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Over the fence To a new life. By Kiara Jones Paul Zhen Jose Herrera Michael LeMay. Why do the presence of illegal immigrants have a positive or negative aspect on United States and its work force?. Should they be allowed to stay?. Illegal immigrants.

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Presentation Transcript

Over the fence

To a new life

By Kiara Jones

Paul Zhen

Jose Herrera

Michael LeMay

Why do the presence of illegal immigrants have a positive or negative aspect on United States and its work force?

Should they be allowed to stay?

Illegal immigrants
Illegal immigrants negative aspect on United States

They have no records of residence in the US.

No green cards or proof of identification.

They come from different parts of the world.

Need American employment to improve their family living situation.

“Is it really good or bad to have these illegal immigrants here working?”

Quick negative aspect on United States

United states has the most illegal immigrants in the world, counting 15 million in the year 2008.

The stateswith the most illegal immigrants are California, Texas and New York.

There were approximately 7.7 illegal’s employed in the United States in 2008

In Arizona day laborers cannot impede traffic to seek work, and immigrants are forced to carry identification to prove they are legal.

For every 100 illegal immigrants that find work in the U.S., 65 American workers are displaced.

In 1986 the government congress granted amnesty to 3.1 million illegal's.

Facts continued
Facts continued negative aspect on United States

1.3 million illegal and legal immigrants settle in the United States

They will compete for jobs with native born Americans.

Corporate companies such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds hire illegal aliens

Pro s
Pro’s negative aspect on United States

  • Illegal immigrants don’t make much of an impact on unemployment rates.

  • The illegal immigrant take jobs no one wants, create demanding new jobs.

  • They fill in most of the jobs that other Americans wouldn’t even think of doing.

  • Illegal immigrants are not able to claim social security benefits that they have contributed to.

  • Farmers use illegal immigrant services to plant and harvest crops.

Pro s1
Pro’s negative aspect on United States

They pay sales taxes to the companies and manufacturers they buy products from.

They buy properties from real estate agents which they get commission from.

Social Security collects large amounts of money that is unclaimed over the years they work that can not be claimed.

Tough work negative aspect on United States

Con s
Con’s negative aspect on United States

  • Illegal immigrants which work in the US basically have no rights what so ever.

  • They select lower pay rates,

  • Have no insurance, speak little or no English

  • They are mistreated as well as placed in unsafe and undesirable work conditions.

  • They are afraid to complain about their work conditions in fear of getting written up and deported.

Con s cont
Con’s cont. negative aspect on United States

Illegal immigrants compete with other low skilled working Americans for jobs. It is unfair to the Americans trying to find jobs since the illegal's accept a lower pay rate.

With the rise in illegal immigrants in the US, it creates over populated areas which also result in a less likely chance to find employment.

The illegal immigrants is the cause for tax payers paying over billions of dollars a year to schools, hospitals and government assistant programs.

Con s cont1
Con’s cont. negative aspect on United States

With out the illegal immigrants the need for workers in cities would rise, which means pay rates would also rise. The pay rates would increase, workers would move into those cities which would result in the wages dropping again.

If illegal immigrants were forced out, the American work force would come to a stall since illegal immigrants take part in the movement of the work force and the economy due to their job positions and their work efforts.

A large percentage of illegal immigrants that work in the U.S. are also criminals

25% of the federal prisoners are illegal aliens.

High school drop outs
High school drop outs negative aspect on United States

  • High school drop outs would benefit from the elimination of illegal immigrants. Economist say that the presence of illegal immigrants suppresses the wages of low skilled high school drop outs. Some where between 3-8%

  • Economist also say if there were no job competition with illegal immigrants and legal immigrants the average pay in a week for high school drop outs with jobs will increase about $25/week

  • Rough estimate by NPR

Illegal immigrants working on crops. negative aspect on United States

Illegal's sealing some cement.

Pro s vs con s
Pro’s vs. Con’s negative aspect on United States

There are surely enough pro’s and con’s to debate whether illegal's should be granted amnesty or documents to stay in the U.S. to work. There are many points that must be considered. If the illegal's were banished all at once from the U.S. the economy could come to a stall meaning there would be a huge need for workers in major cities. For that time the economy will snowball and pick up eventually. Also if the illegal's were banished there would be less crime in the United States. Another interesting fact is that if the corporate companies who hire illegal didn’t have any illegal's to hire this would result in high product costs because of the higher rate of pay a legal American would require. It is a clear fact in corporate retail companies the products are cheap because the employee’s are receiving a lower rate of pay. An example would be the corporate giant Wal-Mart

Con negative aspect on United States

The bad issues about having illegal's working in the U.S. is that they take jobs away from low skilled citizens who are poor or very low class, this increases the unemployment rate in some cases. Having illegal's working is also bad because it is completely illegal for a corporate company to hire illegal’s. this ruins the reputation of these companies and give them headline risks. Having illegal's working is also bad because a lot of the illegal's that come here to work are criminals or will commit crimes in the future. With the cut in illegal's the crime level will drop significantly but so will the economy.

Should these illegal's stay working negative aspect on United States

or get deported?

Team opinion
Team opinion negative aspect on United States

Our opinions towards illegal immigrants working in the U.S. is good and also bad. Our reasons consist that it is good because the illegal immigrants take low wage jobs at even lower wages. Those jobs some Americans do not want. These low skilled, low paid illegal immigrants keep the economy flowing by taking these jobs. This is also a good thing because they also pay sales taxes and contribute to social security without claiming the contributions. These immigrants that work in farms and produce allow farmers to sell their crops at a lower price, which benefits to the communities all around the nation.

Group answer
Group Answer negative aspect on United States

We have came to a conclusion that banishing all illegal's from the United States should not be address so roughly. If they were all deported our economy will drop. So our answer is two sided, we should keep the illegal's working but it is also bad because they take work away from lower classes citizens. Our solution was keep the illegal immigrants that have clean records and grant them amnesty plus a visa. This type of a system will take time to settle since it is very hard to trace these records back to their home countries since they possible have no identification. The other part of our solution was to only deport those who have committed crimes and have had criminal histories.

Please add to this!!! Team members work!!

Work cited
Work cited negative aspect on United States








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