quick Start User Guide

  • Search Panel- Use to find places and directions

  • Overview Map- Use for an additional perspective

  • Hide/Show sidebar- Click to conceal or display side bar

  • Placemark- Click to add a placemark

  • Polygon- Click to add a polygon

  • Path- Click to add a path

  • Image Overlay- Click to add an image

  • Measure- Click to measure distance

  • Email- Click to email view or image

  • Print- Click to print current view

  • Navigation Controls- Use to tilt, zoom and move

  • Layers Panel- Use to display points of interests

  • Places Panel- Use to locate, save, and organize placemarks

  • 3D Viewer- View the globe and terrain

  • Status Bar- View streaming status

Navigation tools
Navigation Tools

  • Zoom in

  • Zoom out

  • or Double click

Navigation tools1
Navigation Tools

  • Tilt Down

  • Tilt Up


Overlay view with Rumsey Historical Maps


Menu panel ruler
Menu Panel: Ruler

  • To find out distance traveled, from the menu bar select “Tools” then “Ruler”

  • By clicking different points with your mouse you can create a line or a path.

  • A Line measures distance between two points.

  • A Path measures distances on a path with many points.

  • To convert units of measure select from the drop down menu.




A Path is the way to connect Placemarks or Image Overlays on a Google Lit trip or Google History Expedition, etc.! Kids or teachers can build them.

Adding Placemarks





Adding Placemarks that play video from URL links - Free sites


Adding Sounds or Video from free sites

  • Find media online

  • Click to Stream.

  • As it streams Right Click, then click properties, and copy location.

  • Paste in Google Earth Placemark Description box.









That Was GREAT…How Do You Do It?

What Do I Need

  • Google Earth

  • Discovery Education Streaming (or other video content)

  • Converter to flash



  • And…some HTML

HTML Code….Now You Lost Me

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"codebase=",0,0,0"width="637" height="421" id="game" align=""><param name=movie value="http file:///C:\Converted Video\thewhitehouse.swf "><param name=quality value=high>

<param name=bgcolor value=#FFFFFF><embed src="http:// http file:///C:\Converted Video\thewhitehouse.swf " quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF width="637" height="421" align=""type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></embed> </object>

Adding Placemarks to play audio

Adding Sounds, Stories, or Streaming Podcasts

  • Copy location from Properties window or from the web address line in the browser (e.g., Explorer)

  • Paste in Google Earth Placemark Description box.



Preferences touring
Preferences: Touring

  • You can control the flying speed

  • You can control or eliminate pauses

  • You can repeat the tours (for Open House) or reinforcement

You can open information balloons on tours



Control Driving Tours here



Google Earth Hidden Features

  • Flight Simulator

  • Macs Apple + Option + A

  • Windows Control + Alt + A

After the first trip, it appears in tools

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[email protected]