Effective membership drive and dues submission
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Effective Membership Drive and Dues Submission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Effective Membership Drive and Dues Submission. Johansen Pico, District Treasurer Jeffrey Xiong , Member Relations Chair. Step One: Attracting Them. Freshman Orientation/ Club Fair Showcase what makes Key Club so GOLDEN Service Leadership Inclusiveness Caring Trustworthiness Spirit.

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Effective membership drive and dues submission

Effective Membership Drive and Dues Submission

Johansen Pico, District Treasurer

Jeffrey Xiong, Member Relations Chair

Step one attracting them
Step One: Attracting Them

  • Freshman Orientation/ Club Fair

    • Showcase what makes Key Club so GOLDEN

      • Service

      • Leadership

      • Inclusiveness

      • Caring

      • Trustworthiness

      • Spirit

Catch their eyes with…


BEE spirited, but do not scare them. Moderation is key.


Do not exclude anyone when presenting information. Engage the audience!


Capture their interests and share your own

Ambitious? Leadership!


Bring out the leaders in them – personal anecdotes are perfect here




Brochures – there are free brochures on the KC store

Quick Incentives:


Contact information


Announce meetings to the campus!



School Announcements

Wear Key Club gear

Division shirts

Officer polos



Other Key Club Attire

Step two keeping them
Step Two: Keeping Them

  • Time for recognition!

    • Awards

    • Member of the Month

      • Recognize a member at meetings

    • Templates for awards are available on the Cyber Key

    • Recognize the advisors as well!

      • Appreciating the advisor can motivate the advisor to continue their service

Keep members interested

Consistent service opportunities

Effective club meetings

Education topics


Guest speakers

Create social gatherings for members to familiarize themselves with other members

Great bonding opportunity

Members love food!

Have fun activities prepared


Stay in contact with the members

If members do not know the happenings within the club, how will the club function?

Remind them of their successes

Be careful with language; be positive!

Have something new every month

Break away from traditions

Don’t be afraid of new things

Urge members (active or inactive) to renew their membership annually

Educate members on the benefits of paying dues annually

If they know where there money is going to, they will be more inclined to stay

Most of all, tell them THANK YOU.


Handwritten letters


Dues and membership
Dues and Membership

  • Now that you have them interested, encourage them to become an official member.

  • Official members must pay dues

  • Explain what dues go towards

  • Be ready for questions!

What Dues Go Towards



Membership Card & Pin

Administrative Budget

Officer and Board Budget

(Int’l President, VP, Trustees)

Key Club Magazine

Youth Opportunities Fund

International Convention

Recognition Awards

Administrative Budget

Office and Board Budget

(Exec’s, LTGs, Committee)

Key Leader Scholarship

Recognition Awards

The basics
The Basics

  • -Dues can range between $11.00-$22.00

  • ($6.50 to International, and $4.50 to CNH)

  • -Dates to Remember! (received by)

Important dates
Important Dates

  • September 30th

  • If your club is suspended make sure to pay your last years

  • dues by this time.

  • October 1st

  • First Payment Date

  • November 1st

  • Early Bird Dues

  • December 1st

  • Make sure dues are sent in by this time or your club will be

  • considered delinquent

  • February 1st

  • Dues Recognition

The gold mine of new members
The Gold Mine of New Members

  • The beginning of the school year is always the time where incoming freshman and curious students go to meetings to see what this organization is about

    • Take advantage of this burst of attendance

#1 Question:Hey, what is Key Club?

Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. Our vision is to develop competent, capable, and caring leaders through the vehicle of service.

What is Key Club to you?

Membership update center
Membership Update Center

  • http://keyclub.org/muc

  • Login to the MUC

  • Faculty Advisor’s registered email should receive the password after pressing Register/Reset Password

  • Advisor Change?

    • Old advisor should contact Member Services with any advisor changes

Officer and advisor information needs to be updated ASAP

  • The first page of the MUC includes club info, quick financial information, club officers, advisors, and school contact information

  • Club officers can be added/deleted

  • Advisor changes need to be made by contacting Kiwanis

Dues Collection should be introduced by the first club meeting.

Use Membership Applications for an easy way to transfer membership information to the MUC

  • After all members are inputted into the MUC, you can generate an invoice

    • Copies of invoice should be provided to book keeper and faculty advisor

  • Follow up with book keeper to see if check mailed

    • Lack of communication with club and school is a big factor of why clubs have late dues

Submission generate an invoice

  • Send a copy of the printed invoice, along with a check payable to Key Club International to

  • Key Club International

  • PO Box 6069, Dept 123

  • Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069

  • (unless paying via Credit Card)

Reminders generate an invoice

  • Be mindful of language and school policies

    • CA Clubs: Due to the ACLU lawsuit, clubs have challenges collecting dues.

      • Need to be updated on appropriate language/procedure to be able to collect fees on time

  • Dues should be introduced as soon as the first meeting

  • Communication is key for on-time dues

  • Start early!

    • Identify problems with the MUC before the school year starts

Questions generate an invoice?